2015 Toyota Yaris TFL4K Review: A French Built & Designed Compact Japanese Car?

2015 Toyota Yaris TFL4K Review: A French Built & Designed Compact Japanese Car?

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Toyota Yaris Review is an interesting international collaboration. Designed in Europe, built in France by a Japanese car company this newest redesigned compact…



MrKeyboardCommando says:

The Yaris is designed specifically for the urban environment. A four speed
auto and 100bhp are more than adequate for that. A CVT is even better,
that’s why you find it in this type of car. It’s either a starter car for a
teenager, or a commuter car for a family. It generally carries one adult
and, possibly, kids and/or groceries. It doesn’t do distances. It’s as at
home in Colorado as a stretch limo would be on the Ile de la Cite. 

dave dunn says:

Toyota keeps “freshening” their cars but have been using the say accicent
engines and powertrains. Not even direct injected. You cant shine shit but
toyota tries….kinda 

Josh McCarthy says:

Toyota has kept the same 1.5 and same 1990’s Special 4-speed auto since the
Yaris first came out. and the mileage is worst in class. The price is still
way too high, and needs more than differently bent sheet metal and a “Made
in France” sticker.

lffit says:

a 1.5 without enough punch?
I have a Euro Fiesta 1.25 85 bhp, it has enough punch here, I can drive it
at 130kph. When in the states you seem to drive so slowly by comparison,
well the last time I was there, I remember having to drive at 50mph between
Miami and Orlando
This car is on the same platform as the New Citroen C1 and Peugeot 106.

Ash R says:

I thought it was a 2015 corolla, but it turned out to be a yaris. I’m still
waiting for the 2015 corolla.

ReLeaf Chung says:

Toyota is buying Mazda’s SkyActiv engines from Mazda 2 to fit in Yaris this
year or in the next year. Check the news.

hawkermustang says:

Stop with the lousy music. 

Nick D says:

If I wanted space, I’d buy a 2008+ F-250. That thing is HUGE

PantomimeHorseMusic says:

This just can’t compete with the Fit, the Fiesta, the Sonic, the Accent,
etc. Toyota needs a ground-up redesign, not just a refresh.

WikdSeafood says:

SO…Yaris or Fiat 500? Which is more fun? Yaris or Fit? I like the new
Fit, at least it’s supposed to be fun to drive. Where I live is mostly
rural, so if I take the back way to work, the car needs to be fun. I’m like
Roman, I really like small, fun to drive cars. I know what I need! A Datsun
510! lol

blueonblack83 says:

A hot hatch version would be great.

Anthony Figueroa says:

The grill lexus shit dont look bad on this

Torrey B says:

Built in France? That’s interesting..

JellyJelly says:

Roman didnt like ti it seems…

sadface all over this review 

n777ua says:

This may be reliable, but it’s just not that good of a car. Can’t hold a
candle to a Honda Fit, Ford Fiesta, or VW Up…connecting with “your brain”
only isn’t good enough, and really, just sad. 

Jonathan Altieri says:

Toyota, quit being so damn lazy and get rid of that disgusting 4 speed
automatic. OMG, I think it’s the only new car left with one. 

Art S says:

Kia Rio good point comes with 6 speed auto!

Scott K says:

That steering wheel looks bent when you turn it lock to lock.

Parrots and Potatoes says:

Roman, you might want to get more sleep. You seem kind of tired in this
video… Not sure. Just an observation from me. 

1guyin10 says:

This Yaris will be replaced with a modified version of the new Mazda 2 that
is to be built at a new plant in Mexico for the 2016 model year. It will
get the 1.5 liter SkyActive engine from Mazda and should be a much better
car. Almost anything beats the current car – Fiesta, Sonic, Note, Fit …
there are many choices and they are generally less expensive. Toyota seems
to be OK with this. Even the new Yaris is only slotted for up to 50,000
units, which is a really low runner in the Toyota world. The reason for
that is that the street price for a Yaris is typically around $17,000 in
the US where the starting price of Corolla – a much more substantial car –
is $18,000. Toyota will sell about 30,000 copies of the Yaris between the
US and Canada this year. They will sell about 325,000 Corollas. Clearly
almost everyone who wants a base model Toyota chooses the Corolla.
Interestingly, the Prius C, which is essentially a hybrid Yaris, outsells
Yaris by about 30%.

Jonathan Y Wu says:

So… It should technically be pronounced Ya-HREE….

Dylan Wood says:

The ugliest car award goes to…. YARIS

atb102798 says:

the first time i saw this car I thought it was a Renault. 

Brandon B says:

And……straight to the rental counter with you. 

Bruce Solomon says:

Ah the French. Well they make great toast and fries and we can’t thank them
enough for that kiss thing. But cars? Gulp!

cassmanio says:

Yep, I think we can all agree: Honda Fit. Toyota lame ass excuse in the
segment. Sad.

Gokul Rama says:

I love how Roman jumps slightly when he wants to emphasize something he
says :)

hmjs13 says:

Try to make a review for the new s class w222 🙂 

Pug In A Mug says:

All of a sudden, 5 speeds seems like a lot.

The Fast Lane Car says:
CJ VN says:

So, this is where the Mazda designers responsible for the
“smiley-big-mouth” design went when Mazda moved on to its current look.

“Give them props for putting a 4-speed in here…” C’mon, Roman. Props for
slower and less fuel-efficient? The Honda Fit tops this without trying. 

n777ua says:

2:00, sounds like the popcorn’s ready. What the hell, Toyota? 

dave dunn says:

This car should top out at $15,000 with those cheap plastics, ancient
powertrain etc. Anyone who buys this is dumb! $15,000-$18,000 can buy you
an amaZing used car or new 

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Is this new or old format ?

dave dunn says:

Gotta admit it looks good but same old engine and cheap ass interior for a
expensive price. This car should be much cheaper 

Neo Hideo says:

still looks Japanese

Ivan Vojt says:

$18,445 with destination. Freaking INSANE! Get a Honda Fit EX CVT for

Theodore Thorpe says:

This car would not really compare well to the Peugeot 208 or Renault Clio
because of its dated 4-speed automatic and no diesel engine option, unlike
both the Renault and Peugeot. Technology / Navigation is also noticeably
better in those 2 cars than the Yaris.

Zaheer Abbasi says:

That was a nice review n make more episodes about Toyota cars.

Allaboutdatps3 says:

Will we ever see the sedan version again?

Phil Strafe says:

You guys are the best at reviews. Keep it up Roman and Nathan (:

andyhoov says:

I will say it looks better than the previous models, which looked far too
much like Fisher Price toys in my opinion. That being said, there are still
better looking cars in the segment.

However, those wheels are pretty sexy.

Livelifechill says:

I love my 2012 yaris. 

Adam Reed says:

Startled squirrel )hahahaha

Luis Lee says:


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