2015 KIA Soul EV First Drive Review: New Lean, Green All-Electric Machine

2015 KIA Soul EV First Drive Review: New Lean, Green All-Electric Machine

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 KIA Soul EV is the all electric version of the new KIA Soul. With a range of 94 miles and a 105 MPGe this new electric car is KIA first crack at an EV. Like…



MrKeyboardCommando says:

Roman, I’m delighted to see you’ve invested in a mirror. I don’t suppose
there’s any chance of you finding a decent barber ???

Kamaka Chang says:

It’s pretty bad if it doesn’t have a battery heating or cooling system,
especially if you’re going to DC Quick charge that’s at 440 volts. We can
feel batteries heat up in laptops and phones. It’s unclear but Kia shows
the info for an optional battery heating system. Early Leafs and iMiev
battery heaters were optional and now they’re standard, hopefully Kia will

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

If I were looking to get an electric car I’d get the Tesla. But if that was
out of my price range I’d get the Chevy Volt since it can also run on gas
so I don’t have to worry about range anxiety.

Eric Xavier says:

How I would love an EV in Puerto Rico… commutes are never long. Makes

Tim Joseph says:

I think Hyundai and Kia can make Plug-in Hybrids for some of their vehicles
in their lineup, such as the K900, Equus, Genesis, small CUVs, Sorento,
Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport in the future. Hydrogen fuel cell is the least
likely to be utilized as fuel, since the resources, cost, and complexity
aren’t worth putting into a fuel cell vehicle.

Jonathan Lyons says:

If you buy an electric car, wouldn’t you install a 240 volt power outlet at
your home?

toyotaprius79 says:

I don’t get why Roman says that DC fast chargers are hard to find. In
Wyoming, yes, but that’s because there’s no market there or support to make
intrest in such areas. In California, in Oregon and Washington, in
Colorado, in several states on the east coast including Georgia and
Washington DC, rapid chargers are common, especially the CHAdeMO chargers
(the most common) which the LEAF, i-MiEV and the Soul EV can use.

It’s not a treasure hunt to find electric charging infrastrucutre. You look
up their location on maps and apps, on the internet. You don’t drive around
and look for one.

Silver Geordie says:

Government help haha, Bribing the American people with their own money….
Some people have no clue…… so sad :(

Scott Campbell says:

what’s a dryer power outlet..?

1guyin10 says:

Actually there are a lot of states where Tesla is not available yet. Even
Nashville, which seems to have a charger on every corner, only recently got
a showroom. Its really too bad that no one has solved the battery cost
issue so that manufacturers can actually make money selling EVs. There are
a lot of things about EVs that make them ideal for certain applications,
unfortunately they won’t be much of a force in the market until
manufacturers can actually sell them without putting $10-15,000 on the hood
of every one that rolls off the lot. Hyundai would not offer this vehicle
if it were not a mandate of the state of CA and will only make the number
that is required to allow their other sales.

JellyJelly says:

I am loving this new music tfl.

Jonathan Washington says:

There’s no way in heck I can drive a car spiritly when some one is sitting
in the car looking miserable and not saying much even no introduction

XxCiTiZeNxX says:

Thank you for no crazy rock songs in the background. This was much more
pleasant and easy to watch. Awesome review. The passenger was creepy though

Bati Tsogtsaikhan says:

Fast lane car, did you take that man’s family hostage and tell him to shut

The Fast Lane Car says:
Kamaka Chang says:

Quick Facts: 27 kWh battery (Leaf 24, Volt 16.5) –
81.4 kW motor – 109 hp, 210 lb/ft torque
120/92/105 City/Hwy/Comb. MPGe – 93 mile range

Mark Russell says:

Chuck didn’t get a single word in. Dang. 

carpuppy says:

2015 Kia Sedona at 3:34 to 3:37

dave dunn says:

Who is the dude always next to u? 

Megan Toms says:

Who was the guy that you acted like wasn’t sitting in the car. It was
weird. They usually get introduced even if they don’t say much. 

Ivan Vojt says:

It’s a Kalifornia Compliance Car.

Sam Brunink says:

Please stop reviewing kia’s

Tech Defender says:

At 03:14 where and what road is that? The scenery looks great!

sweeeptheleg says:

ironically that EV has no soul

cwoolfork says:

Whoa! Isn’t the guy in the passenger seat the same guy who does the “Car
Preview” videos here on YouTube?…

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