2015 Kia Soul EV – FIRST DRIVE & Battery Tech Review

2015 Kia Soul EV – FIRST DRIVE & Battery Tech Review

MotoMan drives Kia’s first ever Electric Vehicle, the 2015 Kia Soul EV. He is joined by Kia Motors America’s man running EV strategy, Steve Kosowski, who ste…



IceDree says:

Okay, lets see:
-Question 1) No, I prefer them to look like a regular car as much as
possible, just because it runs on Alternative power Doesn’t Mean they
should look Different (read Uglier) & most importantly Enough with the
Badges and stickers … One is enough (Looking at you Porsche).
-Question 2) as you know M, I already have a Kia (’10 Forte) , I bought it
over a Toyota Corolla because it drove better, built better, looked better,
Cheaper, Much Better equipped, Had a Maroon interior instead of the Toyota
Beige™ & More importantly: Just as reliable as the Corolla … If not
better. My uncle have a ’11 Corolla & Reliability isn’t one of its Fortes
(lol couldn’t help it). And for resale value, I’ll be selling it soon & I
got a good price for it.
Will I buy another Kia in the future? Doubtful, as much as I love mine & i
really like the Optima (a Loaded Optima is a Grand over a Base Camry) . The
dealership experience sucks & I really hate the way they treat people.
Say M, did you get a new haircut prior to the video? Your hair looks kinda
As always, excellent video

Cop852004 says:

You didn’t mention the price range for this

Filipe Pinto says:

I would buy if individual Kia cars were on a reputation-platform. Show me
the numbers, and I will believe it. Otherwise, I will continue to place Kia
on the group of manufacturers that compete on price, not quality.

By the way, I think the editing of this video is amazing. A lot of thought
goes into it. Awesome job.

Jon Car says:

Thanks for a great reveiw

Jacob Dunn says:

The cars price tag would need to be comparable to its gasoline equivalent. 

My Name is Not says:

1. Dont really care about discriminating between EVs and normal cars. If
the design is good and cool, i would like to have it. For example, BMW EV
designs are good. I loved the SUV one. Car2go and other classic
electronic cars look dumb.
Some people; however, prefer EV design since it shows other people that
they drive eco-friendly car; thus, feeling good.

Csab says:

Nice review as always , I think the car needs to look normal gas or ev ,the
name KIA is not really attractive I guess but it is the same company as
hunday? if I’m correct
I think KIA has grown alot!

I think EV vehicles needs to have a replacable battery by the owner like a
cell phone so you leave one at home charging and you use one obviously
,this way you don’t have to wait for it to charge should slide right out or
some kind of way I’m sure manufacturers already thought of this . that
would make it much more appealing what sad is governments want you to buy
gas if it was not be controlled by them we all would be driving EV cars by
now with long range.

They are holding back the technology big time.

keith Newton says:

Does this person have a problem speaking. He keep pronouncing words wrong
Nissan and sportage
When will Americas learn English.

headcas620 says:

I would buy an EV whether it looks conventional or a spaceship as long as
it was a good car.

I love the optima turbo with dat quilted leather but I wouldn’t buy a kia.
They’re decent but I’d rather give Mazda my money because they’re an

jorge romani says:

1) I would buy an EV if it gets over 140 miles per charge and its under
2) I already own a 2013 Kia Sorento and its been a great car so far my only
complain is the stiff suspension. i would buy a Kia again

TechExplorer says:

Driving Range !

jungle jingle says:

Look I remember when EVs looked like spaceships, some still do. I always
hated that. I always believed just because a car runs on electric doesn’t
mean the whole world needed to no that with all its crazy colors and
markings. Normal looking cars with electric is what I’m going for,and
please these caps on the wheels are ugly. Most are, I understand it’s for
aerodynamics But it needs to be done better. I would buy one in the future.

MotoManTV says:

MotoMan drives Kia’s first ever EV – the 2015 Kia Soul EV . . .

Cop852004 says:

Glad to see more adoption of electric cars :)

Maglia Rosa says:

1. As a house owner and a city commuter (Manhattan), I want an EV for its
low cost of operation and virtually no maintenance. However, my combination
is a niche market because most city commuters do not live in a house and
most house owners do not commute through the city. So while an EV is
perfect for the city, most city people park their cars on the street and do
not have a house to charge their EVs. For my particular case though, in
deadlock traffic scenarios, an EV uses little to no energy. I can charge it
at home for very little money. I also like the fun torque of an EV and
relative quietness. In terms of looks, the same applies to any car in that
the car just needs to be appealing. An EV that looks like a C7 Stingray
would be nice to look at. Or a Genesis EV would be a more practical and
equally appealing example.
2. I do not buy anything based on brand appeal but rather on
reliability ratings and performance numbers. However, most of America is
obsessed with brands which is why certain brands make so much money
selling mediocre products. It doesn’t help that Kia sounds like Ikea. I
hear rumors that Kia might be changing their emblem soon and that is a good

Trevor Page says:

I have a 2011 Kia Sportage and I love it. It’s one of the best cars I’ve
ever owned. However our next car will be an EV and we’re going to buy a
Tesla. Only Tesla has the range, battery technology, Superchargers, design
etc… that appeals to me.

