2015 Toyota Yaris Review – Kelley Blue Book

2015 Toyota Yaris Review – Kelley Blue Book

The Yaris is Toyota’s least-expensive car. That in itself may be a strong enough proposition for buyers simply seeking cheap, basic, reliable transportation. And in those respects the Yaris…



Ara J says:

I’m a diehard toyota fan and currently own a 2014 toyota hilux …but this
just a disgrace for toyota …an engineering embarrassment …seriously for
2015 still 4 speed auto ??? and underpower 1.5 L …even worse no center
arm rest

gene978 says:

I was just about to buy a fully loaded Yaris. THANK YOU from saving me.

StickyJalapeno says:

I wouldn’t recommend this car, my uncle but and it got stuck going uphill 

planedudea380 says:

Here in PR people only see that its a Toyota and its cheap, don’t care for
anything else

Chris Friend says:

I have a 2012 Yaris (it was my first car) and I really like it, but yeah I
kinda wish I picked the Fit.

Ivan Vojt says:

If you are looking in this segment it’s a Honda Fit or nothing.

jump oricakle says:

I think the dodge dart looks way better than this and at least that has a 6
speed transmission and gets better fuel economy

GGamer720 says:

Good god, Toyota just got told if you said you’d even prefer a Mirage over

Desperate4Attention says:

Other than the Fit, every competitor mentioned will likely be in the
scrapyard a solid decade before the Yaris. Small car? Buy the manual
version, it is ALWAYS better. Too lazy to shift gears? Buy the Prius c
which is effectively a Yaris Hybrid. No center armrest? Are you kidding,
keep your hands on the damn steering wheel when you are driving. As for the
Fit, we will have to see whether the new model built by exploited Mexican
workers matches the standards of the Japanese version.

gene978 says:

Someone was nice enough to recommend the Honda Fit. It has a LOT MORE room
and Lot more fun to Drive. 

Applekid says:

Junk buy a used Camry

Sanpedranoazul says:

Uglier than ever!

123gwf says:

People might buy this for the reliability, until they learn that the Honda
Fit is just as reliable, faster, safer, roomier, and just all around
drastically better, for not much more money. Anyone shopping for a
subcompact should consider the Honda Fit first and foremost. I would only
take this thing if you somehow got an amazing deal on it.

Bob Belcher says:

Never even knew this existed.

quietguy1948 says:

Honest review… of a car not worth owning.

Dust Seeker says:

I know these videos are intended for the US market and with US car product
but I still find this video a little too biased. This car isn’t for the
american market and it should be mentioned above all. It is not done to
have a top-class automatic transmission because no one needs them in Europe
for such a small car. How come Americans could like a small car? When you
read the comments all they mention is to buy a bigger car, and honestly
except for polution and a little comfort, it is of no need for an urban
dweller, even in the USA.

Your video is honest on the product itself, but tend to forget that you
have a strong and biased point of view due to your market specifications…
And the Yaris that is a hit in Europe is actually the hybrid one… that is
a real marker of the difference between our markets ^^

Apollo Silva says:

I just recently bought a Honda Fit EXL Navi last month and loving it. Yaris
is nothing. 

Richard Manning says:


Qasim Ahsan says:

It’s a shame they don’t sell you guys the Suzuki Swift; now THAT’S a joyful
little thing.

– via YtPak(.com)

Marko Mojsov says:

Review the Audi TT 2014 please!

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