2015 Toyota 4Runner Review – Kelley Blue Book

2015 Toyota 4Runner Review – Kelley Blue Book

The Toyota 4Runner is one of the last of its kind, meaning it has shunned the move toward a car-based chassis and continues on with the same rigid body-on-fr…



YazeedSaber says:

This thing is badass, it just needs a V8!

ThinkOutsideTheCube says:

Have we forgotten about the Nissan Xterra? 

Jhon Jairo Sarmiento says:

No tiene vídeo de 4runner limited?


Back in my days..4-Runners doesn’t cost $30-$40k. …and this is only 15
years ago.

Bobby Croghan says:

Should compare to Tahoe possibly?

moaski says:

This is what an SUV should be!

fernando montano says:

Let’s go places! But if don’t have the money to buy a 4runner. Stay home!!!

jwatwater says:

These are the best SUVs on the road. We have an ’01 with 230k+ miles on it.
I hope they never quit making them.

God Lee says:

This 5 ​speeds transmission need to go now.

wtrdogg20 says:

There was a time when the 4Runner was more affordable and less “elitist”….
For what it is, and for the downsides, I’ll stick to a true off roader Jeep

aibbincubus says:

WOW!! After seeing your review of the latest Toyota 4Runner, I applaud
Toyota to make an actual rugged SUV for a small market. Also.. LOVED!! This
review!! The Views!! The Backgrounds!! And the MUSIC!!! Very good!! Keep up
the awesome refreshing car reviews.

guru gara says:

Best car reviews ever nice KBB I’m tired of the fast lane cars they always
compare the performance like 0-60 ever time then give a bad comment to the

Gerberbaby922 says:

4:19 Fan service!

swissmrkc says:

2:30 nice drone use. Drones FTW!

MEALTeamSix says:

This could at least use a 6 speed instead of the old 5 speed. The engine is
also pretty old too, but then again, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Kaymoney081 says:

I had no idea these newer 4 runners were this useful and rugged. Good job

r1pster says:

Incredibley ugly suv. The back looks like its wearing a mustache! 

kevin conroy says:

If I want unibody construction I’ll buy a car. If I want a bad ass SUV I’ll
buy a 4runner.

Abdulaziz Ahmed says:

Man it’s a nice SUV but toyota killed it with the piece of shit V6 it’s
under power it’s too heavy too slow it needs the V8 engine back with 6
speed then we can talk about the 4runner 

320dak says:

Nice 4Runner review on where it can go and do. I have one that is 11 years
old and still loving it! My son and I took it to places today that most
vehicles could not even dream of. After we were done, drove it home on
roads and sprayed it off at the carwash. Good to go for my work week. Must
I say more???

Loping Camshaft says:

Great review, loved the desert and quad-copter shots. Keep it up guys.
I love Toyota and the T4R, but the positioning of it doesn’t make sense,
especially with the FJC going away. Toyota needs a lower priced 4×4 to
replace the FJC. The huge sales of the Wrangler and ridiculous resale on
many 4×4’s proves there is a strong market for it.

Monster of Luckiness says:

So who presented this? Micah? If so… I’m gonna find where he lives and
kill him because he didn’t mention Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows
(No that is not from My Little Pony).

Niran Tilakaratne says:

Great camera shots, music and words! KBB, you do good work.

Young Knives says:

It’s kind of Emo looking to me. Like the fog lights are the teardrops and
the black portion is the running eyeliner…

iAbuabdelmalek says:

the front fascia :\

conceptcs says:

Thank you Toyota for still making traditional body on frame SUVs 

AzN KiNG says:

They need a diesel version of it in Canada and USA. As well as update their
tranny to 6 speed or even better 8 speed! 

Jim B says:

Great vehicle but still overpriced

God Lee says:

My wife and I also bought this suv but we didn’t. 

DensetsuNoMajo says:

Is this the first time KBB has taken aerial shots of a car they’re
reviewing? I don’t remember see that in any other reviews done by KBB until
now. I kind of like the aerial shots from the, I assume, helicopter or
(gasp) KBB secret satelite. A well done review either way.

I’m looking forward to more reviews like this for vehicles that parade
around with the “outdoorsy” look but can (or can’t) actually back it up
like car-based rivals (which was briefly mentioned in the review). *Hint
hint* Could the next Subaru Outback or Forester review show us some
off-road prowess in the review please? Or even the next SUV/CUV review KBB

I know a lot of buyers don’t come to KBB to find that kind of information
but it’d be nice to see KBB exploring that kind of topic with SUV’s and
CUV’s in some reviews. =P The old KBB videos kind of did (old Subaru
Forester and Porsche Cayenne review from KBB).

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