2015 Toyota Sequoia Platinum 4WD Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

2015 Toyota Sequoia Platinum 4WD Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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BluWarta92 says:

Sequoia is a tree… Not a sexy name for a car… Why not name it Land
Cruiser like it’s in Europe (i think this is the same car). 

Brock Frady says:

Another great review!!!

2015 Toyota Sequoia Platinum 4WD Start Up, Exhaus…:

Alex Pancamo says:

Nice truck, but what are you going to do with 19 cupholders? My car has 4
and none of them work.

jamakasis18 says:

Why do americans like to drive vans?


why do you show new cars?,where old cars?
your popularity is falling! new automobiles nobody not interested!

mitchell van eldik says:

I wish i lived in america..the cars you guys have there are much cooler and
meaner. And no absurdly high taxes on gas guzzling cars. I drive both a
Prius and a MR2, so i have the best of both worlds. (fun and power + fuel
economy and comfort). Honestly, the taxes in europe and especially holland
make petrol heads just want to emigrate to another country

علي محمد says:

In Saudi Arabia the sequoia come’s with LED front light .. Why in the USA
it’s not ?? 

33maraba says:

definitely much better than expedition and tahoe

SilentHill401 says:

Does anyone know why it takes longer for SUVs and Trucks to get redesigns
than smaller cars? 

thebluexanadu78 says:

The Sequoia badly needs a redesign in order to keep up with the

jeffrey625625 says:

The cup holders are just a fucking joke!!!!! Holy shit, the suburban only
has ~10 cupholders while this is just overdone!!!! It’s got a pretty decent
interior though.

MrVolvo99 says:

When will americans know that overly sized cars are not luxurious…

tucanalgrupero says:

Se escucha muy bien el sonido, se escuchó muy claro el sonido de los

flexor212000 says:

Is the cig lighter and ashtray specific to the south? I haven’t seen those
in cars for over 10 years but here it is… weird.

fanowner12 says:

I always liked the Sequoia… roomy, luxurious, and just as good as a Lexus
GX when fully equipped! Much like the Highlander feels like a Lexus RX when
fully equipped and the Land Cruiser feels like a Lexus LX! (:

doodskie999 says:

The amount of cup holders in this vehicle is too damn high!
yep toyota really made this for the american market.
cant eat without that diet coke. lol

Pranav Sridhar says:

Way to go! Very in depth and yiu had footlo points about the car. Love
this. Keep it up Saabkyle04

OfficialHiddentest says:

Tundra Limited > Sequoia Platinum :P

SiiKee Mc says:

I like this guy reviews but this truck shit,looks like a fucking 2007
thruck it does not look like a 2015 vehicle real talk!

Josiel Henrique says:

And Escalade 2015 ( or 2014 idk)? Lol

taisgdl says:

This fu***g car is the reason why america invade other countries for oil.

Ryan Enstad says:

Professional through and through. A class act and a master of your craft.
Amazing review Kyle. Thank you…

Ahmed Al Ahmde says:

سيارة روعه بس مشكلتها استهلاك البنزين

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

This SUV is awesome, man… Toyota thought this one out real good.

Mercedes Benz says:

+Saabkyle04 what is the extra fob that was on the keys at the beginning,
because my sister just bought a 2014 Nissan Sentra and she was wondering
what it was for.

Geovanni Delgado says:

Hey saabkyle when did you film this, looks like a spring day

matthew Dell'Aquila says:

I really just don’t understand Toyota/Lexus. Why on earth is the fully
loaded Sequoia $65,000, and its Lexus twin the GX 460 also $65,000 fully
loaded. Starting prices are only $5000 apart. Same with the Land Cruiser
and the Lexus LX 570, Toyota costs $79,000 starting and the Lexus $82,000.
This literally makes no sense. The entire point of Toyota is to be
AFFORDABLE and reliable, and the point of Lexus is the reliability of
Toyota but the prestige and luxury of a midrange high end vehicle. All
these reasons and more are why Toyota/Lexus doesn’t sell even close to the
amount full sized SUVS as their competitors do. Toyota may dominate with
their 15K-30K range in cars and SUVS, and Lexus may do well with their IS,
RX, and ES models, but they really need to get a grasp of reality and
understand if I’m spending $65,000, it for damn sure won’t be a toyota!

Luis X Luis says:

This beast is just reaching the size where one begins to wonder if they
should’ve made it with a standard Diesel engine.

It looks as if you’re driving a full sized van or a truck. Huge. 

Darius Starling says:

Will you be filming the 2015 Cadillac Escalade

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