2015 Toyota Highlander Limited Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust

2015 Toyota Highlander Limited Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust

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KiddCoppin says:

I think they should make a sport model with rims like the camry xse

tony hoang says:

nicee, my dad is thinking about odyssey or the highlander 

Sean Conroy says:

We are looking at Highlanders to replace my wife’s Camry. This was a very
thorough review and very informative. Thank you for posting it. Do you have
a review of the 2014 4Runner Limited?

MrWlwl says:

Its emaizing family car

Raul Rodriguez says:

Please make a video about 2015 Toyota Highlander LE Plus

Vannarith Penh says:

Thanks for your view. Waiting for Hybrid :)

Sternum Kick says:

Great video!
Is the LATCH system available with the rear bucket seats? thanks

Monica 'sVanity says:

What a thorough review!!! You did better than the salesman did when I went
to go test drive it.

HappyRider2011 says:

2015 Toyota Highlander Limited

Roger Santini says:

Amazing video Bro!

joel espanol says:

you mentioned, power folding feature? that’s a lie! highlander does not
come equipped with power folding side view mirror. I have a 2014 limited
trim model and its not power fold mirror.

Anvar Boss says:

Where is this place is it at New York area 

Ryan Caringal says:

Great review!

abdullah abanmi says:

Audi q5 please

Aneka Variasi says:

2015 Toyota Highlander Limited

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