2015 Toyota Sienna Minivan DETAILED Review and Road Test – In 4K

2015 Toyota Sienna Minivan DETAILED Review and Road Test – In 4K

Is the 2015 Toyota Sienna right for you? Check out the most detailed review on YouTube to find out. In high-res 4K! More videos: http://goo.gl/Kj1FlI Best cars in 2014: http://goo.gl/3xAVJi…



Brian Odom says:

78 inches tall, but you’re 6′ (72″) and you’re towering over the vehicle.
They must be including the roof rack in their numbers.

Bryce Hale says:

Alex always a quality review, keep up the great work, We love the details

Alex on Autos says:
Amir Fish says:

Hey +AlexOnAutos +Alex on Autos – great review as always. I’m now
(probably) over the hump from SUV to a minivan, and mainly debating which
one (odyssey, sienna, sedona) has the best collision warning/mitigation
system. Seems like all of them are limited to warning rather than breaking?
But some do have full range adaptive CC so I guess that counts as
mitigation too?

chicobear says:

The most practical reviewer on Youtube. Way to go, Alex!

Pete Zaitcev says:

Panoche area is about 2.5 hour drive from Bay Area and offers an
interesting test for this ground clearance theory. Odissey/Sienna can only
go on “stem” roads there and a bunch of camping spots are unavailable. A
RAV4/CR-V covers almost all of those spots. Still, there’s a small number
of locations, mostly in gulleys, which are inaccessible to crossovers, but
a Tacoma gets there – and out – easily.

jake legg says:

If you look a little deeper the Sienna is the most reliable of the
As far as the other points; Much of it boils down to swinging or
sliding rear doors.
In the real world, sliding rear doors have many advantages.

dennisscipio says:

if only Minivans were as efficient as compact crossovers. too bad we don’t
have short wheelbase minivans i.e. Dodge Caravan they were more nimbler. oh
well :)

Kip Amore says:

People who poo-poo minivans in favor of CUVs and SUVs are pretentious boobs
more interested in style than function. You simply cannot beat a minivan if
you regularly haul more than 4 people….

but….I daily a 1996 Buick Roadmaster wagon. Old school bench seating
means three fat asses in the front, 3 fat asses in the back, and….wait
for it….2 more fat asses in the rear barf seats. The thing is awash in
maroon heated leather, EPAs at 17/27, and with the LT1 small block will
roast the rear tires for as long as you can stand it. It also tows 7000lbs.
Nothing says quality like real plastic fake woodgrain body cladding!

mb013962 says:

is it just me, or don’t the bumpers appear to be a different color than the
body?…and at 1:57 you said the sienna is about 78 inches high, but it’s
about 69

Dustin Parker says:

Isn’t the Caravan being discontinued after the 2014 model year?

Robert Jung says:

Thanks again posting, great view – liked and subscribed! Do you know when
the toyota sienna hybrid will be available? Any idea about the new design
for the 2016 sienna hybrid?

Li Ye says:

Still waiting on your Honda Odyssey before I make my final decision. 

Robert Orler says:

Nice review! I own a ’14 Odyssey. I recently got 28mpg on highway trip
going 65-70mph. I love the camera on passenger side mirror for lane
merging. I did not want to leave Toyota reliability, but the old interior
and lack of side camera were deal breakers.

One thing I would like you to include in reviews of “family” vehicles..
How far inward is the seat from the outside of the vehicle? Some of the
SUVs were a little high for an elderly person. My Honda van, Even though
it is low to the ground, the distance of the front seat within the vehicle,
seems a little far for a disabled person to easily step into. Kind of
ruins the point of having a “family friendly” vehicle. 

todd baker says:

1440p is messed up. Keeps reverting to 1080p in Chrome. Non playable in

dennisscipio says:

Oh yeah and the Dodge Grand Caravan is definitely going away in 2016
leaving the Town & Country as Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s only Minivan as
dodge shifts it’s focus with more sports car like focus. 

kooky216 says:

lol that donut in glorious 4k.

Phu Doan says:

Lack interior quality, and with MPG less than a f-150.

scorpiokisses115 says:

You need to revise your statement about the third seat in the second row.
You said they didn’t have it in the Kia Sedona but I was just at the
dealership and they have it. You can also take it out with ease. 

SaiRulez1 says:

Love all your reviews Alex. In this one though, I kept getting distracted
by the spare doughnut tire and it made the car look fugly. Understand you
had a flat and maybe scheduling/ logistics woes probably didn’t allow for
better planning for the shoot. Also, it will be wonderful if you can
please always review the top of the line version of the cars that you test
and explain the other trim levels? Would have loved to see the AWD Limited
version in this video while you talk through the other versions available.
Anyways, still greatly appreciate your great reviews…they are the most
detailed and informative car reviews on YouTube! Thanks a ton!

SoleEpiphany says:

Does the track structure still stay in the floor when the second row seats
are removed like they are in the 2013?

WC2356 says:

If we talk about reliability, overall quality, handling, brakes, etc there
is only one choice. Sienna feels like driving a midsize vehicle, did you
know that? 

dave dunn says:

Gotta admit the van looks like a msn van, body kit etc looks good! Their
should be real man vans 

Gee Eusebio says:

Flat already? 

Gary Kwan says:

Great review!

asts3196 says:

Wow 0 to 60 in 6.9 secs that quick for a minivan. Holly shit!

John Shaheen says:

The most comfortable & roomy 8 passenger SUV’s are the Ford Expedition EL
& Lincoln Navigator L twins. They have the most leg room in the 2nd & 3rd
rows hands down nothing comes close unless move up full-sized Van by
Nissan,Ford or GM. WE just purchased to Navigator L from a Grand Caravan.
The Suburban, all the Mini Vans, any of the CUV’s can’t match the 3rd row
leg room or width of the Ford long wheelbase SUV’s! 

Ivan Vojt says:

This needs Cylinder Deactivation.

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