2015 KIA Sedona Review: The Unminivan for those who need but don’t want a Minivan

2015 KIA Sedona Review: The Unminivan for those who need but don’t want a Minivan

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 KIA Sedona is a Minivan. Let’s be clear about this fact but of course since minivans are so uncool today KIA has decided t…



CYKBC says:

If you want to get a real review as in download valuable info to make an
actual purchasing decision, alex on autos gets business done. For example
she fails to highlight the sedona’s unique rear seat slide in and move back
captain chair functionality but instead resorts to complaining about how
her legs r too long – utter laziness as a “pro” reviewer. U can even see
the seat rails clear as her highlights in laundry basket session. Smhlol

No username says:

The rear-end looks like a damn Jeep and Escape put together.
Badge engineering there… 

Bruce Solomon says:

Again they give Emmie the mommymobile. Every think that she might like to
have some fun?

cop con says:

is there anything wrong with the audio editor of this video ? the
commentary is too low and the music is way too loud …. ????

joaoisonline says:

It´s quite amazing what KIA has done in about 10 years.

CrazyCyclingVlogger says:

She was having more fun on that bike than she ever did in a car. A bicycle
is truly superior. Nathan should ride one more too.

Sigrafix says:

That front end sure is gorgeous tho..

p.s. I hate seafood but even I enjoy sushi every once in a while.. it’s
fucking delicious. I had no idea how good tuna is.. so meaty, not at all
fishy, it’s great.

1guyin10 says:

The manual mode is kind of nice to have in snow or in the mountains. It
probably only has it because the transmission is used elsewhere. There is
no reason to write special code or design a special shifter to remove the
manual shift feature (which seems to be standard fare on most cars these
days anyway).

Henning Pantke says:

I think she summed it up perfectly when she said “I don’t know a lot of

focused313 says:

As a black man, once she said she had a wide butt, I was all in. Now what
else has she reviewed? Lol

lidermin says:

TFL car please let her do more reviews, I really like the way she does them
(my personal opinion)

youngsimba09 says:

Looks great but the mpg is laughable 

Rammingdischarger says:

Emme is great, I wish we saw more of her.

Skyler Hernandez says:

Finally Emme is back!!

Rahil A. says:

Emme makes the best reviews! 

Adrizz5447 says:

Wow. Our 2005 runner and 2002 4runners both avg between 18-19 mpg. I would
expect a lot more from a direct inject 6speed front drive mini van. A
highlander gets much better gas mileage with similar displacement and awd.
The Toyota Sienna is avg between 20-21 mpg between 2014-2015 according to
fuelly.com and so is the Honda Odyssey. I don’t see the value in this Kia
other than the van architecture. I’ll stick with Japan once again.

kkthxk says:

Graceful like a swan on that tricycle Emme!… In all seriousness, I would
have guessed that the press fleet in D.C would have way cooler stuff than a
KIA minivan, VWOA is right down the street in Herndon and Subaru is right
up at Cherry Hill (that’s not even counting how the place looks like
Germany with all the BMWS, Audi’s and Porsche’s on the road.), you gotta
make some calls girl!

Damion Mandy says:

Cool review, To fold the third row you pull the handle next to the latch
that you pulled and the seats fold much easier. Glad to see you back Emme.

jamesgjt says:

well they have manual mode not only more fun because it is a safety and
economical feature. it is useful when you need the power such as uphill or
towing. when you go uphill, normal auto will bounce between gears so that
the speed will not be constant and result less fuel economy. lets say ur
foot is on 60km uphill. the auto will tends to upshift for u, but the next
gear will not enough power to get u upto 60, instead it will go back down
to 50. then you will step harder to adjust the deficit and the auto will
downshift 2 gears inorder to reach back to 60. that will waste gas as u
upshift and downshift repeatedly. manual mode prevent this to hold the gear
for you. Also, some manual mode can let u start with second gear. if we
start the car in 1st in wet, sometimes tires will slip. if you start on
sec, u can mostly preventing this from happening. It is safer this way
because once the wheel lose traction, it loses control and takes time to
get it back. 

