2015 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review and Road Test

2015 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review and Road Test

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dennisscipio says:

Hey alex,do you think that the Japanese and Koreans automakers take over
the Minivan Market (Sienna, Odyssey, Quest, Sedona) vs. The american ones
(Transit connect?, Grand Caravan, Town & Country? 

stephane matis says:

You just said ‘Sienna’ when starting the driving section….

mountainhobo says:

This will be tough sell with this pricing against Honda Odyssey,
particularly with the Honda’s (stated) much better highway mileage. If
anyone has tested Odyssey or owns one, I would be very curious if it really
gets 28 mpg highway.

David C Schlesinger says:

+Alex on Autos Did you forget to edit out at 0:49-0:53?

n777ua says:

Steering wheel looks like a BMW/Audi hybrid…gotta love the Korean
designers:D nice rear seats though….major props 

Keith Taylor says:

So Alex this is more of a Quest than a Sienna? 

money says:

This is an extremely better value than the 70k Tahoe. That similarly
equipped is 70k which honestly is not worth it as I find the interior of
this far more superior than the Tahoe.

Elliott Manning says:

I love how his “shorter” review is still long. 

dave dunn says:

You need better thumbnails and its still hard to find your vids in my

gene978 says:

I know KIA has come along way along with Hyundai and so much credit to
Peter Schreyer or those super designs and to the rest of the team. I just
wish KIA would change the style of the LOGO. I was never crazy about FORDS
giant BLUE OVAL but this big KIA oval looks Tonka Toy to me. ANy thoughts ?

Paul Paplinski says:

14:55 Did I hear Sienna? 

cadsux says:

Gosh, it’s kinda wrong that the 2nd row seats are even better than the
driver’s seat, since most passengers care little about the driver’s
comfort. How are we supposed to exile the Mother-in-Law to the rear seats
if those may be better than the driver’s seat? Just add massage functions
seen in some higher end Mercedes Benzs and Bentleys and Kia would be aiming
at a higher market segment. I’ve never been a big fan of modern vans, but I
have to admit the Sedona kinda echoes the old van conversions of the 70s
and 80s that I liked when I was a kid. Just add airbrush graphics.

Didimo Bautista says:

Alex do not forget to review the Acura TLX :)

Jeff Dungca says:

Alex could you review thr 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk V6

Ambra Aders says:

Alex, is there a dvd option for the Sedona? I didn’t see anything between
the two sunroofs. If not I’m not sure moms are really going to go for it
unless you recommend aftermarket dvd anyways. Any recommendations if
that’s the case?

Tech Defender says:

Ohhh Alex looking at the first drive review I saw that you didn’t cover the
left side of the dash!

Gary L says:

are the tail lights LED?

Urdady1231 says:

I can’t find your k900 review :O

gene978 says:

Alex! You are simply AMAZING as a REVIEWER! I don’t know you are able to
give as much info as you do in a short time. Your Reviews are at the VERY
TOP of all I have followed and that is simply all the others I have tired
before I found you. And I laugh every now and then when I see you buried
under the cargo area. It shows you have a sense of humor. :)))

venom5809 says:

Even if you don’t like minivans, you have to admit this is one dope

Pug In A Mug says:

anyone else see that vintage ’64 mustang @ 15:52?

Kamaka Chang says:

It looks much better than before! Too bad the 3rd row space and windows
have shrunk.

PussMag says:

True daddy’s van, KIA is truly new Honda

Jan Sivek Hanzilio says:

Second. ;)

PussMag says:

True daddy’s van, KIA is truly new Honda

TheOhknows says:

Does Kia offer a video entertainment system??

Nima Ataei says:

I’ve seen far better integrated parking sensors… CF any Mercedes or BMW

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