2015 Toyota Camry vs. 2015 Honda Accord

2015 Toyota Camry vs. 2015 Honda Accord

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juan tafoya says:

And the winner is…… The Mazda 6! Zoom zoom lol Camry and Accord still
good tho.

jamesgjt says:

I ll pick the fusion because of its 2.0t engine

Rafael Caminero says:

If you have a test drive in the new Camry and next you drive the new Mazda
6, immediatelly you going to notice tan Mazda 6 is better car….

Christopher Deguzman says:

Oh man Elmer Fudd again…on to the next vlog. NEXT!

krauser979 says:

Well the Toyota Camry has a 10 year old engine where as Honda always
updates their engines every chance they get. Also the Accord has a sport
model which makes it a much more engaging car to drive without forking over
a ton of money for a V6 option, where as the Camry doesn’t.

Noob says:

Ok there is something really wrong with this video review. Am I the only
person who noticed that these reviewers are offing off a Touring model
(which only comes in v6) but the specs listed in the beginning of the video
show’s a CVT spec. CVT versions of the Accord does not cost over 30grand. 

AJ Johnson says:

IMO, the Accord looks way better than the Camry. The Accord looks like a
classy automobile and Camry just looks like…well…a Camry. (That front
grille, I think I just threw up) I’ve driven both and I can actually say
the Honda’s CVT is better than the Camry’s automatic in terms of efficiency
and responsiveness. The Accord is a little stiffer as far as suspension
goes which sucks when going over bad roads and makes it seem noisier
inside. The Honda has more HP, torque and better gas mileage and in Sport
Trim is pretty good looking compared to the Camry. Again, looks are
subjective and this is just my opinion. The interior seemed cheaper in the
Camry as well. If you say you don’t like the Honda because it has a CVT
then you obviously just troll because the CVT is perfect in the Accord.
Toyota and Mazda have had a ton of recalls over the past few years (I have
an extremely reliable confirmation source for this) Also, friend of mine
who is the service manager at Toyota told me he gets a TON more recalls and
repairs in compared to when he worked at Honda (Toyota gave him a higher
salary so he jumped ship) He also told me the Prius is a POS and to never
recommend one. My mom bought a 2008 Camry and it was the biggest piece of
crap she’s ever owned It burned oil to the point where she had to put a
quart in every 1000 miles and she ended up getting rid of it. (It had
18,000 miles on it) I owned a 2006 Corolla and the transmission quit at
86000 miles. I traded that in for a Civic, then traded that in for a ’14
Accord EX-L after looking both the Accord and Camry. I’m not saying the
Camry is bad but Toyota has a pretty bland lineup of cars right now and
none appeal to me. People ask me all the time what car my Accord is when
I’m parked in their driveways. The tell me it looks like a BMW or Lexus.
They would never have said that if I owned a Camry….Just sayin.

KiddCoppin says:

It has already been proven that horsepower really doesn’t mean too much
anymore. For instance, a Lexus LFA goes faster than a Challenger Hellcat,
yet the Hellcat has over 100 horses more than the LFA. The right suspension
and driving modes make cars faster. The Accord has about 7 more horses on
the 4 cylinder model, and about 10 more on the V6 model. All while the
Camry’s FWD and the Accord’s RWD makes the Camry better with acceleration

edward thomas jr says:

The Camry is just a better car. Taller passengers just aren’t as
comfortable. I can sit in the front seat and actually stretch my legs out
completely at 6’4″ with a thicker build I found the Camry seats way more
comfortable on long road trips.
In regards to power, the Camry V6 is amazing and would easily run the
Accord, I think the 4 cyl is also better being that it has gears… After
transmission issues in an older Honda product with a hefty $4k replacement,
I would rather the traditional automatic transmission vs a CVT. I’ve had An
Accord, CL, ES300, Camry and a Tundra so I think I’m fair in my Toyota
leaned opinion.

The Accord has to much going on with a bright dash and 2 screens along with
the annoying right blind spot system that looks like your mirror has a
growth on it.

I think the Accord is handsome and slight European in appearance while the
Camry still is growing on me. I actually prefer the more masculine angular
2012-14 Camry over these.

