2015 KIA K900 vs Lexus LS 460 Matchup Review: And the Ultimate Asian Luxury car Is…

2015 KIA K900 vs Lexus LS 460 Matchup Review: And the Ultimate Asian Luxury car Is…

http://www.TFLcar.com ) On this episode of The Fast Lane Car, the guys put two crazy expensive and crazy luxurious Asian sedans head to head to find out wh…



Fadic4 says:

What retard would pay that much for a Kia. 

Alex Poon says:

Korean cars are just crap…

Bruno Danese says:

Stop saying Asian luxury.
Lexus is a world luxury brand. They make better cars than ANY american
brand, and they compete neck and neck with the germans.

john wheatley says:

I enjoy your videos, but I do wish that you would stop revving the engine
with the car in “parked”, and recording at the exhaust pipe…….You seem
to do this in a lot of your reviews.
Why, the car is mapped, and limited whilst in park !! Please ?

gamerguy348 says:

While I am a huge Lexus fan, I think that the LS is behind all of the
competitors, because cars like the S-Class are a lot more desirable and
have more features.

Ricky Vang says:

the gear selector looks exactly like bmw’s. Kia needs to stop copying other
cars and make their own unique cars, this is why I don’t find any kia’s

Calvin Pollard says:

Lebron James drives a K900. Just a fun fact.

jaedo777 says:

my dad’s 2002 bmw 7 series is wayyyy better then both of these cars. 

INUMIMI28 says:

Mind you the Lexus is 7 years old, at very near end of it’s model life,
imagine how good the next generation LS would be

azlan mahmud says:

That Lexus LS460 costs USD240000 over here and thats the normal LS460 not
even the F sport model

Alex Lesher says:

90K for a lexus??? hahahahahahha S-Class is really the only reasonable

Inderjit Singh says:

you should match lexus with hyundai equus…. Any you havent review hyundai
equus yet…….

Arun Kumar says:

The Japanese should stop making luxury cars , Lexus jus don’t have any
design flow like the Germans or brand value in this segment . The buttons
on steering wheel and console look so much like after market , the Germans
head and shoulders above in this segment . Considering , that aspect I
would rate kia higher than Lexus , cos Lexus is more like rebadged Toyota ,

MichaelAChang says:

Think of it this way: Buy the Kia and get 100,000 miles worth of gas (at
today’s prices) for free. 

Aaron Su says:

If you pay 90k for a Toyota there is something wrong with your taste. Get a
proper German sedan. 

Megan Toms says:

At the end of the day most people are not going to spend almost $70k on a

Bora Markovic says:

If you can affor a 100k lexus or S class just get a well equipped 5 series
or E class, why get a 66k KIA when you are buying an expensive car not only
cause its quality but cause it had brand recognition. Anyway I would buy a
cheap KIA in a heartbeat, love their value for money. But if I have 66k i
would never spend it ona KIA.

Smokey BEAR says:

Stop talking about the brand, same thing you guys did in the genesis review

Dr Epic Productions says:

Kia’s are not Asian they are Korean

thudtheace says:

I can’t believe that lexus is 90k.. it looks so cheap from the outside,
looks no different than the much cheaper IS models from the outside.

AlternativeUses says:

Great review as usual. It’s nice how you’ve summed up the intangibles as
making a huge difference between two otherwise similar cars. Some people
have told me that a Kia has 2x as many features and may have more
horsepower than my car (x1 35i) but when it comes to on road refinement and
actual 0-60 times there’s no comparison.

eggbirdtherooster says:

This is why the Germans rules this segment…

Jonathan Washington says:

Man I’m starting to want that KIA.

SodaWolf1 says:

I’ll never like kia because of their old issues with reliability and would
take that LS in a heartbeat. But I like kias other brand huyandai.

نايف محمد says:

Thanx . .

kia k900 the best

05gtdriver says:

I agree with Nathan, there’s a reason the KIA K900 is $66K and it’s in the
cost cutting areas to simulate what established luxury car makers have been
doing for quite some time(not skimping on what buyers expect and making
most components intuitive to the user). KIA(and Hyundai) have made huge
strides in making attractive and better quality vehicles at competitive
prices, but something has to give and it seems to me it’s in the design
aspect. Many KIA and Hyundai designs look like a jumble of other
manufacturers design cues and, frankly, it has already made them look dated
IMO(3 co-workers own KIAs- 2 Optimas and 1 Cadenza) and I see late 2000s
Japanese in them. Next time you see a late model Optima, look at the
greenhouse area from behind, the tapered roofline looks fussy and dated to
me. Don’t get me wrong, if you want a car with tons of content at an
attractive price, KIA and Hyundai are clear leaders in the segment, just
don’t complain when resale prices plummet like a badly made paper

Rajeev Sahu says:

Do a Mercedes-Benz s550 vs Audi a8 l. 🙂 Like so they can see. 

J Lang says:

Fuck no. I would not ever spend that much on a Kia. Part of the reason you
spend over 40k on any car is for the name and KIA equals shit.

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