2015 Kia Soul Exclaim Detailed Review and Road Test

2015 Kia Soul Exclaim Detailed Review and Road Test

Check out my other videos! http://vid.io/xqoB Who is Alex? Find out here! http://vid.io/xqoF In this week’s video I check out the redesigned Kia Soul. This f…



reggaetonloverbaby says:

Hi good review i’m getting my first car which will happen to be a Kia Soul
I went to my local dealer and looked and got to get in one. I really like
the sunroof,back up camera, and uvo system with voice talk with navigation
and also the ECO fuel version. Which one would you recommend getting?

wusters49 says:

Alex, are you getting compensation from car manufacturers for reviews? How
do you pick what car to review?

Gina Sampson says:

great review! By any chance have you seen the cloud white vehicle yet? I’ve
ordered a 2015 Kia Soul Exclaim with the whole shabang. Kia hasn’t updated
their US website for the colors. I was wondering if the cloud white, is
pretty similar to the clear white. Thanks for any info you can share.

jeez3k says:

great vids, but u should do better regarding links in the discription

Marco Aebi says:

Great Review as always. Are you reviewing the Audi a4/a6 anytime soon?

Bradson Vogel says:

Can you put a 2″ receiver hitch on it? That soul would be perfect if it
could tow a dirt bike trailer with some high profile all terrains on it.

Marc Fuhrman says:

Excellent review, as always Alex!
I’m slightly surprised with how low the fuel mileage is. Is this simply due
to it’s aerodynamics or is it due to something else (undersized engines,
inefficient gearing, etc)?

MrKikoboy says:

According to the salesperson I talked with last week AWD will be offered on
the Soul next year ( although he suggested I wait a bit and let them work
the bugs out…)

zxbc says:

Good review, once again Alex. However, I’m beginning to notice more and
more that the stereo sound mixing in the driving portion (second half)
tends to be a little weird. I wear a fairly high quality headphone and it
sounds as if the right side is louder than the left, and the mixing is
slightly jarring. I don’t know the process behind your video editing so I
can’t make more comments on that, but perhaps you can check it out

I’m sure people who use speaker will find it less uncomfortable, but stereo
issues in youtube videos really irk me. Keep up the good work!

elegytime says:

Random question, but do you write a script and read off it or just do it

dennisscipio says:

Alex, how to feel when the Nissan Cube is being discontinued this year, and
do you have plans to review one?

Justin says:

What car did u rate 10 / 10 in front seat?

David Cuccia says:

Great review as always Alex. Loved all of the trunk space details. Out of
curiosity, do you know how the battery pack in the EV affects trunk space
or rear legroom?

CJ VN says:

Cute ending!

Alex, fyi the 2015 Kia Soul also offers a different color leather with some
exterior colors of the Exclaim model. I believe it’s called the “Umber
leather Package,” and adds gloss black wheel inserts and a dark brown Nappa
leather interior. Optional on cars that are colored blue or white.

Also, did you have a chance to try out the ventilated seats? I live in
Florida and those sound fantastic right now! 

Tech Defender says:

Alex you should review more minivans like the Honda Odyssey or upcoming

Ps I already know you’ve reviewed the sienna already 

Chibu G. says:

nice but do some diesel car review man

Alex on Autos says:
Bob Scherr says:

This was an excellent review. Giving number rating for each feature of the
car really helps to tell what you actual think of that feature.

dionaeaqi07 says:

Very smart use of the deep Soul storage. Actually, that’s plenty volume to
put luggages. 

Eric Leeson says:

Good car, plus that warranty.

thestroll1 says:

We have a 2014 Soul..Love it! Can’t believe the room and seat comfort. 

Kamaka Chang says:

Drop that new 1.6 turbo and you’d have some fun. Also with the Scion XB
getting axed the Soul has the last man standing award.

Stefan Duerden says:

i just buy a 2014 Soul!, i love it.
Great video, always 

rskim119 says:

I’m glad you took the time to be creative with the cargo space utilization.
Most car reviews rate the Soul low for cramped cargo space.

As the owner of a ’11 model, I can vouch for the practicality of this car.
You get great visibility from high seating position and tall windshield.
Getting in and out of the car is also incredibly easy; you hardly have to
bend down. The head room is far more superior than in the traditional
SUV’s like 4Runner. With the rear seats folded down, I can fit a mountain
bike with front wheel removed, and I have carried 20 bags of mulches from
the hardware store easily.

The 1st generation was a little noisy and harsh in ride, but this new one
seems to have addressed them well from what I’ve been reading.

werbrown says:

Great review Alex, thanks.

Marshall Dittel-Payne says:

Before watching this review I hated the Soul. Now I love it.

jowowetan says:

this has been a surprising car for me, all in good ways. i’d compare this
with the current Scion xB. it shows how much more values in the soul and
how cheap and outdated the scion xB is. 

terry947 says:

id give the styling a 6/10

bmblbee_ says:

My car’s twin!!! Lol… I LOVE my Soul!, but I hope they add the turbo
engine to lineup… could definitely use a lil extra power! Great review,
as always!

cassiocm says:

Kiaaaaa please. Put the 1.6 turbo on this thing. That would seal the deal
for us as we downsize from our Sorrento after becoming empty nesters. MPG
wouldn’t change much from the 2.0, but fatter torque would make it a joy.

Ivan Vojt says:

Nice except for the freaking gas mileage.

Daniel Towle says:

Have you seen the new 2015 Toyota Yaris? They releasee pictures I think on
Thursday. Could you add that to your “list”?

mountainhobo says:

Pity more and more manufacturers now offer manual transmission only on base
models, as if people bought manuals only because they can’t afford
automatics. This would be a good candidate for a manual.

I used to have Kia Sephia, and it was great with a manual, and I easily
exceeded EPA MPG. My current Hyundai Elantra Wagon only offered manual on
base, and I regret buying it. Base seats are awful and uncomfortable
(Sephia seats were fantastic).

I do own a Toyota Camry with a an automatic, and while comfortable and
competent, it bores me to tears.

Michael Maddox says:

Wow, a fully loaded Soul! is just about 2x the cost of a base model.

Joe G says:

Hi Alex, can you maybe do a Hyundai Veloster? Turbo version if that’s a
possibility. Thanks

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