2015 Toyota RAV4 review

2015 Toyota RAV4 review

One of the best selling compact SUVs, the RAV4 continues to impress. One of the vehicles that started the compact SUV craze, the RAV4 offers a lot for less.



Motormouth Canada says:

The #2015toyotarav4 review is up now, check it out.

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

Nice review.

I rented one a while back… here are my thoughts:
* The viewing angle on the stereo is utterly terrible, even when there is
no sun to wash it out.
* The satin trim and plastic bits kept shinning bright light/sun into my
* Under heavy acceleration, the car was jerky. I think the A/C kept
cycling on and off.
* The dash looks nice, but why would they design it so that the buttons are
* The middle of the hood vibrated on the freeway — like it was flimsy, or
* The stitching on the driver’s seat was heavily worn, by the door, and it
looked like was going to give out well before the useful life of the
* The IIHS small overlap test is horrific.
* The steering became quite hard to turn during tight maneuvers.

Overall a decent car, but it has with too many flaws to spend my own money
on, in my opinion. Especially considering the IIHS crash test.

gene978 says:

A heavy Hatch? I agree about the Steel Wheels on this as equipped $29K SUV.

Chandra Sekhar says:

Headlamps looks like 2nd gen Acura MDX

fabulousprofound says:

i know in this day and age fuel economy is king, but i still miss the v6,
having driven the old one with that engine before. with 4 adults and a
cargo bay full of costco purchases the 4cyl. was just not keeping up =(

David Wang says:

Zack, did you just cut that poor red cargo van?

Andrew J says:

Mazda CX-5 is a better vehicle. 2.5L 184HP / 185 torque at 3200 RPM (FWD)
and 4000RPM (AWD). Also, better handling than the competition. Granted, the
only thing I can’t stand is the infotainment system, its radio and CD
player are the only things good about it. 

aehmt says:

Why Japanese companies still using these cheap looking, non matching
buttons since 90s in weird places? It is like they know it is cheap looking
so they put them to places where you can not see unless you bend over or
look for it? The problem is they use different buttons for almost
everything among their line up and when it comes to optional buttons they
end up using generic buttons. I don’t get it. For example why don’t they
design a beautiful climate control unit and use it among the line up? 

TFiPW says:

Exterior looks so boring and the front end looks like the first gen prius.
Hyundai and Kia are going to decimate the Rav 4 sales. 

Kh Wong says:

what about driving a sport car to work

Jason Kewley says:

My father has a 2013 model which is exactly the same as this one, although
his is only FWD. Overall, I like the vehicle. It’s comfortable,
maneuverable, has adequate power to cart the family around, gets decent
fuel economy, etc. What I really don’t like is the choppy and even bouncy
suspension over broken pavement as well as the horrible electric assist
steering. The steering has no feel whatsoever and I find it requires
constant minute corrections while cruising at highway speeds. It gets
really annoying really fast!

Steven P says:

Do they sell the XLE in Canada?

Donald C. says:

With regards to the comments about the heavy cargo hatch and lack of alloy
on the XLE. The limited version does come equipped with a power lift gate,
as well as alloy wheels. I wish they still have the v6, which they have
done away with for this new design. 

berniecalo01 says:

Was that along King Edward?

dave dunn says:

Steel wheels at $23,000 to $29,000? That’s ridiculous 

Chandra Sekhar says:

Headlamps look like

dave dunn says:

Toyotas are overpriced and still bland and boring. Powertrain and engine
tech are 10 plus years old. 

Scott Campbell says:

good job, thanks

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