2015 Toyota Yaris Review

2015 Toyota Yaris Review

Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays says Toyota’s smallest car is basic transportation, but the Yaris is compelling for its affordable price. Toyota redesigned the…



Canal Salsero says:

4 speed AT still exist!? And those horrible panel knobs haven’t changed
since the last 15 years! Come on !

Dan Man says:

$20k is not cheap. This is one of those car you spent $15k to get you point
A to B and not care for those extra features or stuff this guy is nick
picky about.

ahmed mido says:

this is not cheap! the cheapest car you can buy is the Honda Fit. On the
long run, the cheapest car is the honda fit costing 31 thousand bucks on
five years, the yaris costs 34 thousands on five years, and the corolla
costs 34 thousands on five years. (source: Edmunds.com >> true cost to own)
so from my point of view, the best value is the toyota corolla. but if you
are REALLY REALLY on budget, then the honda fit is the cheapest car!

PussMag says:

Rather have my balls in the vise grip than buy this crap for 20 large

Luke Hoisington says:

Cheapest car in America is Nissan versa 

izziereal2010 says:

A 4-Speed automatic transmission in 2015? Toyota is too cheap on this car.
A 5-Speed manual will be a better choice for this car and it’ll bring the
price down.

Omaha419 says:

Definitely would choose the Fit over this. Did Toyota even try?

madzimbo says:

THE most catastrophically boring wheeled transportation known to mankind!
I’d rather propel myself with my tongue in a pig sty than ride in a

k3rrons says:

If value is what you’re after, you’d probably be much better off a CPO
vehicle with warranty than this. 

Ivan Vojt says:

Clown car. You will quickly wish you bought something else.

When the bottom of the steering wheel protrudes below the top of your legs
it makes it a bastard to get in and out of a vehicle.

vothry says:

Horrible. My last gen fit has every feature that doesn’t. I wouldn’t even
give this the dignity of a review. 

Finn Green says:


Cars.com says:

Cars.com reviewer +Kelsey Mays says Toyota’s smallest car is basic
transportation, but the Yaris is compelling for its affordable price. +Toyota
USA updated the subcompact hatchback for 2015; watch the video for more.

NadrianATRS says:

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh—-

Detmer says:

Shitty car.

MelCanuck says:

Consumer Reports gave the Yaris the thumbs down…

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Kelsey is always dressed to go bowling in his vids. Is he a big time bowler
or something?

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