2015 KIA Sorento 0-60 MPH Test & Track Review

2015 KIA Sorento 0-60 MPH Test & Track Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) On this episode of The Fast Lane Car, Join us as we put the brand new 2015 KIA Sorento Through its paces on the challenging TFL Tes…



RWJSJG says:

Quit complaining the sorrento is very nice .I think driving those luxury
cars has gone to your head . Get your head out f the clouds. 

Gustavo José Pérez López says:

The Rogue and Outlander are far better in terms of price & value for the

n777ua says:

$39K buys a slightly used loaded Audi Q5 supercharged V6. You’d have to be
a fool IMO to buy this thing at that price. 

Andreas Lie says:

Whats the music at the start there??

c8701 says:

Edmunds says 0-60 in 7.4. Car and driver says 0-60 in about 7 secs. These
guys need to get some road testing skills, ain’t no way.

jlen82 says:

39k for a Kia lol I don’t think so

tungol00 says:

Lol that toyota minivan is faster!

Tom Castello says:

I’m still having a hard time wanting to spend that much money on a KIA, I
don’t know why it does seem like they make a decent car now.. I just can’t
shed that old reputation yet.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

It doesn’t matter how good value the car is, if the driver’s seat is
uncomfortable, it’s a waste of money. 

Michael Ford says:

I love the pill box haha

c8701 says:

These guys don’t know who to road test. That v6 is faster than 0-60 in 10
seconds. Ain’t no way.

Bluurie says:

It would be pretty awesome if we could get that Nissan Rouge on the track
for a 0 – 60 and a hot lap.

Dongi says:

Kia has made this an in between sized car – the reason why we did not
consider this one. It is sort of neither compact SUV nor midsize SUV in
terms of interior space. The Santa Fe is bigger, and the Rogue is smaller –
amongst the comparisons you guys mentioned. 

Aaron Chau says:

Why would you take a SUV on the track?

Evan Ganske says:

You should review, 0-60, and track test the 2015 Malibu!

icemanroyal says:

39 grand to sit on a ladder? no thanks

Parrots and Potatoes says:

The 0-60 is slower than the Sienna y’all tested… Go minivans! 

stefan wagner says:

Had it as rental with the 2.4 engine and it was pure sh**. Exchanged it to
a Ford Edge after two days, despite beeing a Dodge/RAM guy I have to admit
that the Edge is a WAY better car than this crap!

derry jones says:

¿¿¿¿¿ Where’s the rouges test data ¿¿¿¿….. that’s the next car that you
need to review…. it’s your top pic ….. show me the money…. lol

Prince Jayden says:

Can anyone tell me what music was that starts at 7:09?

Ivan Vojt says:

Meh, I take it the 3rd row is still the “joke of the segment”?

Dheyaa100 says:

The 2015 ford edge that i just watched here is so much nicer

Chad Bergman says:

3rd view

nomer8 says:

I am the owner of Kia Sorento, but with the disel engine (197hp, 321
lb*ft). 0-60 is 9,5 sec, but on the see level. For this engine (3,3 V6) 1
mile above the see level = aprox. 14% of power loss, but 10,52 sec is still
low result.
And i’m 190cm height, but have more than enough space above my head. The
biggest lack of the front seats is an active headrest, so-so uncomfortable.

Jcars6842 says:


Chad Bergman says:

1st comments

xalocify says:

It seems like a pretty harsh conclusion to rate the Kia so low in its
class. Tfl said it’s got a great engine, solid efficiency, non cvt
transmission (so, better than some of the competitors), quality modern
interior, good value, and surprisingly good off road. It seems like a lot
of points are being taken off for the front seat experience, which I would
think would vary quite a bit from person to person (and perhaps even car to
car). Would an average-sized person have the same issues? Probably not, and
yet the car would still be powerful, smooth, well-equipped, capable, and a
good value. It’s hard to imagine, then, how it could possibly fall so short
of the competition. The Hyundai makes sense, and so too does the rogue
(although I would argue the extra 100 hp and non-cvt in the Kia should give
it an edge). But otherwise it seems that the usually reliable tfl boys are
giving the Kia a perhaps unfair hit when its fundamentals are so strong. 

lfsracer79 says:

1:51 “I am getting a real world ass tested.”

Mattman7991 says:

My aunt just got one and everyone loves it

The Fast Lane Car says:

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