Snipely says:

Don’t limit the markets where the car will be sold, braniac! There are
tree huggers in every state..

Mladen Milić says:

1) Looks are some of last priorities when selecting car . Car has to be
comftable , simple to operate , seat 4 adults (with their heads on) and be
easy to look out . So modern styling and visibility do not go together . I
would like to have EV because of high gas prices and cheap electricity , on
my regular commute there are no gas stations and range is not an issue .
2) As long as it fulfils my demands , brand is not an issue .

CaptHollister says:

Question 1: I don’t actually care if it looks like a regular car or like
the Jetson’s car. I care about range. This is actually very relevant to me
because I am currently shopping in this market. In fact, I might even have
signed for a BMW I3 just last night if they had offered me more on my
trade-in. I’ll be looking at the Soul EV when it eventually finds its way
to my local Kia dealer. Mind you, a range extender option would be nice as
I my daily commute is 120km (about 75 miles) and I doubt that any EV other
than a Tesla can accomplish the return trip in the dead of a Canadian
Question 2: I’d buy the EV, but I wouldn’t buy any other model. I was
around when the first Kias arrived in Canada and they were not good cars !
Kia is still dragging this image of cheap (as in cheaply made)
transportation, and that means low curb appeal and big depreciation. 

Elliott Manning says:

1. I would get an EV if it looked like a regular car. I do not need it to
look like a spaceship. One problem I have with hybrid/EV vehicles is they
have the ugliest wheels; Soul EV is no exception. I know the wheels are for
aerodynamics but I just wish a Soul EV looked exactly like a Soul Exclaim.
For example, why does it need a white roof and white interior trim?

2. The only vehicle I would buy from Kia is the Optima. It is a very
attractive sedan with a decent value. I think there is a perception problem
because it is Korean and they use to have a bad quality ratings. They have
come a long way, but car buyers are typically stubborn. I live in Michigan,
so most car buyers would never even think of a getting a Kia here.

Yvan Tremblay says:

My wife have a rondo for 5 years now…nice car and reliable. Nice
description of the Kia Soul…I have a volt myself and loving it…but
maybe my next car will be a 100% electric. I’ll keep looking for a good
replacement. Keep on your good work.

David Cuccia says:

Want it to look as much like a normal car, as long as the packaging is
there. Finding it hard to pull the trigger on any of the C-segment
hybrid/plug-in hybrid sedans because the trunk is full of batteries. Want
the pass through to work. Really, want a brown diesel hybrid wagon…but,

Honestly, these days I’d buy a Kia because it’s a Kia. The Cadenza I
test-drove was fantastic from both an aesthetics and a build quality
perspective, and the new Sedona is looking quite nice. Add in the 10-year
warranty and the “not trying too hard” image someone like me might be going
for…sign me up. Also excited to see what the new Genesis platform might
bring to a down-market Kia performance sedan.

gene978 says:

Hello MOTOMAN! Question 1. I forgot the question. Question 2. I would
really consider buying a KIA the thing that bugs me is the KIA Oval Badge.
I wish they would change the style of the name plate. Thanks for reading. 

Ny Essien says:

I have driven 3 kias, 2011 Sportage, Kia Soul and 2014 Cadenza. i don’t
care about perception or brand.

shane peters says:

At first I would not dare buying a kia but now 2014 im double thinking. Due
to the fact they look pretty good now. Especially when I see a car and say
what kind of car is that? Oh its a kia What! Kinda the same way with

Nicholas Bean says:

1. Lots of cars have different appearance packages to match their
respective drivetrains. I wish that they weren’t connected to each other.
I’m willing to bet there’s quite a few folks who would choose the EV system
in a standard looking car. The same goes with performance versions. Not
everyone needs to brag, some of us want a ‘sleeper’. 2. Kia has a great
lineup of cars, the best it’s ever had, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one if
it fit my needs.

Edward Mannuzza says:

I wouldn’t own. Anything electric. The gas they saving will power
My V8.

Ryan Yousif says:

It needs to look good and have decent range. 93 miles is not enough.

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