2015 Toyota Camry XSE First Drive Review: A Not So Extreme Makeover?

2015 Toyota Camry XSE First Drive Review: A Not So Extreme Makeover?

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Toyota Camry XSE is the Sportiest Camry you can buy. With 18 inch wheels, stiffer suspension and paddle shifters is this 2015 Toyota Camry XSE ready to dance…



MrKeyboardCommando says:

This is another Japanese car which satisfies 99% of the motoring needs of
99% of the motorists in the USA. So, yet again, the question must be asked;
why don’t US manufacturers produce this kind of car ?

Brian Vtec says:

I will still pick the accord over this that’s just me, every time they
compare the Camry to the accord 99.99999% of time the accord wins! Just a

SahijApple93 says:

Is it me or does this car still look UGLY as hell?

Jonathan Altieri says:

The Camry is not meant to be sporty. It’s supposed to be soft, quiet,
comfortable, and reliable. The sport trim just adds some looks etc. But
it’s still a Camry underneath.

MRACPD Alpha says:

Just looks like a slightly changed corolla, not impressed LOL!

Robert Drake says:

Why do reviewers always review the top of the line of any model? BTW, why’s
there chicken wire front grill?

lfsracer79 says:

Why do you no longer measure 0-60?

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

Looks like a stretched out Corolla. I think they should have come out with
an all new design entirely instead of copying the Corolla and stretching it

VintageRKO says:

It does look aggressive and kinda liking the looks a bit but its a “Camry.”
Hey everybody, I drive a Camry! Thats a turn off. We live in a world where
everything you buy says something about you, and the world sees the Camry
(and corolla) as an “Old people car.” If they wanted to make a new gen of
this, should’ve made it more elegant cause us young people don’t want to
buy a “Camry”

Davis Fang says:

Why is the American Camry so much better looking than the Australian one?

Railrunner23 says:

It’s like the Toyota Highlander. They redid the model and made it less
boring and more sporty. Way to go toyota!

palebeachbum says:

It looks better OUTSIDE, but it still probably sounds hollow and thin when
you shut the doors, rides crappy, and has horrible flat hard seats. I’d
still rather have the new Sonata. Much more appealing. Side note, anyone
else notice how the new front grille/lower intake is essentially the same
shape as Lexus?

yellofury says:

When I think Japanese sedan and sporty I automatically think Nissan Maxima.
But this is a nice effort. 

corinus88 says:

I was looking for a fun car,watched this and then got my 35k went and
bought a mustang 5.0 with all the bells and whistles,for the same
money,boring was boring is,it makes people look old and tasteless!

Parrots and Potatoes says:

Sure, the Camry is successful. But there is one thing that bothers me: from
what I can tell, Toyota has dropped the quality in the last 10 or so years.
A 2005 Camry is actually quieter than the current-gen in my experience. 

Don Juan says:

6:33, Toyota Honda hybrid?

snakeye2669 says:

Look like a larger new Corolla?

BAK_Smack says:

31k for a CAMARY WTF

nicholas amodei says:

Thumbs up if you noticed Roman’s little smile every time he floored that
Camry. ;)

sevimlinfant says:

Roman tried so hard to make this car look bad, but he couldn’t find
anything negative to say. What a pain!

zaid0abdulhaleem says:

I see Lexus in that camry. Sad because Lexus LS/ES should not look like a
camry! People pay more so they can stand out with their high luxurious
“Toyota”! Not it seems like they all heading to the same look

kulminaator says:

squirrel at 00:45 (sporty camry … meh ?)

Evander Smart says:

50 Americans an hour buy a Camry. Might be getting good word-of-mouth.

MrRedskins0021 says:

As a young kid i used to think that Toyota sucked, but now it is all I
drive. I never have to worry about getting stranded.

