2015 Toyota RAV4 Start Up and Review 2.5 L 4-Cylinder

2015 Toyota RAV4 Start Up and Review 2.5 L 4-Cylinder

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John Hancock says:

Could you review the 2011 Cadillac CTS Sedan? 

Gabriel Dominguez says:

Nice review man keep it up

Fazlkarim Khan says:

Cameron Could You Review A 2015 Toyota Venza As Your Next Review Because I
Will Tell You Something Important About The Venza That You Won’t Like

顧小四 says:

。。 germany is better

usnftc says:

My major complaint with the 2014-2015 RAV-4 XLE is the uncomfortable
driver’s seat. I have owned 5 new Toyotas previously and the driver’s seat
on the XLE is the worst ever. What are your thoughts?

Fazlkarim Khan says:

But Is The Venza Going To Have A Replacement In The Future?

Mark K says:

Wow great review. Looks just like the lexus nx you reviewed except you
don’t get the little cosmetic mirror located at the center of the $45K

Camerons Car Reviews says:
Fazlkarim Khan says:

Cameron Why Would Toyota Discontinue The Venza In June?

Dave Pascual says:

Can you review the Prius C? Thanks!!

Fazlkarim Khan says:

I Love The RAV4 Too Cameron Because My Dad Owned A 2013 RAV4 LE AWD In
Barcelona Red Metallic In April 2013 And I Loved It

Fazlkarim Khan says:

So Cameron Are You Gonna Review The 2015 Toyota Venza

Fazlkarim Khan says:

So The RAV4 And Highlander Are More Popular Than The Venza

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