2015 Toyota Camry XSE Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust

2015 Toyota Camry XSE Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust

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tuliocarlos1 says:

Here in Brasl … the Corolla costs $ 31,598.66


Chazz Kustomz says:

I have a 1996 camry & I’m very happy with my car, it’s one of the last
japanese made cars & mine has rare options for an le model. This new camry,
2015, is the nicest & my friend has one. I got to test drive it & I want
one! One day that will be, but for now I’m just glad to be a camry owner!

Brian C. says:

Happy, like myself, I think a lot of folks have been waiting to see this
type of video. I am not sure if you are just getting started with auto
reviews, but I would like to give you a little feedback.

Let me start by saying you did a great job. You really went over this car
from “head to toe.” However, I didn’t feel like you were reviewing the car,
I would say its more providing a “Closer look” which I should mention is
very valuable. I am not sure if you were under a time constraint, but I was
left wanting more. Perhaps, including items like pricing and a little more
in-depth look at items such as features, and a test drive (if you can.) Of
course, people won’t buy a car based on your experience but there is value
in seeing that experience.

Finally, what were your general impressions, did you like it or not. Would
you buy it? If yes, why? If no, why? and what would be your alternative. A
comparison to other vehicles in its class is extremely helpful. Your
opinion does matter to those watching your videos. It provides options and
information. We all know a informed buyer is a happy one!

All in all, I am thankful for this video. As I have been scouring the
interwebs for something like this, as I am going to be in the market in a
few short months and I am looking at this, the Ford Fusion, and the new
Lexus IS. I have 7 year old IS250, and this car reminds me of the new one
so much. I kinda like the look of this better. Since Toyota makes both the
IS and Camry why pay $10-$15k more for essentially the same car.

I look forward to your videos in the future too. I will definitely be
subscribing!! Thanks Again.

Al Abdul says:

Best camry 2007-2011

Tim Joseph says:

The tail lights do look like from the Hyundai Sonata and other past Lexus
models. In terms of styling, the Camry does have different models for
different tastes. The SE and XSE trims are meant for younger buyers, since
they tend to complain that the Camry is too plain or boring. That’s not the
case anymore. The next redesign will be in 2017 with hopefully updated
powertrains, interior and exterior, and advanced technologies.

TechDude says:


don schlegel says:

Great car thanks 

Manwell says:

Great Review! 🙂 Suggestion: Reduction of background noise (but thats a
tough one. Yet I think you still did a great job). Anyways…. So the new
camry looks great, but… yes there’s always a but…. Two things: 1)
Why does Toyota have to make the grills so big… yes i know a new styling
to try 2) i’m surprised that the fuel economy didn’t signifcantly
improve… it still stayed at 25mpg city and 30 (w/e) mpg. Move it up 30mpg
city… now that will beat Honda Accord in competition).

Waseem Khan says:

which model have more resale value XSE or GLX ?

thans H says:

Thank you for this video. I bought this car about 2 weeks ago and have
really been enjoying it. I wish I could figure out how to get the
speedometer show digitally. Manual doesn’t help.

Joe Zappa says:

The 4 cylinder Camry is $24k and the 6 cylinder is $35k. Why does Toyota
charge $11k MORE for just 2 cylinders? That is so lame! And the front grill
is hideous.

silversleeper484 says:

Hello +HappyRider2011
I think Toyota knock this Camry out the park… It looks really
aggressive… Wow. Do you know if the Passenger Mirror automatically
tilts down when you put the car in reverse. (Like most Acura’s do) I was
wondering in future videos if can show the instrument cluster with the back
lighting/how it would look at night I know shooting in the daytime is
difficult but in that case can just tell us about the color of the lights.
Also can you tell us what the MSRP is (not necessarily showing us the
window sticker as the dealer might not want that displayed) and option
package costs if any…
Thanks, Tim

Lokian Art Gm says:

american version look hot better than asia pacific model…

SimranMann 2k14 says:

Camrys are nice had an 07 SE with 20 inch chrome American Racing Wheels and
tinted Windows with a straight pipe for 4 years drove it close to 80k miles
and its still running strong….but im happy with my 6mt genesis coupe

Skyllr Takeri says:

Cars in the States are dirt cheap 🙂
$20,000 for a 2015 Camry wow luuccckyyy

Camry le says:

Thank you very good video. and very interesting car

jaiizwaii89 says:

Thank you for doing this review. I was waiting for this 

Rob Lee says:

Thanks for your in depth review of the interior!

Vbv Gg says:

اهم شي ماايطلع الصدام

ali1995bh says:

Great review man. Does the backup camera guide lines move if you turn the
steering wheel?

kLPantera says:

Nicest looking Camry that I’ve seen… 

kruff39 says:

I just got the xse in ruby flare pearl last week and I luv it!!!

Steve W says:

Great review but what is the cost of the car?

1930GM says:

I bough a new 2006 v6 loaded new ..Mine has almost all of these features
but the one I would like is keyless entry .203000 Ks and never been in a
garage and still runs like new

wmw0702 says:

Why does everyone have to copy the Hyundais?

David Lettervowel says:

I like the Accord EXL V6 better. 

Hector Cepeda says:

Nice video, although, counter to what’s stated, Qi wireless charging is not
unique to the XSE trim. With the following three EXCEPTIONS, wireless
charging is available in all trims and engine choices: SE, LE, and Hybrid
LE (per the Camry ebrochure).

Mark Young says:

Brian C. – I just wanted to say what excellent feedback you gave. 

James Wisrik says:

Much more assertive…then Camry past. Looks like a Benz E class with
side profile.

yoyoluc says:

The last Camry really didn’t age well, let’s see how this one does.

Kevone Williams says:

2015 Toyota camry is a down graded lexus literally 

whyusweatinmeG says:

good job on this review as well as the camera shots!!!!

Kaitlyn Mann says:

awesome review! thanks so much for sharing!!

Vu Tran says:

what colour is that sir ? super white or pearl 

Justin Aviles says:

Nice video and car, but i would never pay more than 25,000 for a toyota

Ernie Casias says:

Nice car. What size are the tires?

kunia galdeira says:

Well done, Good Review

Cammory says:

Is V6 2.5?? Or 3.5??

Jake Kirton says:


HappyRider2011 says:

2015 Toyota Camry XSE

Hola Soy Jhon y Tu says:

y esa wada cuanto sta.!!

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