2015 Toyota Sienna 0-60 MPH Test Track Review: Yes, we track a Minivan

2015 Toyota Sienna 0-60 MPH Test Track Review: Yes, we track a Minivan

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Toyota Sienna is a very popular minivan. It is certainly not a car anyone will take to the race track. But Toyota says thi…



murmaider2 says:

I don’t get why people buy minivans. You get something like an Expedition
or a Tahoe, it’ll carry the same amount of people, it’ll pull shit, it’ll
have decent all terrain abilities and…the best part is you’re not driving
a minivan.

Jonathan Washington says:

Styling wise I give to the Honda odyssey, handling wise I give it also, I
do love the fact sienna offers AWD.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

According to TFL, ” The 2015 Toyota Sienna —– is certainly not a car
anyone will take to the race track. ” !!!! The next thing we see is Nathan
smoking the Sienna’s tyres round a race track !!!! This is why I love TFL.

Ricky ASE says:

people need to stop bashing minivans, they’re not the same as the old
1990’s minivans.. these things are far better, faster and sportier than
ever before & taking a long roadtrip, even driving around town in one is
far more comfortable than any other vehicles.
i’ve been able to keep up head to head with 2014 honda accord 3.5L V6 in a
2004 Sienna 3.3L V6

onkar362000 says:

you should test the Honda odyssey touring, man that things fun to drive

Airidas Salkauskas says:

The word Sienna in my language lithuanian means wall :D

PantherP74 says:

Why, for over $40k, are there no air conditioned seats offered? The Avalon
offers them at a similar price point, and so does the Highlander.

Kevin Alan says:

Can American automotive journalist stop insisting they ad a diesel version
to everything. It is starting to become obligatory to say ” I wish they
would offer a diesel.” As far as I know Toyota hasn’t offered a Diesel in
the states since the early 80’s. By the time they develop one for the
Sienna stateside it would at least be a late model next gen. 

nathan adlen says:

@Joe Tarrant – I have no idea what you’re talking about. And, it went 0 to
60 mph in less than 10-seconds.

Joe Tarrant says:

why does it take ten minutes to do a 0-60 ?? the car does it in 10 seconds
so why can’t you

mars crain says:

Great video. I have 2014 black sienna se. AND I ABSOLUTELY LIVE IT! Yup I
drive a mini and I don’t don’t Care. My wife laughed at me when I got it.
But I got it for my Babies. 

Monsieur Africain says:

You don’t get the HID headlamps like you would on the limited version.

Mcllama says:

Nathan imo does the best vids not biased on any car brands like Roman.

1guyin10 says:

If you are hauling around a few children a minivan can be a beautiful
thing. Very comfortable for road trips as well. Cool shot of that tire
being plowed through the corner!

Haris Mulahasic says:

Grand caravan rt?

Kamaka Chang says:

The Chrysler Town & Country S and Dodge Grand Caravan R/T are other sporty
versions of minivans.

kirbyswarp says:

That fake stitching on the steering wheel look horrendous, and even worse
in person. (Toyota loves to use that all over their lineup)

dchawk81 says:

An iPhone stopwatch is not an instrument. Let alone plural.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Great video, guys. You two are a great pairing, it’s effortless watching
you. Why don’t you consider doing a road trip together, maybe for a couple
of days ? You could use a van or truck, sleep in the back, cook meals in
the open etc., etc.. You’d get plenty of footage, enough for several
videos, and it wouldn’t cost a fortune. You could even consider using that
Bronco !!! :-)))

Zachary Jones says:

+The Fast Lane Car. What about the town and country? It has way more
features then the Toyota and they have a S model that lookS DAMN cool

nageorgiou2 says:

What about a Chrysler Town & Country S or Dodge Grand Caravan R/T? I mean
the Grand Caravan is dead now but it still has more power than any minivan
on the market.

Vulgora says:

the front is ugly it looks like a prius
nissan looks way better 

scterka says:

I just had a brainstorm! The Slow Lane Minivan!

Fouad Zadah says:

Sienna West

Nate Swartz says:

Why did he say there is nothing in north america that is a minivan with
style. Clearly the new Kia Sedona has better style than all these. Anyway I
would like to see a kia minivan on a track :D.

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