As Far as the Toyota handling thing, I think it’s awesome. These reporters
are all bias towards German cars anyway.

Sorry the Mazda 6 can not compete with a V6 Camry is the pleasure it brings

RandyViperOrtonHD says:

That lisp… Gotta love it (fuck his voice) His voice would sound a lot
more professional without that lisp. Lol

ldawson103 says:

The carmy is a rental queen and a pos. And is NOT new its the same old car
that toyota has been refreshing for a decade, and fooling consumers into
thinking they’re getting a new model. and these two bums doing the review
are anything but reputable and explain why they pick the damn camry.

FroztiProductions says:

Did he just say the camry looks better lol

Xiao Zhang says:

When it comes to criteria such as design, etc, everyone might have
different opinions. However, when comparing reliability, camry wins hands
down. I have a 2012 camry v6 se, it has more than 200k on the car now, and
its good as new. Never had a problem. Just change oil and do tune up on
time and the car never disappoints. 

Anthony Cuda says:

Would certainly take the Accord over the Camry any day! 

hnnotyy says:

I’d take the V6 Camry over the V6 Accord, I would take the 4 cylinder
Accord because you can get a manual and Toyota doesn’t give that option.

JD Davila says:

Styling is subjective, so I won’t argue which has the better looking
interior and exterior. That being said, up until recently I worked at a
Lexus dealer who also had a Toyota dealer next door. I went to look at the
15 Camry and was disappointed.
The plastic looks cheap and there’s lots of it. If you get the base Camry
you get a tiny 4.3 inch screen surrounded by so much plastic, it looks like
an old Betamax. And the trim that comes with suede according to the window
sticker…it’s fake. And it feels it. And the worst mistake is that they
put it all over the door. Once it gets wet due to rain it will look
hideous. And leather seats means only side bolsters. It’s not entirely
I actually feel from a quality stand point, the previous gen Camry was
better. As I said, styling is subjective.
One of my Lexus coworkers has the current Accord and the fit and finish is
better, smooth and sporty engine, good mpg and real leather all around. The
interior design seems better and more upscale.
Yes, the Mazda 6 most would agree looks nicer. But between these two, give
me an Accord before a 15 Camry. Heck, give me a 14 Camry over the 15 Camry.
It has the exact same engine!!

Sidekick1107 says:

Have anyone noticed about the Toyota Camry’s designing front end. It looks
like when snow hits the front end of the grille you start to see a hidden
design bottom lip when you look at it from another perspective view when it
comes from a weather climate change. If I sound strange by this PLEASE LET

Edgardo Amado says:

Who had the genius idea to test the cars when you can’t see the looks and u
can’t really drive them more then 49 mph …. Dumbs dumbs 

Goru Minosyan says:

When it snows that much, the only review you should make should be on snow
tires, not cars!

Brian Vtec says:

You guys can keep the Toyota catfish oh sorry “Camry” and I will keep the
Honda Accord!! 

Gabriel Chattoo says:

Camry. Nuff said.

H0okemh0rns says:

Oh yeah let’s ignore the fact that safety in this class is a big factor. In
fact, is one of 3 main objectives of these cars. In that aspect the Accord
and Legacy were the only sedans that passed the overlap test few years ago,
and still has the best rating. Every, single, Toyota model failed that
test, and the new camry still can’t get a good rating on it. Remember,
these are not high performance cars, or excotic vehicles, or purpose build
trucks, these are D class sedans, their main purpose is to be practical,
efficient and safe. Failing in one of those categories should be enough to
not even count as a competitor. Accord vs Mazda 6 is a better comparison.

Akshay Mahesh says:

What!?!? A review in favor of the Camry! Well, good job Toyota! I’d say the
Camry has more tech than the Accord. The V6 Camry gets Full-LED headlights
and Toyota’s radar based Pre-Collision system is can bring the car to a
stop unlike the Accord. Also, it gets BSM on both sides where LaneWatch is
only on the passenger side. On a side note, the Accord in the
comparison/video says Touring but is missing the V6 badge. And, I’m pretty
sure you can’t get LED headlights without the touring package and you can’t
get the Touring Package without a V6. Or, is there a secret way to get a
four-cylinder Touring Accord?

