2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro vs Tacoma TRD Pro Off-Road Mashup Review

2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro vs Tacoma TRD Pro Off-Road Mashup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro don’t compete for the same buyers both vehicle represent two of Toyota’s …



MechHead Naga GMG says:

4runner seems like an ok buy. But the tacoma….why not just get a full
sized truck for the money? Someone please explain why you would buy a
tacoma over a tundra or even a silverado 1500.

RoadTripVidz says:

Meh.. For the money i’ll stick with my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with
Quadra Lift and Select Terrain…comes with so so much more than these
Toyotas inside and out. Plus will defnitely out-perform these rigs in any
terrain. Nothing against toyotas really, just there’s better out there for
the price. After watching these videos, and driving my Overland for a year
in some pretty insane terrains.. I’m feeling very good about my purchase.

Will_Powell says:

Anyone else notice the 10 year old stock Wrangler heading up the same

Daniel Heller says:


leadnsteel says:

Really wish Toyota would redesign the Tacoma and drop the 270 hp v6 in it.
The tacoma has had the same body style and same engine for 10 years.

trefod says:

Diesel option or remain a pretender.

JoblessGuydotnet says:

Finally, 13 years later, Toyota returns to a 4Runner worth looking at.

Adam Wolfe says:

What’s up with the children seats in the back? Is he trying to prove some
kind of point?

vader11111 says:

Which is better for off-road? Those two, the FJ Cruiser, or the Land

Chris Bussiere says:

I’d love to see the 4Runner compared to the current Jeep Grand Cherokee
(with Off-Road Adventure II Package!) off road. They are comparable, and
are commonly cross-shopped. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

SilentHill401 says:

The Tacoma has been way over due for that redesign, but at the same time it
has withstood the test of time, in that it’s still a beefy looking and
performing truck. Many of them still sell way more than any other mid-size
truck. And the Toyota lettering stamped on the front grill gives it that
classic Toyota pickup vibe. No other Japanese company comes close to
Toyota’s legendary off road prowess.

Jorge Urdaneta says:

2:50 gun shots? Nathan season? Rabbit season? no, Nathan season! xD

The Fast Lane Car says:
stereopolice says:

This is a f’ing Toyota ad. Total BS. Another Nagasaki nutbucket. 

KillaBandit says:

Easy. Nissan Xterra pro4x and frontier pro4x.

Aaron Dragg says:

Nice trucks, but without solid axles, they’re hardly worth a shit off road.

1CoLoRz2 says:

Should take it on something that requires 4 wheel drive. I could take my
grandmas pt cruiser through this.

stephane matis says:

And we’ll forever miss the FJ. A diesel engine would have cured the
fuel-economy complaints and make it a fantastic crawler.

Loved the under chassis camera shots!

Bryant Ecklund says:

Love the review!! I have to say, when you stumbled at the beginning of the
video it gave me a chuckle

YankeeSpirit says:

I’m not a fan of the styling. Good thing there are plenty of used 4Runners
to buy.

mathewhumvee says:

the one thing i’m hoping for is the option to have the carpets replaced
with the rubber flooring found inside of the FJ cruiser. i loved the fact
that you could just get it all muddy and slaty and what ever, and just hose
or wipe it out. this wound be awesome for both off roaders and kids (
spilling stuff and what not). What i most like what i can see in this truck
is that i wouldn’t even flitch if i bottomed it out or caught some air in
it. it looks like a truck meant to be bashed around and have fun, a tough
Tonka toy of types. This 4runner is not an SUV to me, this is a truck. 

hirosfca says:

how about in comparison to Nissan Xterra Pro4X? Which does come in a 6MT.

Evan Staeck says:

How would you compare the 4Runner TRDPro to the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk?

smokinjoeblazers says:

Please air down in your next adventure. It will help out a lot. Easier on
your body. Less stress on the trucks parts and it allows the tires to do
their best. AIR DOWN!!!!! It’s very important. Them same trails will fill
so mush better if you had 15+ psi in your tires. Your reviews and opinions
will change after doing so.
you can thank me later. 

Kiddomike says:

1:04 Nathan broke his ankle but the show must go on. LOL!

Darkmatter28031 says:

Toyota needs to completely overhaul the Tacoma in every way. I think it
needs an Inline-6 Diesel engine. But a V6 diesel will do. That extra torque
and better fuel economy will make it seriously useable. Keep the manual
transmission, at least they’re doing that right. Add the automatic locking
diff system from the Tundra onto it since it’s amazing.

Lastly, make a separate Tacoma type exclusively built for off-roading. Have
it get a full time 4WD system. Instead of just adding on TRD upgrades for
off-roading on a base Tacoma, make it completely off the lot built for
off-roading. Let the suspension come off-road oriented already. Let TRD
build all the accessories they want. Who doesn’t want a snorkel or light
rail factory installed?

The Tacoma is already decent off-road, but it has the potential to be an
off-roading badass. It could be just as great if not better than Jeeps at
off-roading, while being nearly indestructible Reliability wise. 

ronmann606 says:

13:50 Finding an offroader as good in the midsize SUV class won’t be easy?
How bout 4 door Wrangler, Range Rover, Xterra Pro 4X, FJ Cruiser, G-Class
probably more too

Wurzelzwerg1212 says:

Usual redneck shooting in the background?

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