2015 Kia SOUL Review

2015 Kia SOUL Review

The Kia SOUL is a compact crossover vehcile that competes with compact cars and compact SUVs. This new 2014 Kia SOUL offers a lot for the money including two…



pzzle says:

AWD is so overrated, if you’re not buying a sporty vehicle, AWD is waste of
money and uses more gas and costs more to maintain. GREAT REVIEW!!!

cassmanio says:

I really wish Kia would put the 1.6 turbo on this. The 2.0 is fine but
because of the car’s shape, it gets lower mpg than compettors such as a
Honda Fit.

venom5809 says:

Damn, that’s a lot of stuff for the money. 

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

I love Hyundai and Kia, but an EPA of 23 mpg in the city is pretty horrible
— for what is essentially a front wheel drive subcompact. Larger SUVs
with bigger engines do better.

Motormouth Canada says:

2014 #kiaSOUL review @kiacanada. Compact crossover with a lot to offer. 

Jack Daniels Kia says:

2014 Kia SOUL Review

buggingout67 says:

well im from nyc and this car is great. has a big bang for the buck. plus
its huge inside everyone i know who comes inside my kia seem shocked at the
space it has. no more pushing my front seat forward to let the guy behide
me have more leg room. everyone gets room .

MrKikoboy says:

according to the salesman I spoke with when I bought my Rio AWD is coming
next model year ( 2016) – 2015’s are already starting to come out…he also
suggested waiting a year or so to get the bugs worked out…;-)…

gene978 says:

This car in the states can sell $2000 less then retail. So just under $25K
LOADED and it starts at $15K Retail here. 

Lungu Gabriel says:

I think he don’t like SUV-s and AWD 🙂
I like that! Good job!

sanjogar says:

I like Kia as much as your reviews. Good job!.

Old Mill says:

I had the first generation and loved it. Really solid vehicle with no
issues. I have recommended KIA to everyone who had listened. The second Gen
looks awesome. 

abduler416 says:

Really like this lil guy, but i just wish it had more power. Here’s hoping
hyundai finds away to fit their turbo into it (even though, 90% of the
people buying this car won’t care about the turbo). 

Skyler91 says:

Am I the only one who thinks that Soul’s design and shape was and it’s
still really ugly? Probably xD

komit73 says:

Going to consider this car, thank you.

Jason Kewley says:

I have loved the Soul ever since it came out and really love how they have
evolved the styling on this 2nd gen version. My only wish is that it
offered more cargo space with the seats up. I had to go for the Rondo
(which I also like) to get the added space my family required. I think they
should create a Soul+ model with a longer wheel base and more cargo space
like Toyota did with the PriusV. I’d buy one for sure!

Neo Racer says:


Kamaka Chang says:

The Kia Soul has sold more and is the last man, now that the Cube and xB
will be discontinued. Toyota/Scion should bring back the smaller JDM bB,
but it’s not planned.

Chris Kim says:

great review 

jimmy james says:

$27K for a KIA!??..
Hell to the NO…

J C says:

I bet Kia pay you more than the other brands… and also, these cars only
look good on the outside, the guts they use are low quality and inferior
quality steel used. Don’t trust me ? Look under the car before you buy a
Korean car.

PussMag says:

this one in particular, it ‘s a lot of money for the car

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