2015 Toyota Yaris Review | Consumer Reports

2015 Toyota Yaris Review | Consumer Reports

The Toyota Yaris made some minor changes for 2015, but plenty of other small cars are better buys.



pedrof830 says:

Tom, you may be able to do better, but as reliable, durable as this?? I
don’t think so, just look at your own used car surveys.

Aaron Walker says:

“Here at Consumer Reports, we’re all about value and reliability.” OK, then
do that! Maybe you’re just like the other car rags, I mean mags, out there
who try so hard to convince us that carving corners and ‘fun to drive’ is
all that consumers need. You should stick to what you promised, reports on
value and such, and leave the racecar pretensions to others: please stop.

Vulgora says:

what a rip off 

James Edwards says:

worth $8k tops.

juan tafoya says:

Mazda 3 for me thank you very much

mattn5160 says:

This would be an okay car for $12K. At $18K it ridiculously over-priced.

rkhrahmani says:

$18K for Yaris simply seems too much to me. The ratio of what you get for
what you pay is not a good one for this car and this price.

Alex Rodriguez says:

I like Toyota, but I think the Honda Fit is a better deal.

dave dunn says:

$18,000???? Are you kidding me??? Id rather buy a good used car. Cars are
so overpriced now adays

Ryan says:

We rented a Toyota Yaris to make a four hour trek to Toronto Airport. The
experience gave a whole new meaning to the words, austere and
underwhelming. I longed after my 1992 Dodge Spirit (RIP), after being
forcibly nudged over and scoffed at by 18 wheeler captains laughing and
pointing as they passed. Next time we are going to hitch a ride with the

enemay says:

“you can do a lot better” and gives no suggestions…

loveyouforever91 says:

Toyota should have focus on the Scion xB more, instead of this ugly and
weak Yaris. Make the xB better looking, nicer interior, better engine with
higher fuel economy with a price tag around $18k and people will buy it
like hot cake when it first came out.

ahmed mido says:

$18,530 ??? here, this thing costs what will be equivalent to $13,530 !!! a
whole FIVE THOUSAND BUCKS !!! what a rip off !!!

talldude123 says:

$18k and no tachometer?? 

Maestro_T says:

I remember when the Yaris first came out, it was all cute and bubbly, like
the kind of car you’d see in a cartoon. Now, after a couple of generations
being a mediocre product and knowing it still doesn’t compete well, its
face has gotten pinched up and angry. Boooo, boo, Toyota, boo.

Kamaka Chang says:

Why buy a Yaris when the new Corolla is cheaper (with higher rebates),
bigger, faster, and more fuel efficient? This just a place holder until the
Mazda2 based redesign comes.

Scott K says:

It screams cost-cutting to me when a car doesn’t even offer a tachometer. 

elton john says:

Let’s call this thing what it is. A super-reliable Mitsubishi Mirage.

AladdinSaneNYC says:

This CR review of the ’15 Yaris is a joke and the reviewer is a joke onto
himself. Rubbish, with no insight whatsoever. Did he review the upper level
SE version? I think not. Anyway, whatever peeps purchase the base and LE
models really don’t care that it doesn’t ride or handle like a sports car.
They’re into it for Toyota’s reputation for bulletproof
reliability/dependability, and that’s it. Peace!

Bora Markovic says:

One and a half minute brand new car review. Damn you must have been so
bored or just unprofessional as usual to provide us this crappy video.

Maglia Rosa says:

Mazda2/3, Fit, Veloster

Liruzhen says:

I believe the Yaris is an attractive little car that will be very reliable,
but I also think that it’s overpriced. The L models are more affordable but
provide few amenities. I wish Toyota could offer the various models of this
car at lower prices.

bigcrowfly says:

When you go into a Toyota dealer to buy one of these you will find that the
Corolla is discounted and the Yaris is not so the actual purchase price of
a larger Corolla with much more features sells for less and most people
looking at it will wind up buying a Corolla. Some people even wind up with
a Camry because those are greatly discounted too and a base model (which
has more features than a Yaris) could sell for the same price of a loaded

David Vasana Thach says:

I admire CR for buying all cars they review. They might have used an extra
20 to 30 seconds to break down the price and note lower priced versions of
the Yaris such as the 2 door LE. (Full disclosure, I own a 2008 Yaris Sedan
5 speed). 

Ivan Vojt says:

OMG 18K, get a Fit EX.

TheBathulk10 says:

What? CR disregarded a Toyota? Whats happening to this world?

Mazdaspeed L says:

I didn’t believe it until I drove a yaris rental. It drives n ride like a
small pick up. What tom said is accurate

manthony225 says:

I thought the “Yar” in Yaris rhymed with “Car”

internetrush says:

Annnnddd waiting for other examples of HOW you can do alot better.

Come on Consumer Reports, dont give out only half a video, throw out some
names of brands / cars you recommend.

Young Knives says:

It’s pronounced Yaris not Yaris. Who says Yaris when Yaris is obviously
spelled Yaris because it sounds like Yaris? It couldn’t be more clear that
Yaris does NOT sound like Yaris and yet I constantly hear the name Yaris
being used in place of Yaris. On a side note, Toyota does state it is
acceptable to pronounce Yaris as “Yaris” to account for regional
discrepancies…but in no way may Yaris be bastardized as Yaris. Luckily
Consumer Reports always gets this correct, so thank you for that. 

Dom L says:

Honda Fit is way better.

Lou Pus says:

good review. you cant beat basic and reliable transportation though.
sounds like a good first car for my daughter. if you want excitement ,buy a
used GM car, where you can call for a ride when your car leaves you
stranded, and dealing with dealerships for the latest recall on your
particular model

Barton McClain says:

what is better……….don’t leave us hanging……I know , you will tell
us next time…………won’t you ?

kssnyder2 says:

Aren’t you able to get a Corolla LE that is equipped the same as this for
less than 18.5k??

Sleepygrinder says:

It strangely sounded as something Jeremy Clarkson would say.

dave dunn says:

Typical toyota. They need new engineers and designers! 

Random Videos says:

ha my fully loaded big charger rt with the power and comfort shits all over
this for 12gs lol and low km and high resale value and cheap to fix and
insure thanks dodge:)

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