2015 KIA Sedona MPV First Drive Review: Don’t Dare call it a Minivan

2015 KIA Sedona MPV First Drive Review: Don’t Dare call it a Minivan

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 KIA Sedona is an MPV or Multi Purpose Vehicle according to KIA. But to most people in the United States it is a Minivan. A…



Kenny M says:

Rear end= subaru tribeca… stop copy every brand there is kia. Make your
own cars

Zraupp10 says:

u skipped the DODGE !?!

nigmosh65 says:

I don’t know which one is better, Odyssey or Sedona?

Brandon B says:

Oh…My…GOD. They want more than 43K for this van! KIA is out of their

ustolemycrumb16 says:

Kia is in some deep shit if Peter Schreyer quits.

venom5809 says:

That’s a damn nice minivan, I would rock that any day, especially if I got
to be driven around in it while I got to kick back in those reclining

KillaBandit says:

Correction. Volkswagen invented the minivan with the bus. 

Kamaka Chang says:

Minivan, minivan, minivan!

No demons summoned,
No witches melted,
Just a few weak male egos crushed.

Steve W says:

Hi Roman~~~Was that Chuck Giametta as your co-pilot?

The Fast Lane Car says:
Trenton Thomas says:

Finally a brand besides Chrysler Toyota or honda makes decent looking mini
van i don’t know wth Nissan was smoking when they designed the new quest

Parrots and Potatoes says:

Reminds me of the Quest for some reason. 

dennisscipio says:

too bad is looks like a minivan acts like a minivan, it’s a minivan

honestman777 says:

At result, kia design is better any honda mini van and Toyota etc…

19aas95 says:

You can put lipstick on a pig all you want, in the end, it’s still a pig.

Rob Heathers says:

This really just looks like a lipstick on a pig refresh of the (circa
roughly 2005) last generation. I’m glad Kia still makes a minivan–they are
very practical. However, I predict this will be the last Sedona. Remember
when GM tried to make their minivan not a minivan with the Chevy Uplander,
Saturn Relay, Pontiac Montana, Buick Terraza?

It failed in the market…not to mention they were pitiful vehicles plagued
with quality control issues.

Tim Joseph says:

I hope this MPV or minivan sells well, since Grand Caravan and Routan are
gone. If Subaru were to make a minivan in the states with the Boxer 6
engine and AWD, it would be the best minivan with comfort and handling,
despite having the Lineartronic CVT in it, hopefully able to tow around
3,500 lbs. like the Nissan Quest. It will also compete with the Toyota
Sienna with AWD.

Kenny M says:

Rear end= subaru tribeca… stop copy every brand there is kia. Make your
own cars

Paul Kirby says:

The greenhouse looks a lot like my 2012 Quest. A lot. 

ford rodriguez says:

just a re badged Nisan an

dave dunn says:

Whos the zomie next to u that didnt even crack a smile lol 

Charles Hu says:

Is it just me or the front looks like a E63 amg far away

Michael Alfonso says:

What do you mean Chrysler ‘s walking away from the minivan segment? They
are coming out with an electric and all wheel drive model very soon.
Chrysler is spending big money on retooling their minivan assembly factory.
I don’t think they are stepping away at all. Let the Kia Sedona have its
day under the spot light. Chrysler is soon going to change the way people
see and understand the minivan. 

Tony Gunka says:

Now this is a van id let my mom buy. Shes so attached to her 2003 sienna
and wont even consider an suv unless its an audi. Id be happy if she got
this or the audi suv but i have a feeling this would be substantially

Nathan Guinto says:

No entertainment option?

Kyle Norris says:

Ok it’s not dying off you have minivans from nissan vw dodge Chrysler
Toyota Honda and Kia the only ones who have left that game are Ford and
Chevy and let’s admit those two were not that good at it to start with

Evander Smart says:

A nice knock-off of Audi design and Toyota features

Asim Alharbi says:

Korean crap they are begging for the customer to buy from em.
i had a bad experience with korean cars.
however, we can’t deny they are improving their cars so fast from
generation to another.

Chi Huynh says:

how’s the wind noise? 

Ken Li says:

Hey, I want to know if the Sedona can be as reliable as a Toyota Siena? I
know Toyota’s car can go over 200,000 miles and still be in good condition
so can the Sedona can be that reliable? Also can a Jeep Cherokee be that
reliable too?

NotARealUTubeAccount says:

Lmao at all of the people scrambling to find the slightest design cue taken
from another brand on this thing…its seriously getting tiring hearing you
people say the slightest thing that looks slightly similar is the worst
thing to ever happen. Kia and Hyundai are kicking ass, just accept it.

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