2015 Toyota Yaris LE Review, Start up and Walkaround

2015 Toyota Yaris LE Review, Start up and Walkaround

Welcome! Today we’ll take a closer look at the 2015 Toyota Yaris! This one is the Le Convenience package. I will do an SE model when we get one in, But for n…



ThinkOutsideTheCube says:

The 4 speed auto and hubcaps are really killing my vibe.

demoncleaner80 says:

I’d personally rather have a 4 speed auto over most CVTs. The lag feeling
of a CVT just kills me. My 2001 Tacoma has a 4spd auto, and I’ve been
driving it for 12 years now. Guess I never realized I was driving an “awful
4 speed auto”…

auxmike says:

This is real nice! Too bad you couldn’t have found a loaded se. Great job!

pdmftw1 says:

i love how they moved the aux port and the usb port, but not much
different than the 2014 model

digitaltactics says:

i want the 4d4 diesel in the usa its get 80 mile per gallon wake up toyota
we what the diesels here 🙂 nice review

Chummy Chime says:

This is nowhere near the 2015 Honda Fit.

FanaticGuide's Video Game LP's and more... says:

1:18 Seatbelt chime needs improvement, it sounds like the old Honda
seatbelt chime and it sounds really annoying, don’t quote me on that. That
annoying seatbelt chime is also found on pretty much every new Scion too.

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