2015 Toyota Yaris Walkaround Video Review

2015 Toyota Yaris Walkaround Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/toyota/yaris/2015/?id=32972 The 2015 Toyota Yaris marks a mid-cycle redesign for the 2nd generation model. There are numerous change…



N.C. says:

This or the new Honda Fit… Dilemma 

PussMag says:

honestly, $15k is a lot of money, most people in the US nowadays can
barely, barely keep four figure in their bank, just saying. Owning this
right out of box without loan should be easy for us Americans, not today,
although I am not one of them. We laugh at 3rd world countries for being
poor, when most of us can’t even afford to buy a cheapest car in the market.

by the way, which car doesn’t come with the “Standard Backup Light(s)”?

godfatherNYC says:

This is informative, cool and interesting. But this is an OVERVIEW. It
can’t be a “review” when the guy WORKS for Toyota.

Neal Valero says:

The new styling looks real bad to me. It’s way too busy and low profile
tires really do blow cow turds. No matter what, our roads are crappy and
these less capable wheels can’t hold up to the punishment. I think they
should have gone sturdy instead of swishy

pedrof830 says:

Not a review, but a presentation by a Toyota spokesperson, now that it’s
made in France, quality and reliability should go down the drain, making it
less attractive than the competition like the Fit.

gothops154 says:

Oh man this guy was on a role with his salesman bullshit. The seats are
made of sport material guys they must be sporty if they’re made out of that

TheSpritz0 says:

#1 thing Yaris needed was more speeds in the automatic, and a NAV screen

Javon K says:

I don’t think it was the best idea for Toyota to use the Lexus spindle
grille in some of its cars. 

MrNuggetface says:

Rear Torsion Beam suspension and super old school 4 speed automatic. You
can’t put lipstick on this pig. 

TaufanDermawan says:

The design edition for my country is more aggressive than this.

Sean De Noronha says:

Cool car

oldtwins na says:

The Fit smashes this car so badly, can’t see anyone buying it other than
fleets and the naïve.

jake says:

How bout the engine the mpg 

shaeet says:


ghosty1688 says:

First comment

Yamin Amin says:


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