2015 Toyota RAV4 Moab Off-Road Review: Sand, Wind & Sun

2015 Toyota RAV4 Moab Off-Road Review: Sand, Wind & Sun

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Toyota RAV4 is a modern crossover that can go off-road. But how does this small AWD vehicle perform when the off-road is in the heart of Jeep Country. Nathan…



ReligiousShooter says:

Too bad they got rid of the V6.

Bruce Solomon says:

If you don’t have plans for off roading remember that the runningboards are
essential for machine gunners during drive-bys.

Vanuatoo says:

Nice shirt, did not know Andrey was pimp :)

The Fast Lane Car says:
kallasnikov says:

Ground clearance is below average and belly parts not packaged for off
roadind with peace of mind. Otherwise it could be a great choice espcially
it is a super reliable one. 

James T says:

Hey Nathan. I have a 2014 Rav 4 awd xle and like it very much. However the
stock continental tires suck in the snow. What would be a better tire. I
live in Maryland. Thanks… 

MrAlligam says:

That lock sounds a lot like my 2014 Subaru Forrester’s x-drive.

Martin Espinoza says:

So I read up on this AWD system from Toyota’s press releases (heh) and it
sounds suspiciously like the center diff is electronically locking only. Is
that true, or can they actually continuously vary the torque split? Because
I would not be too impressed by AWD that’s where Subaru was in 1995

tungol00 says:

I can’t wait for the hybrid model for 2016 will probably be trading in my

lffit says:

maximun grip in RWD?
With the engine weight over the front wheels, I would have though the

GTAYLOR1972 says:

Hey Nathan, I watched the video when you tested this against the CRV. I
remember you gave the Rav4 a lease it. Considering the Rav4 you drove for
this video in this form(without running boards) would you give it a “buy


Anthony Cuda says:

Get a forester and you’ll be all set! ;)

Alexei Demchouk says:

Finally RAV4 is getting some love from you, guys


Jonathan Altieri says:

These are very popular

George Benitez says:

Hmm I hated that car until I drove one 3 weeks ago (also 2015 model) and
was super impressed. Car punches above its weight class as shown here and
it is great value for money. Side note I love your reviews because they are
non bias but also not cynical like half the reviewers on YouTube that spend
15 minutes per video bashing on anything that isn’t a Supra. You give your
two cents without making the whole thing an opinion piece. These reviews
actually help people make buying decisions. Keep it up guys!

usagentcyclone says:

still on my learners driving my moms 2014 rav 4 and ahh i love the sport
button. cant wait till i buy my own car tho

EdoOregu says:

Pimp t-shirt with Andre! cool stuff!

Robert Hicks says:

4:51 – anyone got GPS coordinates for this?

Taylor Huang says:

What’s the difference between AWD and 4WD?

Aria Hajiaghabozorgi says:

is the ra4’s AWD better than the Grand cherokee Laredo or Subaru XV

Бендаржевский Игорь says:

Nice shirt!)))

Евгений Пилипака says:

Футболка ведущего решает! :)

Nathan Spence says:

I like the hat nathan adlen. I think it looks good on ya. U think my 2008
rav4 has the same system? 

lifeisgood12341 says:

Lift it an inch and tuck everything up underneath better and it would be
pretty solid 

Steve Spates says:

I love the RAV too bad no engine upgrade. 

Victor Rogachev says:

обидно что на российский рынок они идут без люков и с передним бампером
которым только снег чистить можно, у американских же угол вьезда намного
больше судя по видео, сам владею таким аппаратом

Mar I. says:


tmklunk says:

Toyota commercial

PussMag says:

when is TOYOTA going to paint the rear bumper?
I get the idea of rough but it is completely unpainted.

FrancineRA1970 says:

Beautiful, beautiful place. It’s so nice that you go through the effort to
feature the landscape. Fun video. Like the Toyota too! 

eric contreras says:

I would like to see toyota make a skid plate for it.

Kevin Laycock says:

Nice little review. Unfortunately it takes a little bit away from my sales
pitch here at home that a Tacoma would be good to have for those trips up
in to the snow, camping etc… We already gave this RAV4. Maybe if I
just don’t point out what that button does…

Kazak Thranduil says:

In the owners manual of most all wheel drive vehicles you will find that it
says the system is for on road use only and usage when the vehicle is stuck
can damage it

Adnan Rahman says:

Hi Nathan, how does Mazda CX5 All Wheel drive compare to Toyota Rav4 All
Wheel Drive System.

jamesgjt says:

thanks toyota, but i ll still pick the jeep renegade trailhawk.

r1cknyc says:

I like your sombrero =)

proTESTeam+TV says:

2015 Toyota RAV4 Moab Off-Road Review: Sand, Wind & Sun // The Fast Lane

AWDfreak . says:

I think it’s safe to bet that 0.001% of Toyota RAV4 drivers will actually
even bother to take their RAV4 off road. I’m surprised Toyota and the other
manufacturers have caught up to the AWD leaders. Watching this review gives
me confidence that more crossovers are actually going to improve their
light off-road capabilities with the AWD system, though not necessarily
approach, departure, and breakover angles.

vadimus2007 says:

LOL @ Сутенер

hockeyman4800 says:

i saw in person this car stuck in snow with the awd locked and only 2
wheels were spinning diagonally

Michael Miller says:

When will you be taking the Jeep Renegade up to Colorado?

supernova1976 says:

Nathan, please compare this to the Subaru forester :)

Andrew Kyser says:

I feel like I am watching a paid by Toyota commercial here……. Bleh

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