"Double A" Mills says:

Another reason why people are buying the Camry is that it is going to last
15-20 years. :)

ghd bfb says:

My moms 2008 saturn aura xe 3.5 is still better then this

glsracer says:

Toyota really needs to up the HP and offer AWD on the XSE and Limited

Adrizz5447 says:

I honestly like our Camry and I am coming from a German care tuning
background. Its a 2010 and it has a 4 cylinder 6 speed. It in no way is
like our previous German cars. The steering is rather loose and the 6 speed
is clunky and has strange shift characteristics. The 4 cylinder with the 6
speed surprises the check out of me though. It actually performs
surprisingly well in my opinion while we get 28+ mpg… What it does the
best though that our German cars couldn’t do, is just work everyday all the
time for the last 85,000 miles. Its done well in the snow and it’s been a
work horse. Our family is out growing it and we will not hesitate to buy a
Toyota in the future. Not every car needs to do anything more than just be
functional and reliable to get my family safely and reliably where we
desire to go! 

KingoftheWind says:

Definitely an upgrade from the last model. I wouldn’t mind having one as a
daily driver.

Fraser Anderson says:

Buy a Mazda 6 instead. Job done. Lets face it buying a Camry is a chore not
a delight. 

Jacob Sivley says:

Stick to what the Camry is good for Toyota, boring, dull transportation.

Fadic4 says:

I hate how every company is doing the whole same front end for every model.

DevPack says:

nice, but not as sexy as a Fusion or Mazda 6. 

Ricky Vang says:

i like it! bring back the toyota solara back!

Dan Troop says:

As an appliance the Camry is a success, as a car that you lust after- not

dchawk81 says:

Very few people actually want your so-called “steering feel” or “road feel”
because our roads SUCK. When I drive long distances to work or whatever, I
don’t want anything wearing me down, least of all inconsistent pavement.

Acuravigor47 says:

5 years ago, this would be up to Lexus quality. We are so spoiled.

godfatherNYC says:

God this review sucks. The car is a very nice improvement for the Camry,
though. The lack of style on past Camrys was BRUTAL. This looks pretty
great for a Camry.

Randall Collins says:

Looks like a grown-up version of the Toyota Corolla S. Maybe the Camry XSE
is the car for those who are ready to move up from the Corolla S.

I admire your restraint, Roman. It would be easy to trash down the XSE
because it doesn’t do or feel the way you want it to or the way it should
be. But, on the other hand, vehicles like the Honda Accord Sport or the
Ford Fusion Titanium give you much more driving involvement than the XSE
while giving you all the convenience and reliability of the XSE.

I think Toyota should have made the XSE a much more driver focus vehicle
with some serious performance upgrades. They could have easily dipped into
the TRD catalog to give this vehicle a real punch-in-the-face stance with
some serious power. Toyota has plenty of regular Camry offerings that tens
of thousands of people buy every month so they should have made the XSE a
lot more special. But, it’s only special for a Camry. Whoopie do!

C’mon, Toyota. If anyone can come up with a true, family performance sedan
(think Ford Taurus SHO) , it’s your company! Let you hair down for once!

headcas620 says:

Someone I know just bought a 2014. Unfortunately I restrained myself and
did tell them there’s gonna be a new one out.

2015 Camry: just as meh as always. 

crazy wheel says:

The cambry is the best selling car but right now I don’t think is the best
car, people say that the last longer but cambry drivers drive like they
don’t want to step on the gas cause they going to waste gas, Honda, nissan
and even Hyundai make very good cars

Nick D says:

There is only one question. What is the airbag manufacturer?

CanadaCraig says:

It’s absolutely, perfectly fine. Just as it should be. I think it looks

Homer Simpson says:

The front looks like a big Prius 

Rick B says:

I think they turned the Camry into a sportyish car hoping the Camry
faithful will resort to the Avalon while gaining some traction in the
Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, Ford Fusion Etc segment. Just my .2 cents 

Alex GT says:

worst camry ever

Zach Bennett says:

looks a little like a chrysler 200 

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