2015 Toyota Camry V6 – Review & Test Drive

2015 Toyota Camry V6 – Review & Test Drive

The 2015 Toyota Camry XSE V6 features a 3.5L V6 engine with DOHC, 24 valves, variable valve timing, and produces 268 hp and 248 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle puts the power down with a 6 speed…



Philip Paunov says:

You weigh 90 pounds!?! What are you, a bird wearing a human costume?!
Great review btw.

Cantenkerous Tim says:

Test a 2015 Honda Accord V6 manual. Those are really nice and fast. 

stilkus says:

I love toyotas for reliability, but who builds a 3,5L engine in transverse
? FWD ?

Papaya Man says:

These days having paddle shifters on this class of vehicles is just

No purpose or place at all…

Daniel Carrión says:

Can’t wait to see you reviewing real high end sports cars.

John Furfaro says:

Wait you exaggerated your weight, right? There’s no way you’re only 90 lbs…

F!@#Guilt says:

DUDE! i see you are in oregon. Do you live in portlandia!!??? that’s my
favorite show…

My registered nurse self is buggin….you need to eat more. 🙂 incerease
your gross body weight man!

Great review. I might look into a camry WHEN my wife’s malibu dies (she’s a
little on the “non automotive” side..). I drive a rav4 so, I’m a toyota
fan myself. Need to find a manual transmission option.

Mustafa Barlas says:

You should compare this with a wrx, because they are pretty much very alike
except the fwd and awd difference 

Ivan Delos Santos says:

+Engineering Explained About your comment around 8:30, the transmission
might really be in 6th gear but the torque converter hasn’t locked up yet.
I’ve experience the same thing with a Honda Jazz (not CVT, but 5AT with
paddle shifters)

ExactlyPrecisely says:

I don’t like the gearing. It could have been so much better.

Engineering Explained says:

The 2015 #Toyota #Camry. Intuitive, simple, and surprisingly quick. #V6 #XSE

Integra DIY says:

i guess we will never see the integra again 

Takehiko Inoue says:

guys, accord or camry?

Frank Miller says:

I hav a 15′ SE 4-cyl & feel I should have gone for the 6-cyl due to the lag
when I hit the throttle. Would you personally go for the V4 or V6 15′ Camry
if you were in the market & why? Also, I completely concur on the paddle
shifters inaccuracy & slow response time. I rarely use it. Great review by
the way!

Unbearable Pain says:

It’s an excellent commuter/family car. Let’s just leave it at that. Not
every car has to be a racecar, YouTube commenters.
I do agree that there are better cars of the same status as the Camry,
though. The Mazda 6 doesn’t get enough recognition. 

DaBrute says:

Haven’t come across your videos in a while. Its like you went gray

Dest Droid says:

lol 35k for a camry

YSDQ says:

90 pounds! (around 41 kg) Now I’m sure that I should never take your advice
when it comes to leg room. I’m 3 times bigger than you.
And btw, I think the cars in the reviews you make tend to be red.

I have more things to say, but they are so weird things.

Sandwichism says:

If I can offer some constructive criticism, I think most people don’t
really care about the suspension or anti roll bars and that stuff unless
there’s something particularly special about it 

krauser979 says:

I hope you get a chance to review the Scion Tc that car is so under-rated
and deserves so much more attention! Besides you’ve been on a hot streak of
reviewing the exact cars that iv’e been interested in looking at ;D

Roclee612 says:

Please review acura nsx when it comes out and the new infiniti g37/q60

Joshua Sutton says:

I think Toyota/Lexus have been doing the transmission thing for years. My
2001 Lexus IS has the same thing happen in “manual” shift mode. It displays
the highest gear I allow it to be in at the time, not necessarily the gear
the car is using at the moment. I’d rather have the gear being used be the
one indicated as well.

george 669 says:

Will u ever be able to review an e46 m3 I’d love to see reviewing om of
these pls pls pls

Ted Kim says:

How does this Camry XSE V6 compare with the 2015 Subaru Legacy 3.6? Which
one is more quiet and fun to drive, and which one do you recommend

cobra454tim says:

Forget about popping in a set of plugs in her, guess you have to take the
plenum off to do that? 

Liamv4696 says:

It’s a camry. The people who buy these are more interested in the colour
grey in your Channel logo, than the vehicle they “drive”.

TheIVFourth says:

Between this and the 2015 Subaru Legacy 3.6R which one would you pick?

Grant Rodgers says:

I’ve actually been interested in this, it’s the boring cars you never get
to see, and I think Toyota worked hard on this one 

Udit Arora says:

would u explain by a video,why the vehicles overturn while taking a curve
by explaining the all concepts behind it.
i.e center of gravity,couple,centrifugal force.

Keshav Kumar says:

The paddle shifters are not really a steptronic mode, it’s a gear limiter.
So say you’re in 4th, it’ll shift up to 4th gear for you and stay in 4th.
So since you were in 6th, it’ll shift up to 6th gear for you. It’s not a
conventional steptronic/tiptronic gear box. Idk why Toyota does it this

Alvester Garnett says:

I love the attention to detail in your reviews. Showing and describing the
brake/rotor sizes, sway bars and shocks was very informative.

Mark Mahathey says:

You don’t weigh 90 ponds 

Minds_Eye says:

Are you taking your fuel economy figures from the car’s readout when you do
these reviews? Those are not always totally accurate.

cobra454tim says:

And do forget that Toyota owns almost half of Fuji heavy metal ie Subaru,
the Camry is built on the same line as the Legacy in the U.S.

DjCasonDrift says:

I disagree with what you say about the gear display display showing the
gear selected as it is that that you will shift to automatically it stops
you from shifting to six when you’re looking for fifth practically you
preselecting your gear

Jake Gilmour says:

Toyota’s bullsh*t sports shift system: You can limit the highest gear, but
you can’t choose /force what gear the car uses. But that’s an amazing 0-60
time for a Camry.

JennaBringsSexy says:

hey buddy could u please make a video talking about engine flush 🙂 ,some
people say its good others say its bad , so a short video about it would
help a lot of people with dirty engines who are afraid to do it :)

hweenmask says:

finally a japanese car review… honda civic + toyota corolla + vw golf
2.5L (manual) reviews please 

dingus153 says:

I think with the Japanese cars you review it is fair that they have the
battery on the left side of the car as that is the passenger side in Japan,
Australia, and the UK (as well as many other countries), and they’re not
going to re-design that part of the car for each market. Not having a go at
you, just a thought.

Joe Barbaro says:

Dude you should work for AutoBild

Yezhik says:

Thank you for these reviews!

Bryson W says:

Would there be a video regarding tire knowledge? E.g. how age affects the
tire and the maximum of age should we avoid buying the tire? Thank you!

HighMagnitudeGT says:

Great vid!!!

uae0nexus1 says:

s6 means that the car is allowed to go up to that gear. so if you put it on
s4 it wont shift to 5 at all

Funfrme Kik says:

thnx man cannu plz do an explanation on ELECTRIC A/C IN HYBRIDS LIKE PRIUS?

Giu RX says:

So…why nascar runs a v8 camry??

Angel Marini says:

Great review.

B22 says:

I feel sorry for those guys own FRS/BRZ with only 200hp. This is a Camry
and its faster than a FRS/BRZ. 

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