2015 Toyota Camry Review – First Drive

2015 Toyota Camry Review – First Drive

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juan tafoya says:

1. Mazda 6
2. Honda Accord
3. Ford Fusion
4. Camry XSE 

Protector of the Republic says:

The fact that Toyota has basically redesigned the car after only three
years doesn’t show how innovative they are, it shows how shitty, aged and
uncompetitive for the segment the car was in the first place, and how they
needed an emergency refresh to keep sales going. 

Garyx24 says:

Where is the innovation…. Looks like a bigger corolla 

jvrdlc says:

what are you complaining about the engines. the base 4cyl and the V6 are
Toyota’s best engines for years, always reliable, which is the key point on
why ppl buy them, and it isn’t something people have been complaining. The
V6 is very strong comparing to the Turbos of Hyundai or Kia even the shitty
fords ecoboost with its poor fuel economy.
why change something that still works great…

Gmoney Mozart says:

I think it’s ugly. Oh well…

venom5809 says:

Decent amount of car for the money, does not look too bad. Will sell a
boatload of them as usual. 

Alex Stafonis says:

Far too many hate on the Toyota Camry. Everyone is saying Mazda 6 is
better. If so, how come I’ve only seen about 2-3 of them on the road? I’ve
seen more Bentleys and Maseratis on the road than the Mazda 6.

So please, fuck off with the Mazda 6. If you people like it so much go
purchase one. Otherwise, I’m expecting to see plenty of these new Camrys
soon after it’s release.

TheSpritz0 says:

I wonder if I’m the ONLY one who doesn’t like the seats with the SUEDE in
the middle??
When I order leather seats, I want them all the same material…

Yippie says:

The front is hideous and rest is bland. Push it off a Hawaiian cliff and
put it out of its misery. 

Fadic4 says:

Corolla camry and Avalon. Same look 

Ara J says:

people always complain about how toyota carry over engines all over again ,
but that is a good thing …they are bullet proof engines …very reliable
….so why risk building a new engine and risk losing some reliability then
fixing it in later models 

zackthecameraman says:

Cars like this make me wonder what luxury cars are going to be like in ten
fifteen years.

Ivan Vojt says:

The sweet spot is the SE Hybrid otherwise wait until the Camry gets the CVT
and hopefully a revised V4. Expect the V6 to disappear and to be replaced
with a Turbo V4.

JohnSRosamond says:

We had an ’08 4 cyl. Camry and that engine was not powerful enough to be
comfortable on the highway for passing (unless you had a run at it) and it
burned oil faster than a coleman lantern. I would also vote Mazda 6 first
(I love Mazda).

Camerons Car Reviews says:

Everyone keeps saying “It’s a bigger Corolla” it’s ALWAYS been this way. 

fernando montano says:

Hey. There’s nothing wrong with these engines! This are the best engines in
the market for durability compared to the rest. And I prefer the feeling of
the traditional transmission compared to the CVT.this Camry is a winner

Gabriel Chattoo says:

Lol that’s why Toyota engines kickass out there on the road ! They will
never quit on you 

Jonathan Altieri says:

You forgot to mention the new LED headlights on the Camry. Duh! lol

kirbyswarp says:

Garbage, nearly the same as the last one. Especially compared to the
Accord, Sonota, Mazda 6 and pretty much the rest of the competition.

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

The Ford Fusion isn’t sporty… idk why these journalist find that car
sporty, it has a twitchy steering feel and an okay ride quality. If you’re
looking for sporty look at the Nissan Altima, Mazda6 or Kia Optima.

AnotherSiGuy says:

Dam it’s getting harder and harder to make Camry jokes. Seriously though
I’m liking the refreshed look and that interior looks like it could have
been in a Lexus, really nice improvements.

jay rey says:

two steps forward…three steps back. 2015 sonata looks wayyyyyyy better. 

YouDontWannaFightMe says:

All that Toyota for the does for the non-hybrid models is use carryover
engines from the previous models and give them major exterior and/or
interior overhauls, then market it as new and innovative to lure naïve
buyers that are mainstream consumers that don’t know there are better
options out there.

hnnotyy says:

I wish car manufacturers would give options for transmission not all of us
want a CVT. I rather have a traditional trans or manual thanks. Glad Toyota
hasn’t done that to all their vehicles yet. 

patrick jackson says:

as other people have said in the comments its just a bigger corolla. 

Javon K says:

The back of it looks horrible 

motormusique says:

I can get behind this new styling

Raditram says:

Now I can see where the RC F gets its front grill from..

godfatherNYC says:

Definitely a bit better looking but not great-looking. It looks kind of
half-baked. They almost made it look cool. Yes, it’s a GREAT sensible car
that I’d be fine with owning, but come on, fire your designers, Toyota!

Ultimatemxcn says:

It looks like one guy designed the overall shape of the car and another guy
designed the front end. Not cohesive at all. Ugly… and in true camry
form.. boring.

yuolo manatee says:

What a Sexy Front Bumper!!!

Sean Mangubat says:

It still looks ugly. Even uglier than the previous design. I prefer the
styling of the Mazda6 or the 2015 Passat. But in general, I’d go with the
best selling, Honda Accord.

Leo Fikremariam says:

Wireless charging? That’s awesome. 

AnsonCheese12501 says:

Holy that does not look like a camry

Kristoff Kristoffersun says:

The Ford Fusion isn’t sporty… idk why these journalist find that car
sporty, it has a twitchy steering feel and an okay ride quality. If you’re
looking for sporty look at the Nissan Altima, Mazda6 or Kia Optima.

Gribnor79 says:

What happened to Camry? It became like a sportscar. Camry was a family
sedan right?

AlexMinecraft1000 says:

Mazda 6 is overpriced and underpowered and will depreciate faster than a
Camry or Accord because it’s a Mazda.

Roneld McDoneld says:

nah, the dodge charger or chevy ss is the best family sedans

av63pnt0 says:


NeutralGenericUser says:

Looks great! Fantastic car!

markjwil says:

Colum, this is a mid-cycle refresh, not a redesign even though it’s
significant. With that said, Toyota stuck with their “tried and true”
engines to save cost and to stabilize reliability. We may see new engine
technology in the next redesign. 

Mejevoli says:

Wow that’s Camry.

JDubbs07 says:

This video really underscores the continued abuse of the word ‘innovation’
by the journalism world. There is nothing innovative about this Camry. All
its features can be found elsewhere in the segment. Those rollers for the
seat heaters look straight from the 90s, and most other switchgear looked
just as dated. And that black panel slapped on the c-pillar to give the
greenhouse a stretched look is ridiculous. No, aside from hybrid synergy
drive, Toyota hasn’t been doing anything big in this space for quite some

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