2015 Kia Sorento Review – Fast Lane Daily

2015 Kia Sorento Review – Fast Lane Daily

FLD’s Miles Branman takes the all-new 2015 Kia Sorento for a test drive. Miles’ review of the 2015 Kia Sorento is based on the 3.3 liter V6 model making 290-…



Jcars6842 says:

Y the dislikes???

headcas620 says:

Shut up Miles. Minivans are good. Stupid posers driving these 3 row suvs
are already driving a glorified minivan. They need to grow a pair and not
give a fuck what their friends think. Highlander? Minivan. Pathfinder?
Minivan. Durango? awesome V8 minivan. The list goes on.

danthadoorman says:

did anyone else notice the avg. mpg was 14.3. i thought it was supposed to
be 19 CITY. personally i would still go for something other than kia and
hyundai. the review was great but its just not a car i could see myself

marksapollo says:

Why has no one challenged Derek D to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Patrick Robinson says:

Miles should be doing all of the reviews. Put together very well and easy
to understand.

Droplip says:

He likes telling us things later!… 

Kamaka Chang says:

Miles is cute but the review has gaps. How do people fit in the 3rd row,
how’s the safety, how does it compare to direct competitions from Ford and
Toyota? And aside from higher insurance, higher rollover, and less space
what does this SUV provide over a minivan? Not real off-road capability.
Real men don’t depend on their vehicle to prove their manhood. Real
creatives don’t depend on stereotypes for humor.

Random Videos says:


George East - Cub NTS says:

Miles is a great host!

Dmitri Felbinger says:

Now this is a great review. Much better than that Sarah. I can actually
watch and enjoy the review even thou this isnt a car for me but its always
good to know whats out there. Cheers Miles.

gfrimpong1 says:


Kam Johal says:

Since when BMW X1 and Acura Mdx are in the same segment?

aethrus says:

I like Kia. They are improving a lot. The Cee’d for example, which I am not
sure you have in the US, is pretty decent. But that is where it stops: at
decent. Mainly when it comes to the interior. It just all looks very
average, which may also come from the car not being perfectly clean at the
point of filming. But the materials don’t look luxurious, the design is
absolutely not standing out. What you said about the drive train fits that
impression as well.
I don’t know how to put it into words exactly, but this car is “just” the
sum of its parts. It doesn’t all “come together”. Maybe that would be
asking a bit much from a mid-sized SUV. But the point that I am working up
to is that this car is not a stab at the luxury market. It is just an
average proposition in its top spec. I doubt very much that somebody going
for luxury will want specifically the Kia as an alternative. It hardly sets
itself apart from the competition.
And about your comment about the exterior design. Yes, it doesn’t take a
stance. But it fits the car. As with everything about this car: instead of
investing money into design (which is more than just drawing a funny
shape), thus making the car more expensive, they went the cost-efficient
way. Which is what this car is about. My point is that Kia has improved a
lot and this is a genuinely good car. Also, you can have a good time with a
non-luxury car that has some nice touches to make it feel somewhat special.
I just disagree with your suggestion that this car is an actual luxury
segment competitor. No matter what the press release says.

Brandon Dimartino says:

the Chrysler pacifica had the rear lift gate button in the same place too
its odd

gratiaplacenti says:

I don’t care about Kia, it’s a huge pleasure to see Miles and hear him
talk. He’s the man! Greetings from Louisiana!

blazerbomb1 says:

What happened to Sarah>

Cody Johnson says:

I really like this review. Very good comparison information. Also many
FLDtours seem overly positive, this is not.

qbsean10 says:

kia’s come a long way. i’m definitely feeling it. we used to laugh at
anything kia even 5 years ago.

Scott Campbell says:

great vehicle review, thanks

callum paul says:



40 grand for a soso looking KIA suv that doesn’t even have auto roll down
or up power windows? just my opinion tho.

dcinhere says:

40k is affordable? And its a KIA? OKAY. I know they have made vast
improvements, but I honestly think your money could actually go farther in
other manufacturers and models. Forester blows this out of the water. 

Jason Wu says:

Great review -

Pedro Teixeira says:

In Europe Kia is the leading brand in warranty (7 years). That was not
mentioned on the review, is the warraty any different in the US?

dodgykernt says:

bahaha just realized the theme song is the same as the male strip club
scene the inbetweeners movie

mana1111 says:

why do you keep comparing it to a X1? Doesn’t this directly compete with
something like a Highlander, Pathfinder, Escape? Comparing this big heavy
car to a lighter smaller X1 is apples and oranges. Just because the price
range is about the same doesn’t mean you would compare them. Also the
entire review is so vague. Sounds like something saying oh the car is good,
or its not bad. How about more details? How is the 3rd row sit? Get your
lazy butt in there and show us how much room there is in 2nd n 3rd row. How
is the MPG you are getting? Road noise at low speed? High speed? How does
it corner? Better than a Highlander? How does it compare to a Mazda CX 9?
Obviously this guy did not drive enough cars to be doing reviews.

Nanorisk says:

Good review. But the ending bit is kinda weird. When I buy a car I just
tell my “friends” to get lost. If they are actual friend they won’t bitch.
If they are not, they are not paying for it anyway so NOYBSTFU. No one has
the obligation to take care of their feeling.

If there is sleeper minivan I’d take it any day.

Robert Elliott says:

comparing this to an MDX? or X1? huh?!? dont you mean the RDX? and X3? 

Cameron Konrad says:

Not a crossover guy, but this was a really good review! Loads of facts
about the car, Miles came off well-versed, and the review wasn’t biased. 

Rango Gt says:

Where’s Zarah Zaure? And I didn’t know they still make vans lol 

Roger le says:

Good review, shitty host, and commits about gender roles. If it was a joke
then make it sound like a joke and not in the same tone you say anything

Gera Canavati says:

Kia Sorento FTW

MikeFinnley says:

“Huuuhuu, The logo says Fastlane Daily wit Derek D, but DD isn’t in the
video”. I know, I’m nitpicking. Great video, as always! Keep up the good
work FLD!

Christopher Deguzman says:

miles is pretty hot love those eyes

william wolfe says:

I like it. The profile reminds me of a ML. Nicely done. 

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