2015 Toyota Prius Review

2015 Toyota Prius Review

The 2015 Toyota Prius video review includes information about fuel economy, safety, price, comfort, available features and competitors hybrids. For more info…



Edmunds.com says:

Is 50mpg worth it on the 2015 Toyota Prius?

Joe Wilder says:

More should have been said about its green credentials. That’s what makes
it worth it. Auto reviewers tend to become absent-minded when it comes to
serious issues such as global warming.

Ivan Vojt says:

The C-Max back seat is tighter than a Prius. Less cargo room in a C-Max.
More power in a C-Max. Far better interior in a C-Max. The 2016 C-Max
gets a refresh. Same with the Prius. The 2015 Prius V did get a very mild

Praetorian says:

They forgot to show the Obama/Coexist bumper sticker option, which 99.99%

ahmed mido says:

gas prices are cheap for now, so the difference won’t be much. in fact,
hybrid or electric cars are not practical or so economical right now
(again, because gas prices dropped significantly)
but let prices go up again and you’ll see people favoring a car over the
other for a mere 1 mpg more !!!

jvrdlc says:

well i guess, the more they make this car peppier i guess the less fuel it
will get. i think the engine has to be a bit bigger but again if you buy a
Prius is for MPG not bc it is fun to drive or fast and Toyota is very aware
of that

lexusfan100 says:

what about reliability..is the prius very reliable than its competition.
that should also be a factor eh

Mejevoli says:

Accord Hybrid. Not even the plug-in reaches a real world 47 mpg, driving it
real careful was reported to achieve 50. This or an Accord? Yeah.

MrGovenator1 says:

Does the Chevy Volt not get 125mpg? And I didn’t think it needed to get
plugged in either.

Austin Kinser says:

Funny, seeing how in another Edmunds videos, the interior of the Prius and
ride is complimented and given praise. Just goes to show car most car
reviewers are biased and and opinions have to be taken with a grain of
salt. It’s all opinion, not fact. I recenty rented a G3 Prius last weekend
to drive to southern WV, over 600 miles round trip and in my opinion, the
car was great. The ride was comfortable, not Mercedes S-Class comfortable,
but comfy enough. It didn’t feel flimsy. Felt about as solid as a Camry or
Corolla. As for interior plastics, sure, there’s hard surfaces, but they
look nice. Personally, I don’t sexually stroke my cars interior surfaces at
all times, so while it may feel cheap, it has a nice design and it looks
nice. No offense, but if you want to talk about cheap $13,000 interiors,
take a look at the Nissan Versa. The only sure way to know if the Prius
suits you is to rent or test drive one. Don’t take anyone else’s word for
it. Yes. I think 50 MPG is totally worth it.

PussMag says:

as long as the cheapest gas in town is under $2, I didn’t mean to be rude
but fuk Prius

vard mike says:

Got a 2010 and must admit I was very disappointed with the car. At first
same driving I was getting 46mpg now same driving getting 37. Also has
electrical issues with radio were certain buttons won’t work or get
switched around even and then goes back to being normal. EGR issues rear
window stopped working and interior rattles are just annoying. Also under
braking hitting slight bump or dip in the road causes loss of braking
momentarily. Just too many issues. 

Fazlkarim Khan says:

Of Course 50 mpg Is Worth It That Way At The Gas Station You Don’t Need To
Pay A Lot Of Money

toyotaprius79 says:

What happened to that fixed, 112 mile EV test? It’s been 2, or 3 years now?
There’s been quite a lot of new EVs lately.


So, the Prius is a #WhiteGirl #Basic 

God Lee says:

I hate how this car switch between electronic to gas engine. 

ImaHappyPappy says:

Where does it stand compared to the others, in cost of ownership, longevity
& resale value?

Matt Grayson says:

No it’s nit worth it the Prius sucks 

God Lee says:

I would pay $250 more for better car. 

quietguy1948 says:

Good gas mpg… but price of entry is high. Performance, or lack thereof
has a bearing on safety – you’ll get run over if you can’t get out of the
way. No Sale here.
Good review, thanks.

Evander Smart says:

What is known about the 2016 Prius, due by the end of the year:
Faster and more fun to drive
Edgier styling
Minimum of 55 MPG combined
AWD option

The bbomber246 says:

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