2015 Toyota Sienna Review – First Drive

2015 Toyota Sienna Review – First Drive

For minivan lovers and shoppers it may seem like bad news that the segment is shrinking but there’s a silver lining to that grey cloud. The cream, as they sa…



Ricky Vang says:

all this useless safetly technology, people are going to be too reliant on
it and their driving skills will decrease.

loveyouforever91 says:

can you guy do the 2015 Honda CR-V review?

dave dunn says:

Why doesn’t a company make a true sporty aggressive van so ppl wouldn’t be
ashamed to drive them? 

Henry Kincaid says:

Like the citroen c4 grand piccaso more.

dave dunn says:

Toyota couldn’t make a new age good looking sexy car if they tried! They
need new designers and engineers

TheK24Kyle says:

the god damn odyssey comes with a shop vac and a cooler…. and VTEC… I
mean… thats just genius. granted i hope i never have enough kids to have
to ditch my 1992 celica GT 5 speed. BUT if i had to buy my wife a minivan
it would be a black odyssey touring.

AdrianC12345 says:

I feel like the new Kia Sedona would be a better looking minivan to drive,
plus it looks gorgeous on the interior in SX trim. Comparison time! :D

thesrt8dodge says:

Get yourself something like a Volvo xc90, better styling, better interior,
more or less the same space.

Kenny Eng says:

Can you do the Honda Odyssey first drive

Jaime Zetina Jr says:

The interior actually looks far more luxurious the ever before. The dash
looks a lot like the current Avalon’s. 

Ivan Vojt says:

At least the postage stamp is gone.

Sean Mangubat says:

Eh, it’s better, but the Honda Odyssey is sill the king of vans. In
general, everything is just better on the Odyssey than the Sienna. These
include quality, fit and finish, usability, safety, design, reliability,
mpg, and etc. Throughout the years, out of all the vans, the Odyssey is
always the one being awarded, praised and recommended by many reviewers.
The only other minivan that has a chance of matching the Odyssey is the new
Kia Sedona. I’d rather have a vacuum, cool box, or a lane watch camera
than a thing to make me louder in the back.

xXForcehotel123Xx says:

In 2037, toyota will probably make their siennas self-driving

toddgabweg says:

Nice review… I am happy with my 2014 Nissan Quest LE… 

jowowetan says:

it’s funny people think Odyssey is better, google honda vcm issue, or honda
transmission problem – honda odyssey is the least reliable honda. there’s
lawsuit settlement for the vcm but there’s no fix for the excessive oil
consumption for this engine.

Spitzer Toyota says:

It’s clear the cream has risen to the top as the exciting, new 2015 Toyota
Sienna appears better than ever during a test run.

Joseph Nishimiya says:

Lol you vacationing in Hawaii or something?

Alec Smith-Cooper says:

Exactly! This sienna is just too fat! The honda odyssey is much more

eggeorge says:

Standard blind spot monitoring?! No

luigynkaren062011 says:

I used to love the oddyssey heck i use to be a huge fan of it.. but toyota
is leaving honda in the dust, this minivan toyota is producing here i can
straight up put a lexus badge and people would believe it, is so sexy
looking and luxurious… honda step youre game up that oddyssey is ugly and
looks so dated…

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:

I think it’s lame that Toyota offers heated steering wheels in the
Highlander/Sienna but not in the 4Runner or Tacoma. People actually use the
4runner and Tacoma doing outdoor activities in the cold so Toyota needs to
get their act together.

trinisuprazee says:

if i ever have to start watching mini van reviews someone shoot me

twisterboy669tv says:

You should do a 2015 minivan shotout (Honda Oddessy v Toyota Sienna v Dodge
Grand Caravan v Kia Sedona)

dcpc08161992 says:

Finally, Toyota woke up and brush up the interior a little bit with soft
touch dash… those hard and cheapo plastic dash got to go! I still have
my 2007 Sienna and purring along fine with same engine they are still using
in 2015. I wish Toyota updated the engine to DGI and add a couple more
gears to the transmission but probably live by this philosophy “If it ain’t
break don’t fix it” ~ the V6 they use for all their cars is very reliable
so far.

Matt Grayson says:

I think and I know that the Siana is ugly and to fat looking 

Scott Campbell says:

less minivan drivers, sweet

Joe Morello says:

Nicely done!

C Taks says:

Hope you enjoyed Hawaii’s Big Island.

Evander Smart says:

Simply the best minivan out there

n777ua says:

Made a name for itself with a really luxurious interior? What exactly are
you on my friend? I mean my god…..

francismar felix says:
TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

The day I have to drive one of these is the day I hand in my drivers

AutoGuide.com says:

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