Tommy Izard says:

My 2007 Kia Sedona has the same “manual” shift ability and it really comes
in use when driving down some mountains (we went to Colorado and Wyoming in

Danny Kim says:

You might want to check the settings for the auto trunk open function. I
think you can choose to turn it on or off. Hence if it’s not working, it’s
probably disabled.

Daniel Dust says:

I just saw a crash happen between a Ford Ranger and a new Kia Optima. The
Kia wanted to turn left and the Ranger hit him. It’s unbelievable how
destroyed the Kia was compared to the Ford. The Kia was completely
destroyed, Hmm I wonder why….
Same thing with the new F-150 it is made of aluminum, aluminum is metal
that is Highly bendable, if I wanted a truck to work with I need one made
of steel or a good solid metal…. 

Alan Khodatalab says:

Compared to the Honda and Toyota minivans, this van is pretty slow, yeah
Honda and Toyota both have less horsepower than this van but look at the
acceleration times, and official performance specs, both vans outperform
this box by a vast amount of time.

Robert Brody says:

Emme is likable enough, but she clearly knows little about this van and how
its features really stack up. This review is barely useful as a “first
impressions” review.

Raghu Billa says:

Nice review with good useful information. Emme’s comments on Sedona are
100% correct in practical usage of this minivan. 

neorick27 says:

Is she ever going to do one of those swimsuit calendar shoots with cars?
I’d watch that. 😉 

Damein Jomtup Jaywalter says:

Love this channel but this girl is terrible

jarforsythe says:

The Manual mode is good for the weather in the north when going down hill
if you want to hold gears to stay at a lower speed.

vini nico says:

This is the only Channel that I know that reviews minivans lol good job 

12FFHybrid says:

A 6 mpg difference between this and an odyssey is kind of ridiculous for a
new van now days. 

Nathan S says:

Emmy is awesome!!! great review!

peaceBluemchen1 says:

The grand caravan has a worse safety rating…!

Chris Juarez says:

Whenever the other guys do uninteresting vehicle reviews, I don’t even
But even after they stuck you with the school bus, I still watched the
review. 🙂
Hopefully your next vehicle will be a little more fun. ;-)

Kenai Lykos says:

its always great to see Emme in the reviews 

Anton Shelepov says:

Completely un-educated review. She couldn’t even fold the third row seats
properly (just pull the string first…) The smart lift gate works always
and perfectly as designed (you just have to be away from the vehicle for a
while – imagine that you are going to the grocery store and come back with
your hands full.) The manual shifter is God sent in the snow and in the
mountains, I use it EVERY day here… I get on average 23-25 MPG in my 2015
Kia Sedona SX in the mixed driving in WV. Maybe, you have a led foot… And
my kids and my mother in law can easily fit between the seats and the Slide
‘n Stow 2nd row seats are truly THE BEST feature of this fabulous looking,
incredibly comfortable, quite fuel efficient Multi Purpose Vehicle. I have
NO affiliation with Kia and this is my second Kia (1st one is 2011 Sorento
– LOVE IT!!!) I would have no troubles recommending it HIGHLY! BTW, I only
paid $32500 for the new SX, so it is definitely more cost efficient then
Odyssey or Sienna and absolutely more feature rich (who cares about dvds
anymore in the age of media streaming and tablets – dvd player in the car
is a completely overpriced and old fashioned feature in my opinion…) BTW,
there are 3 USBs, Wi-Fi Hot Spot feature and even a 120W power outlet –
what other van has this kind of connectivity heaven for 32K? Please do your
homework better before posting videos…

MarkModern says:

Emme rocks! AND she’s gorgeous


Emme – sunroof holllaaa! 

777PharmD777 says:

I guarantee those wheels will end up curbed and scuffed up before long.
With the typical soccer mom driving this around and with distracting kids
in the back crying/screaming, going with 19’s was probably a bad idea..

Acuravigor47 says:

This is the best minivan on the market. I would sell my 11 Buick Enclave
for one of these! Anyone want to buy a 11 brown Buick Enclave CXL?? Tan
leather interior. !! LOL keep dreaming I guess.

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