YouDontWannaFightMe says:

I’d rather buy the accord because you can still get it with a six speed
manual gearbox.

Kaito Vang says:

All toyota did was changed its exterior look it still has its crappy
confusing trim levels and it’s plain and boring interior design and I hate
that they have the stupid leather and cloth combine on their seats cloth
interior is awful also toyota has kept the same weak engine since
80’s-90”s and plus toyota has lied about their electric chain timing belts
when the engine is removed you still have the timing belt camry hybrid is
also not a hybrid at all it still sucks gas like it was nothing because it
doesn’t have an ev mode because it has a weak electric assist motor where
as the accord hybrid has a gas and a electric engine combined thus removing
the transmission overall honda and Acura is the best where as Toyota and
Lexus lies and sells us the same crap since the 80’s and 90’s I rank Toyota
the lowest and don’t forget Toyota was the one to have the most massive
recalls out of all asian brand vehicles I rather chose Honda Mazda Hyundai
Acura and maybe Subaru than Toyota boring crap of a car….

Mike Smith says:

I HOPE that HONDA recalled that window air noise LEAK as it is LOUD as
HELL! For 2011, 2012, 2013, there was a HONDA RECALL FIX etc but NO 2014?
Five people have said they have NOT had a RECALL or FIX ISSUED from HONDA

PussMag says:

Nice review, and the best part is it was shot in snow, love the commitment

Javon K says:

I think the Honda is the better looking out of the 2

Alvin Firman says:

Is the Toyota Camry better to drive in the snow or the is the Honda Accord

Gergely Kondás says:

No doubt!

Gerard Martel says:

Now that you know you like the Camry over the Accord, get a Legacy and put
it up against the Camry. Would be interesting to see how the Legacy does,
especially on a snowy day like you tested those two cars.

mx5hong says:

Driving with the headlights off on the Accord during a snow storm? Does
Canada have a headlights on during rain/snow law? I know NY does. And no,
DRL don’t count b/c the tail lights are off.
Or does the Accord have auto-on headlights and you guys just left it on
auto. But there was enough ambient light during filming not to trigger the

2012bigPerm says:

I’d love to see you guys test the traction & stability control in those
conditions. I assume you have winter treads with that kind of snow on the
ground. I’ve personally always loved finding out how my traction systems
differed over the years/models I’ve had in the past. The sounds the systems
make (or lack thereof) the smoothness and effectiveness of the systems.
Premium cars and mainstream cars all have systems now. They are not equal
and NOBODY really tests this stuff out that I’m aware. A good ole climb up
a slight hill that is snow covered, full throttle….that sorta thing.

switchfish24 says:

Do you ever show the back of the car? I would rather see the back of the
car that you sitting behind the wheel. Amateurs

Alex Cupples says:

Uh no. Compare the sport accord to se and xse camry. Compare the touring
accord to xle camry. Compare hybrid accord to hybrid camry.

Grman Rodriguez says:

I’d take a Mazda 6 please 

accordguy0325 says:

The Camry is NOT all new- the engine and transmission are carry over
designs as well as the roof design 

Tinu Thomas says:

All these people saying the accord is better are just ricers with civics
that are protecting every car from their brand

ArtistofYeshua says:

Good thing you chose the Camry. You just saved your……..

Fazlkarim Khan says:

Looks Like The Winner Is The Toyota Camry Why??????????? Because The Honda
Accord Is So Damn Stupid

loveyouforever91 says:

between these two, I would definitely pick the Camry simply because I hate
CVT in the Accord. If I buy a family car in this segment, the Mazda 6 is my
top pick! unique, better driving dynamic and more fuel efficient in real
world mpg than these two cars.

MrNuggetface says:

I drove by 7 of the exact same car I am driving on my way to work this
morn. I’ll pass on seeing clones of my own car constantly. 

Toyota4Life says:

The camry looks even better with the LED lights. love it.

sparkss4 says:

All I got from this review is snow. How do you even tell where the road is?

Barobran92 says:

“quite a bit more quieter” Interesting choice of words.

Georges Corner says:

The better value is of course the Honda because you can drive it for 10
years longer than the Camry, plus the door pannel won’t come off :)

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