2016 Hyundai Tucson DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

2016 Hyundai Tucson DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

http://www.everymandriver.com/ – WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Hyundai Tucson DETAILED Review on @Everyman Driver with @IMDaveErickson. Everyman Driver Monthly Newsl…



Everyman Driver says:

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Everyman Driver says:

I’m working on a behind the scenes blooper reel on the making of this
video 🙂 Dave

JohnR says:

one day too soon

George Hill says:

Missed opportunity. “Open the Hatchback Door, Tuscon.”
“I’m sorry, I can’t do that, Dave.”

Eric Shelton says:

LOLz for April Fool’s.

VintageRKO says:

took me a while to realize that this is an April fools joke. HAHA got me

sjchun79 says:

It`s not even 2015. WTF, 2016?

ormand3000 says:

LOL good one Dave

1Stunna2323 says:

I was really expecting a professional’s take on a car I’m interested in
buying. Instead I get a half-hearted attempt at humor.

Simon Chuo says:

April fools???

neil borodkin says:

what year is this?

aria haji aghabozorgi says:

How good is the all wheel drive in the Hyundai’s new vehicles? my friend
has the 2010 Tucson AWD, he couldn’t climb up a moderate dirt hill, the car
couldn’t transfer enough torque to individual axles; but I, with my 2wd
Rav4 with some momentum was able to make it up the hill. 

Geo Von Lengerke says:

Got fooled and by the way that Tucson is ugly as hell

Juanito Caballes says:

This is amazing… Good job Dave!!!

fazdli ahmad says:

Good one.. U got me…just noticed it after the “hologram of Princess Lea”

George Hill says:


mohammed tariq says:

This is impossible, unreasonable
no company by production of this engine so this size of a suv
I think that the size of the engine is exaggerated
Because this size fits in santa fe

Raul Sanchez says:


atomicmozart says:

Hyundai “Tuscon” Fuel Cell Vehicle
$499 per month w/ Free Fuel & Free Maintenance from Hyundai!!! (pure water
for exhaust)

Everyman Driver says:

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 2016 @Hyundai Tucson DETAILED Review on @EverymanDriver
with @IMDaveErickson – Must See Video!

TeddyBearProductions says:

Someone’s gonna watch this two years from now and end up buying the 2016

CJ VN says:

Haha, well done, Dave! One of the best April Fools’ Day things I’ve seen.

Anthony Cuda says:

I was so excited about this engine LOL

Franky just says:

Very nice very nice, love the technology. Nice car from the outside, not
sure about the center stack. Just doesn’t flow write. GJ Dave. 

Larry Stoecker says:

First journalist in the world to drive it, eh? You’re finally being
recognized for your brilliance, Dave. 😉 Awesome video as always.

Stefan Duerden says:

LOL always good Dave

Matthew Decker says:

Hyundia is going all the way. The honda crv only has a 4 cylinder. This has
a 7?? Wow

MrRussian2023 says:

April fools vid haha love it

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