2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro – Review & Test Drive

2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro – Review & Test Drive

The 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Crewmax features a 5.7L V8 gasoline engine producing 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque. This Tundra includes unique TRD Pro content, a 6 speed automatic …



Engineering Explained says:

The 2015 #Toyota #Tundra #TRD Pro. I test it in the great outdoors. 

jZizzles says:

This BAT gets better MPG than my 2014 Q50…. I’m currently avg 15.2 mpg.

zaki NBG says:

orange? its clearly a #redtruck 

CZeroMedia says:

now if i test drove the truck, it would be through desert with 5 mpgs lol 

JaffaCakes says:

Is this in Oregon?

Unbearable Pain says:

Why are trucks so damn expensive nowadays? $46k? The sad part is that is
much cheaper than a Ford Raptor.

With that money you could go ahead and buy an Audi, BMW, or Lexus. Trucks
are meant to be cheap and utilitarian, not land yachts that can go

davdavc says:

Would you suggest I get a 2015 Corolla to put in the centre compartment?

Tyler Raber says:

The lack of locking diff is disappointing. They should at least have it as
an option. You can’t call a vehicle an offroad performance vehicle, and
then put automatic brake management rather than a locking/limited slip

The Nonchalant Negotiator says:

Toyota… reliability.

DRose274 says:

I like how you are expanding the vehicles you review. I would also love to
see a review for the Jeep Wrangler. 

Cantenkerous Tim says:

Toyota could easily make this truck. Their CAFE rating is probably through
the roof. They could make it 8 mpg if they wanted to. 

Charles Didone says:

“probably fit a smaller car in there” I’m dying lmaoo

WRB says:

Excellent truck, and excellent exhaust note!

Gabriel Aiello says:

M3 E46 Review please :D

Amr EzzElDin says:

I laughed so hard at the beginning of the video

Shikamoo P.K. says:

Looks like a toyota raptor. I like it. The last generation tundra TRDs
didn’t have close to the aggressive look, suspension, and tires that this
one has.

Karim Jundi says:

Thanks for sharing. I a big fan of trucks, had a Nissan Titan Nismo
Edition, and now a Dodge Ram. But because of fuel costs where I live I am
thinking of getting a Tacoma. Any thoughts? Would be great if you can do a
video specifically dedicated to trucks and different technologies that
different companies are implementing. For some reason all the bigger
sellers are switching to V6 engines that put out the same HP and torque at
half the fuel consumption. Cheers buddy.

Brap Brap says:

Only 400 Pound feet of torque! I was expecting a lot more out of a truck
designed for hauling and mild offroad. 

Mohammad Sadiqi says:

It is proven that whoever buys a Tundra has a higher IQ than the other
buyers. Ask anyone about their Tundra and they’ll say “It has this much
horsepower, this much torque, it can tow/haul this much”

But ask anyone about their RAM, Chevy, or Ford trucks and they’ll say “UH
UH Duh Ugh, ITS ‘MADE ‘N ‘Murica, DUH HEE HEE HEE” 

iRepTurtless says:

Drove it in snow?? EngineeringExplained it’s spring time!!!

El Kanario says:

That is the most beautiful truck I have ever seen. Fords, Rams and GMCs
arent bad looking, but I would give so much to have that amazing Tundra.

Knights2theEnd says:

INFOOOOO tainment system 

Zombie-Yellow says:

That looks like a very well made pick-up ! Way to go, Toyota !

kodez79 says:

Someone, please lend this dude a Tesla Model S P85D! If you come to Norway,
I will let you drive mine =)

Bob Dobalina says:

America. Land of the free, home of pathetic vehicles that even Japanese
manufactures pander to. Dire.

MelectroU says:

this is ludicrous and completely bonkers size. Now I know there might be
more bonkers trucks, but my european eyes just not used to seeing that kind
of stuff. Why not buy a VW transporter or a Ford transit if you want
practicality? Not that these trucks are practical, but I’m assuming people
who buy them thinks they’re practical.

Fred hoogendoorn says:

That diff x) That’s a really cheap solution

Preproto says:

You should be trying to replace top gear lol Need to drive the Regera R

Nick Wilson says:

$50k…….that was a joke, right?

Roger Toledo says:

Dear Toyota, put that engine in a frs

Merto6 says:

what an ugly brick

Edgar Ontiveros says:

Review the 2015 mustang GT please!!!

jerri0401 says:

drag coefficient 0.38.
so basically a fridge :D

Hybrid Strength says:

lol center console fits a small car

John M says:

Toyota is actually making some beefy trucks.

Aaron Gutierrez says:

I’m an actual owners of the tundra trd pro and I LOVE IT… for me is
orange, some people see it red in pics or videos but for me is orange.. I
work offroad all the time from 14 to 16 hrs a day(130 to 190 miles) and
this is an excellent tuck for it.. The only down that I can say is the mpg.
I get from 13 to 13.5 a gallon

I hate Toyota, I always have but this is just an amazing truck, a truly all
terrain truck.. 

The Mater says:

Be careful with the dipstick!

MeloYellow91 says:

Hi there, I was wondering if there any possibility of you making a review
video of the TRD Pro 4Runner? I only ask because I am suck between the TRD
Pro 4Runner and a Wrangler Willys. 

Trd Jason says:

Nice review, Everything was spot on about this truck!

Frank Sang says:

Truck looks nice.

SuperMrgolf says:

I love how seriously you mentioned fitting a smaller car in the centre
console hahaha

Darie H says:

I see a nicer outro effect ! Awesome videos anyway, keep up the good work

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