2015 Toyota Camry Review – Kelley Blue Book

2015 Toyota Camry Review – Kelley Blue Book

With nearly half of current buyers opting for the sportier-themed Camry SE, Toyota decided to give buyers what they want by releasing the most stylish, most …



jump oricakle says:

Toyota has always been boring nothing new here

jayz4evr says:

Lmao look at the tail lights !! Looks like it came out from a 1995 car i
mean seriously what were they thinking? The only people i see buying this
piece of shit is of course boring asian people and taxi companies

ladyvee7110 says:

Similar ugly ass glossy, black plastic Lexus grill.

rnorred1986 says:

Love the new styling! Planning to buy one hopefully in the next year or two
before the powertrain warranty expires on my 2007 Nissan Altima.

Дима Попович says:

looks much more interesting than the European market

Will Duff says:

The black shiny plastic behind the side rear windows is SHAMEFUL! Free
exploding air bag at no extra charge

Arya Ahmadi says:

2:18, what is he gonna do next? lol

Joshua Fleming says:

I think the fuel economy is underrated because my mom drives an xle v6 and
she gets 30 mpg. 

Sanpedranoazul says:

Yucs! The 6 is by far the most handsome of the group

healingduck says:

I like it a lot.

Anderson says:

The front looks nice. I can’t get over the back though. The chrome looks
tacky/obvious like it doesn’t belong. I prefer the pre lifted back. 

Devin Jayetileke says:

I rather buy a fusion of Mazda 6. 

Lenny The Wizard says:

Gettin real good at makin some of the ugliest designs my eyes have ever
seen, lexus/toyota. 

MrNuggetface says:

I need a Camry so I can aimlessly blend in with the rest of the world. 

Maria das Santos says:

Is that you Jesse Bruce Pinkman?

vladak47 says:

Looks like the avalon nothing special

mirza gee says:

toyota all the way……………………

Ivan Vojt says:

Just get an Accord Sport. The Mazda 6 interior is small.

The rear end on the 2015 Camry is a major downgrade from the 2014. Tap
something with that front grill and you will need to replace it. I agree,
I sat in a 2015 Camry and it was not as comfortable as the 2014. Seemed
smaller inside as well. The SE interior comfort was better than the LE.

tnductai says:

please review 2016 Mazda CX-5. thanks KBB

Thai Dang says:

thought I’d never say this, the new Camry is sexy as hell

Manseung Ha says:

Shut up! Give me a 2015 ver. Solara convertible! And take my money

jimesh Patel says:

what is the real world fuel economy for 2015 Camry 4 cylinder? +Kelley Blue

AnOm75 says:

Because of ugly Camrys like this I’ve really started to appreciate my
elegant Gen 2 1987 Camry.

Erico Kompatzki says:

I’d still take the mazda 6…


Overall I think the design is terrible, including the front. The whole car
is a blend of wanting to be stylish and sporty, yet mixed with mass market
boring. Toyota and other companies need to decide, do they want to be
sporty, or just stylish and elegant. Come on Toyota this is really bad. 

daniel9068 says:

one word “UGLY”

RoundenBrown says:

Oh, another Camry? Boooooring.

“JBL sound system.”


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