2015 Toyota Yaris 5 Door Detailed Review and Road Test in 4K!

2015 Toyota Yaris 5 Door Detailed Review and Road Test in 4K!

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Alex on Autos says:

Bobby, it’s the low purchase price vs low operational costs question. You’d
be far better off in the long term with a 50-60MPG Prius C, or a 36MPG

justin bouche says:

more like toyota ugliness 

jorge romani says:

This is a 2015 model and it still uses a 4 speed auto? REALLY TOYOTA?,
REALLY? That is freaking pathetic, if it wasn’t for the standard 7 inch
display, this car will be consider outdated 10 years ago

Hugh Gabriel says:

Alex, you should make a video for tall driver, one day. My friend is 6.9
and he struggles a lot to find a car for him.
That’s something that could be nice to add in your videos. Just mention how
you tall friend who’s 6.5 felt.

Pete Zaitcev says:

Re. the competition comments in the end, I found that Fit was just as good
as Soul for interior room. Soul looks boxy, but it’s an illusion, in my
experience, or at least Fit is that good. I found Accent rather competitive
(not mentioned by Alex).

pedrof830 says:

I think most people will drive out with a base Corolla L when they go check
out this car, a lot more car for not a lot more dough.

Todd P says:

I love your videos, Alex. When you talk about prices, however, I wish you
would at least acknowledge that MSRP is not equivalent to sales
price–otherwise your comments can come across as misleading. You say, for
example, that a comparable Versa Note or a Fiesta SFE will be more
expensive than the Yaris. In the real world, that’s not true; both the
Versa Note and Fiesta routinely sell for at least $2000 under MSRP, while
the Yaris sells much closer to its MSRP because it is so hard to find.
That’s my main problem with the Yaris: I like it, but it’s overpriced.

Kip Amore says:

Is it me, or does the front of this car look like it’s wearing a jockstrap?

Zan Küntlich says:

I know it’s largely superficial, but I love the single wiper. It was one of
the things that made me love Mercs of the 80s-90s. And this one looks great

dennisscipio says:

The Infotainment System looks like it was ripped from Scions whey have this
weird stigma of Being Hip and young while being affordable to own as well
Though most models gets average or mediocre fuel economy as a turn off

jowowetan says:

Merry Christmas, Alex! Is this new Yaris based on the next gen Mazda2? Or
was it just a rumor?

J Chu says:

the Yaris is for size, not for MPG. that is why I bought 2012 Prius C.
small size and highest MPG. can get 55MPG easily.
oil change every 10000 miles. that is all.

lonestartex1 says:

Having owned a Yaris with the 5 speed, would not recommend that
transmission because of the vague engagement point. The clutch is a drive
by wire setup and after 5 years of ownership I still find myself over
revving. The worst part is wearing boots or heavy shoes which will reduce
the pedal feel and IMO can get dangerous if you’re crossing an
intersection. You don’t want to stall in front of oncoming traffic in
winter time LOL. To sum it up, the manual in a Yaris is dangerous unless
you live in a dry climate and can drive with tennis shoes or flip flops. 

Skyhawk1987Turbo says:

Omg! Never been a Toyota fan but wow is this an ugly ugly car! The new
Camry is ugly in front as well..yards has always been nappy and slow..boy
they so copied ford with that grill, looks like a focus/fiesta ST, but on
those cars it works

Elliott Manning says:

This may be the shortest review I have seen you make. However, there was
not much to talk about with the Yaris. 

Tech Defender says:

Alex did you get a chance to look at the 2015 Sienna?? Could compare both
in road quality and interior 

Afifi Abdul Latiff says:

I am glad i subscribed to this channel. I really like the reviews and
detailed comparisons between the cars within its class and the ones above
it with all the numbers and figures. Reviews like this should be the norm.
Very useful for future car buyers to make a clear objective decision.

GGamer720 says:


Did you mean compact sedan? 

John W says:

great little car, reliable and relatively roomy for a sub compact. With a
manual tranny you get over 40MPG easy.
Who cares what it looks like? You’d have to get a motorcycle to spend less
on gas. At $15k it’s a bit pricey but corollas are approaching low 30s too.
What operational costs? gasoline? ask any toyota owner still driving a car
from the 1990s, change the brakes, oil and tires and you’re covered.

mario v says:

Please stop using the word transmission so much. we know what the hell you
are talking about when you just say “trans or manual/auto” it becomes
tediou, thank you.

Dan lee says:

That’s really good looking car

Fussinated says:

The design is a French design so you haters should reconsider before you
call this car as ugly. Since you do it – call this car ugly- to despise
Japanese design you would be insulting your falsely admired European
designers and this is equal to insulting yourself. So, stop that idiotic
remark ….. and I bet after learning this the car started to look like
the best looking hatch in the world already. ………….. LOL! observe
how those remarks will vanish after this.

Argedis says:

I’m glad you’re doing 4K reviews now, it looks amazing on my 4K setup.
The only other channel that offered 4k is TFL, and man the detail in the
exterior and interior walkarounds is insane

FatalAnimal says:

Best car review channel on YouTube if you are interested in easy to
understand facts! Please keep up the fantastic work! 

Bobby Taylor says:

4 speed auto and 106hp, and doesn’t even get 40mpg. Welcome to the year
2000. Why buy a Yaris when the established competitors offer much better

22358 says:

Very good video again!! But beside it is cheap or a lot of city driving and
good MPG, I don’t see why people want to buy small small small
car……..Perhaps they are cute? lol

David Malinovsky says:

I think the new Yaris looks great. I bought a Prius C in September and fuel
costs dropped about $80 per month. 

Fahad Munir says:

Whats is the colour name

maseratiquattroport says:

my friend has a yaris. i have to say, the seat really gave me a terrible
back pain after being in it for only an hour.

TEDdotcom says:

Thanks for reviewing a Toyota.

fauzi hassan says:

Can you review something more interesting…bmw M cars….

Daniel Towle says:

Needs a driver seat armrest. I think that should be standard on all cars.

Daniel Duong says:

The back lights looks pretty old. It’s probably because the Orange part of

DA Master says:

Video looks Amazing

my2cents0 says:

Geez,that’s one ugly car!

Alex on Autos says:

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