2015 Toyota Camry Review | Consumer Reports

2015 Toyota Camry Review | Consumer Reports

It’s obvious that the updated Toyota Camry became more stylish but Toyota also aimed to improve handling and quietness. Engines remain the same, including th…



Mitul Jariwala says:

Camry is not a 4 letter word…CAMRY 5 LETTERS DUMASS

MrNuggetface says:

Another no personality Toyota for people who have none themselves. 

elton john says:

That plastic piece behind the rear door windows look very odd to me.
Tacked on.

Sanic says:

I’m very disappointed in new Toyotas.
Their build quality is not what it used to be.

krauser979 says:

I had no problems with the last design but i do have MAJOR problems with
toyota still using 8 year old engines -.-

Chris Zhang says:

The Camry is the best vehicle if comfort is your priority. It’s like your
parents, who never makes you exciting to think about, plan a trip to visit
or be with, but who will always provide you with true caring and all the
most natural and comfortable accommodations. For me, this is the perfect
vehicle to own.

rkhrahmani says:

I bought a new 2005 Camry (perhaps the last made in Japan model year). It
is okay, but I don’t think I buy another Camry for a while. I am very happy
with my 2009 Jetta and 2011 Tiguan. And I should say that I have not seen
any reliability issues with my VWs. I think when time comes to replace my
Camry in a year or two, the replacement could be another VW.

dcpc08161992 says:

I bought many Toyota cars and they always reliable (no complain
there)…however, when I bought the Venza in 2010 I found the interior is
so cheaply made that it changes my whole perspective on Toyota as a quality
car. I traded it in without two years of ownership because I cannot stand
the rattles and squeaks emitted from the interior of the Venza. No longer
looking at Toyota the same way gain. So sad, Toyota is not what they used
to be…

basketball798 says:

Get this car BUT only in a v6. Best v6 on the market when it comes to
smoothness and unbelievable amount of power 

DevPack says:

Iooks a little better and interesting, but doesn’t have the appeal of a
Fusion or Mazda 6. Then again Camry drivers are not interested in driving
dynamics and looks. So good job I guess. 

Ansar Maqsood says:

As bad as the last one.

mountainhobo says:

Pity the center console is still so wide, it is unnecessarily constraining
for tall drivers.

Graham Roth says:

interior looks like a ford fusion

Maestro_T says:

Questionable whether it really looks better. The spindle front end just
isn’t a nice look and when you have cars like the Fusion and the 6 in the
segment, well….

The really worrying thing is that the fuel economy numbers haven’t changed.
For a long time that has been one of Toyota’s main claims to fame but now
they are 3-5 mpg behind the top competitors? That’s really resting on
your laurels.

Mr Ol Skül says:

The new styling is nice, however, I don’t care for the gaping-hole-look of
the front end.
I would paint the black strip in the SE’s grille the same color as the body
to split the grille in half, making for a more traditional looking front
end. Throw in Toyota’s impeccable reliability and build quality along with
the new updates and you have a winning combination. 

Chazz Kustomz says:

No thanks, I’m sticking to my 1996 camry, love my car! By far the 3rd gen
is the best car toyota made along with the 1st & 2bd, but the 3rd is a
dying breed. Then they flopped, money got to their egos & now they have
crap. They don’t make camrys like they used too. 

Tim Joseph says:

A 2015 Subaru Legacy with the 4 cylinder Boxer engine gets 26 mpg in the
city and 36 mpg on the highway with Lineartronic CVT and Symmetrical AWD.
Since the Subaru Legacy is celebrating 25 years in the market, it made it a
lot better than the previous generation. It also handles better thanks to
the low center of gravity. On higher trim levels with leather, you can get
heated rear seats, something the Camry or Accord can’t brag about and
second generation EyeSight system.

احمد محمود says:

Kind of ugly if you ask me 

Jason Wang says:

The look reminds me of the previous generation Sonata. The big grill looks
like the Sonata hybrid especially.
Looks nice though. 

Bob Keilitz says:

I drive a ’12 XLE. Lease is up next August. I will NOT be buying one of the
new models. Ugly!

BMan100 says:

……I am still going to get a Challenger..

Mike Frost says:

In my book it’s still ugly.

kenbefound says:

The price point is getting up there but I’m sure that won’t stop most

N2LADIES55 says:

I want one since it’s time to turn in my 1997 Toyota Camry that has given
me 17 years of carefree driving.

oldtwins says:

Decent but at 35k I’d seriously put up a few thousand more for an entry
level luxury vehicle instead.

Mark Davis says:

Choose the right color and it becomes tolerable.

95thRiflesOCI says:

Moving to the Avalon. 

MNJason78 says:

It might be a better car than the old model but it still looks really

tepeke88 says:

Almost 35k for a camry? (Scratching my head)….

ssr1680 says:

He was referring to what car editors thank about the camry which is dull.
The v6 is quick but in reality the camry is behind as far as styling goes
They need to go in a different direction and get more daring with the

ldawson103 says:

The Camry has become a rental queen just like the Altima, Malibu, Sonota,
Optima, 200, and Avenger. Toyota includes those fleet sales in its “best
seller” claim, which isn’t fair when nearly all Accords are retail sales. 

crabby125 says:

it doesnt matter what new camry looks like, the car just prints money for
toyota. which is quite sad cause there are better looking cars out there

daniel9068 says:

never on my list. ugly always

Chi Huynh says:


actionguy87 says:

Still the car people buy who know nothing about cars.

TheLonelyhandsome says:

Best killing machine selling every year you mean.. Talk about safety
people!!!! Talk about how it’s became noise maker after 2 years max

jetfowl says:

Sound insulation does not make a car better to *drive*. It makes a car
better to ride in.

Chassis, shocks, struts, steering feedback, etc, etc, etc… *THAT* makes a
car better to *DRIVE*.

Please don’t confuse the issue.

C-Wow says:

THIS CAR IS NOT NEW. The exterior styling has already been the look of
another toyota in japan for some years now.

Tho Le says:

Despite all of your negative comments, it has been the most selling car in
the US and it will be forever. The Mazda 6 is better in every aspects such
as looks, fuel economy, drive….Why have people just blind picked the
Camry? People don’t do test drive at all? IMO, 0% APR is the answer.

tochjo772 says:

once again consumer reports tres to ignore hyundai sonata when obviosly
toyota did the third year early make over with the new sonata in mind~
consumer report you are nolonger reliable source but a joke <3

movadopika says:

A little less hideous now

radudeATL says:

Just more of the same blah, if you ask me.

aquicksilver266 says:

It still looks blah.

elton john says:

I do like the big buttons and knobs. Easy to use. 

Random Videos says:

and thats y i drive a charger with a hemi it shits all over this car n its
8 years old

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