2015 Toyota Camry V6 vs Camry Hybrid Mashup Review: Power vs Economy

2015 Toyota Camry V6 vs Camry Hybrid Mashup Review: Power vs Economy

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Toyota Camry V6 and the 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid are basically the same car except for one serious difference under the ho…



Brysen Phantharath says:

I hate it when people say they would rather buy something else like an
accord if you want the accord its fine but then why are you watching this
video about the camry

lfsracer79 says:

2:47 Look at that understeer with those tires…

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials says:

Rather buy an Accord…

Mark Evan says:

Gas is gonna go back up.

neworder18 says:

I’m a hairy chested 29 year old single man, but I’m going to side with
Nathan on this one. You don’t buy a Camry because you want a sporty car,
you buy a Camry because you want a car. 16 feet of car that carries your
family about in relative ease and comfort and is efficient at doing it. You
want a car with a sporting pedigree? Buy a BMW. You want transportation?
Buy a Camry. 

Brant Schenk says:

Just sold my 2006 RAV4 for 8500$ and bought a 2015 golf GTI. 

Kevin Alan says:

Paddle shifters that will immediately determine you made a poor shift and
promptly shift the car into the next gear to continue its automatic
function. It is Toyota we are talking about here.

A Karim Siddiqui says:

Roman, paddle shifters are part of Camry since 2013! Stop making a deal
just because American made cars rip you off in added value (gadgets) to
their car with same old engines. Ford is catching up I think, more power to

Jonathan Altieri says:

The Camry is meant to be soft, quiet, comfy, efficient and reliable. Never
sporty. I do like the new look though, the old look was bland. 

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Ever since Roman drove the HellCat he’s been remarkably frisky. I’m not
sure the Dodge experience did him any good whatsoever. I mean to say,
someone of Roman’s age talking about a young man’s car, it’s bloody
embarrassing !!!!!

PantherP74 says:

I’m pretty sure the 2014.5 Camry Hybrids had a special “SE” edition. So,
the Hybrid Sport has been done before.

Ivan Vojt says:

Toyota DID have a 2014.5 “Sports version” of the Camry Hybrid. Limited run
to see what the interest would be.

The Fast Lane Car says:
Kenny M says:

Have that same v6 in my es350 and it’s honestly a really great, fun,
powerful engine. Definitely no slouch at all and btw, average around 30.5
mpg highway and city. Great great engine

Pleiocene Eukaryote says:

There is a long list of the advantages of the hybrid. I like both cars,
but, these guys have no engineering background to tell their viewers the
advantages of a hybrid such as : there is a DC to DC converter instead of
an alternator. And tell people what it does and why. This is just one of
the countless advantages. There are so many advantages, but, I bet these
guys have no knowledge about cars. They just talk trush such as: the Prius
doesn’t need a spoiler. First of all, a car that can reach speeds up to 187
it does need one and it does have one. They have no idea why it is designed
to protrude towards the rear. When I hear these guys, it feels like a
coffee shop talk. When the hybrid couldn’t drift, they have no idea that
this car’s computer will automatically stop the outside wheels for
stability control. It is called anti skid. It is irrelevant to traction
control which is for forward grip and not for lateral stability. 

David Pate says:

200hp and 40mpg sounds like a good deal to me. Besides, over 260 is too
much hp in FWD.

Fly High says:

Really a Camry a fast car???

Adam Loer says:

Nathan has a point, in my opinion this is a good looking car. Camrys have
come a looong way since the first generation ones, looking closer to Lexus,
style and even quality wise. Personally I’d go for the hybrid, 268 hp going
to the front wheels isn’t *really* necessary for most people and I’m sure
sales will reflect that(maybe not in the US, but elsewhere numbers will
probably be closer). Kudos to Toyota and as per usual +The Fast Lane Car
for another great review/comparison! Cheers guys 

Darren Peterson says:

Why no actual acceleration times and so on? The cool thing about the hybrid
is that with the fuel economy you still get pretty good acceleration.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

TFL is such a considerate employer. Have you ever noticed that when Roman,
and his bladder problem, do a car review, there’s always a portable
lavatory in the vicinity 5:29 ? That’s what I call, caring for the

Toyota4Life says:

“Damn good car” Exactly what the camry is and always has been and why
its always sold so good. I had 3 generations camrys in the family and none
ever gave us any major issues. Love camrys

This new one in that red and and LED headlights XSE looks….sexy ! I
never called ANY family sedan sexy before.

David Silva says:

Hey Roman, get the hybrid in “sporty Red” and enjoy a Camry for what it is;
and save the $3K. If the specs are real, 200 HP and torque that the full
hybrid electric motor gives has the potential of being great. Is the same
CVT in both versions? If so, Nathan’s really got you cold…. Or at least
as convincing as any Camry can be.
Personally, for less than 32K, I’m doing an optioned out Mazda6 Grand
Touring with iELoop to get great overall economy, EXCELLENT road manners,
and just plain Handsome looks.

Jeffrey Wells says:

Gas $2/gallon? Way to think into the future!

Darwin Chaug says:

I didn’t expect Nathan to back up the hybrid, but he did and it’s clearly
the logical choice being cheaper to buy, cheaper to maintain, cheaper to
run. Toyota’s hybrid system although boring, has proven to be reliable for
over a decade now. Good review.

Dust Seeker says:

I know they were both jocking about gas being 2$ the gallon and all, and
anyways they’re great… But man, this is the kind of mind that’s bringing
the resources of our planet down nowadays… Short-term thought to share on
a video even tough it’s a joke!

WikdSeafood says:

As Roman said, “It’s still just a Camry.” But, I will admit, it’s the best
looking in a long time and I did like the interior of the XSE that I sat

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Old Mother Mica making disparaging remarks about grandmothers !!! Why do
pots and kettles spring to mind ???

Smokey BEAR says:

Funniest intro ever

Александр Дергунов says:

Сутенер? :)))) Интересная футболка.

Henry Lam says:

u guys forgot to mention one important thing…the hybrid version has
pretty high level of torque (>200 lb ft)…

hotman966 says:

people how buy a hybrid are just sad.

GwoodBloodz says:

i have been watching your vids since the ford fiesta st and that was a long
time ago. keep up the good work crew.

soloflight1975 . says:

Just asking for opinions to who to listen to about cars, the car reviewers
or a mechanic? 

Uriel Rodriguez says:

Hybrid cars are way cheaper right now because gas prices

mb013962 says:

Should’ve got a v8

Michael Sortini says:

Gas in Texas is $ 1.70

Ruben Ruiz says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Fraser Anderson says:

How can the hybrid be cheaper? I don’t understand . Please explain. 

radsky danc says:

My moms Husband just bought a New Camry Hybrid and claims its really fast.
I took it for a spin and its alright.
He kept telling me to Watch out!.. Watch out! like it was supper fast.
It did have a good passing power though.
While I was driving it I kept thinking (He thinks this is fast) my old
1980 Pontiac will smoke this thing, but the V6 is a sleeper, I seen them
run 5.5s 0-60.

杜勇 says:


TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Sasquatch sighting in the ditch at 2:24…

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