2015 Kia Sedona Review – Kelley Blue Book

2015 Kia Sedona Review – Kelley Blue Book

The Kia Sedona shuns the minivan label. According to Kia, it’s a “multipurpose vehicle.” That’s accurate, though it embraces a range of vehicles well beyond …



stripes12345678910 says:


gene978 says:

Did I mention that I was shocked to find out that when I had the IPHONE 6
PLUS that I couldn’t use it as a HOT SPOT? I figured I was not setting it
up correctly and the good folks at Best Buy told me that At&t charges extra
to use it as a HOTSPOT. I said NO WAY I’ve been using my Note 3 as a
wireless HOTSPOT from AT&T with out added charge and same holds true for
the NOTE 4 first thing I made sure of when I got home LOL. I had the first
IPHONE up to the IPHONE 4. After the IPHONE 4 I went with the Galaxy Note 2
wanting a bigger screen to watch KBB on the go. When I thought I wanted to
give the IPHONE 6 PLUS a shot again now with the bigger screen I was
excited for about 20 minutes. I held on to it for 6 days and decided I
wouldn’t be happy missing all the features of the NOTE. I agree the IOS is
GREAT on TABLETS that’s for sure. But smart phones got to LOLLIPOP. Now, be
a good Micah and march down to the store and exchange for a NOTE 4 before
it’s to late. 

prototypeglory says:

As if owning a kia is not embarrassing enough they make a van as well 

Noel Jacobs says:

Ahh man, I needed foldable seats to store all the dead bodies :'( 

Will Duff says:

Dude, the second row seats flip up towards the front

Янчaн Джин says:

The only thing I don’t like in this video is your iphone6 haha

toddgabweg says:

I went with the 2014 Nissan Quest LE and I am happy about the decision…
the Sedona looks nice… nice review.

gene978 says:

Well done Micah! I give you a 9.8 in performance and the Kia a 9.0. If only
Micah would learn that gold is so well, so flashy. haha. I chose grey and
then returned it for the NOTE 4. Oh yeah baby. I did. 

MA9494AM says:

Is the VW Sharan,Citroën Jumpy, Mercedes Vito or the Renault Espace not
sold over in the US? 

TheOhknows says:

I test drove one and it’s very nice. Definitely the one to buy at this time
compared to its current competition. Drives like a car or sporty SUV. Top
model looks super nice inside & out. Also, a better handling van means that
it is also safer van to drive

Pedro Pedrosoy says:

I used to be yet another ignorant bastard who bashed Hyundai/Kia, now I am
driving the new Sedona… you never know.

Barobran92 says:

The only van that can come close to the styling of the new Sedona is the
Sienna SE.

Shawn Fasquel says:

So it looks good and its a van! Good job Kia, its a great time to be a Kia

Remy Ortiz says:

Forgot to mention the superior warranty, man…

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