2015 Kia Soul EV First Drive Road Test and Review

2015 Kia Soul EV First Drive Road Test and Review

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S Alex says:

Excellent review, Alex. Do you by any chance have any plans to do a review
on the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado?

Kip Amore says:

Someday, these super low volume “compliance turds” from California are
going to be worth a fortune as collectors items. The Mini EV, the Fiat 500
EV, the Fit EV, etc. I want to say an all electric gets 7 credits, vs the
most you get with a gas hybrid at 3 or some such regulatory non-sense. At
$33,000 they clearly don’t want to sell many of those. I’d be surprised if
they moved 100 a year.

Anyway, if you live in California and find them used a few years from now
with spent batteries for $1000, buy them and stick them in the barn. You’ll
be the King of Pebble Beach in 2050!

TechExplorer says:

Thanks for the review, interesting vehicle. Does it use a heat pump for
HVAC and does it use thermal conditioning for the battery pack , similar to
the Chevy Volt ?


mountainhobo says:

+Alex on Autos How much have the handling, braking, and traction been
compromised because of these tires?

CJ VN says:

The Soul EV sounds like a nice car for someone who does mostly city driving.

On a different topic … Alex, have you heard when the updated 2015/2016
Ford C-Max Hybrid is supposed to go on sale in the U.S.?

Kimberly Vojt says:

I’m reading the 2016 Leaf is suppose to get anywhere from 125-150 miles.
The 186 number quoted was using the Imperial Standard which translates
into 150 US miles.

FYI Alex it’s Lithium-Polymer, not Lithium-Ion.

I walked by this at the OC auto show and didn’t even look at it.

ThorMaxx says:

I wonder if this will be available in Canada….and what the price premium
over the gas model will be…

dennisscipio says:

if kia would’ve kept the wide tiger nose grill on the gas powered soul it
would look better on that.

Bruce Solomon says:

Finally an EV with enough range to be practical!

Epitopi says:

The glossy white plastic trim around the center console looks gaudy, to be
honest. I much prefer the matte black. As to the car itself, I’d definitely
not buy one (though I’m not currently in the market) until electric
stations become somewhat popular in my region. 

J Chu says:

they would not make any EV if you don’t have to. it is not money maker.
gas vehicle is much cheaper to make and they make a lot more profit. it
takes years for toyota to start making little profit from the Prius. any
automarker can make a EV that goes 250 miles, but the price will be $100000
like the model S. Tesla is the only one that put all their money to make
cheaper battery. still a long way to go before a cheap battery (250miles)
goes to a $30000 car.

$100000 – 250 -300 miles
$75000 – 180 -220 miles
$35000 – 90- 110 miles losing money or not making any
$15000 – 50 – 100 miles DIY EV. 

Turner Arran says:

Did you signal when you were turning? 

Pleiocene Eukaryote says:

One big issue is the bright dashboard. Bright dashboards reflect on
windshield and contrast is reduced. Make sure you choose a car with black
dashboard (the top part of it). A nice test to see the difference is to
place a bright board next to a black board on the dashboard. Nice review.
You make the best reviews (not bias) on YouTube.

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