2015 Kia K900 V8 (VIP Package) Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

2015 Kia K900 V8 (VIP Package) Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

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PinoyShuffle says:

66k and KIA shouldn’t be in the same sentence..

thebluexanadu78 says:

Hyundai/Kia really needs to make a luxury car division.

Zoe Thompson says:

Lexus LS is like ten times better than this crap

beratalbania says:

i wonder who ever buys these knowing that theres bmws and merecedes for the
same price that are much better 

FastestCores says:

Doesn’t this car remind you of a Mercedes s and e class

Kenny M says:

Rear end looks like they completely stole it from the LS… not cool you
ugly Korean car brand, not cool.

Nas Alder says:

Still a shitty Kia. You can tell everything on this car is copied from
either a German or a Japanese car. No class, no luxury, no power…

Jonathan Washington says:

Why is everyone hating on this car, I’m 18 and I’d rather have this then a
camaro or mustang or wrx. Watching this video made me want to go lease one
that v8 is one of a Kind.

VolkswagenGamer says:

Okay Kia if you want to go upmarket change that god awful badge. Its
unimaginative and just bleh…

Rodney Jones says:

LOL at all the stupid ass brand whores in the comment section such idiots.

Luxus is just rebadged Toyota
Infiniti is just rebadged Nissan
Cadillac is just rebadged Chevrolet
Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo is just rebadged Fiat
Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley is just rebadged Volkswagen

Have fun paying a fortune for your glorified pieces of shit. Dumbasses LOL.

Sung WooChoi says:

hey, japan cars are not good. because design is ugly and safty is bad. but
Hyundai and Kia design is perfect and very safe


Looks like somebody tried to describe a quattroporte to Kia over the

Henry Perez says:

Kia and Hyundai should start their own Luxo brands. It worked for toyota
lexus and nissan, so why not?

I like the name genesis, maybe Hyundai should keep it?

Reply with what you think Kia should name their luxury car, maybe Kia will
read this and pay you for the name! haha 🙂


j pt says:

this looks like a rebadged hyundai genesis…or hyundai equus..

sliders155 says:

Ok. So some of u may think. Well hyundai own kia. But that’s not actually
true. They are two separate companies that are well known. Hyndai did not
want to own Kia in the first place, even though they had a chance. But they
dtuck to one same continuous company. Hyundai didn’t do 2nd car company or
whatever they call it I forget. Because they wanted to make it simple for
Hyundai, so instead of creating a new company, they just added in some
different logos and names for the type of model cars. For example, like
genesis and equus, they have different logos. Because hyundai and kia is a
very well known company in USA and korea. People in korea, they call
hyundai and kia, hyunki, because both of them are very respective brand.
Just because Hyundai is a better company, they don’t own Kia.

Kamal Shishani says:

Hyundai and Kia are full of crap watch the crash tests and you will know
I recommend Mercedes and BMW also Audi they have the best crash results and
they are made of strong body not like Korean cars made of crap and easy to
This is my opinion and what relates to the price okay you can also buy a
good built used Mercedes with the same price and don’t tell about how much
it costs to repair it .. Drive well and you don’t have to fix it stupidos 

N Bertuzzi says:

People saying they would rather buy a lexus bmw etc are the same
brainwashed retards that would pay $10,000 for a painting and call it art. 

David Cowan says:

The same car in MB, Lexus, and BMW would be $20,000 to $60,000 more. Kia
is a better built car than MB, Lexus, and BMW. I’ve owned them all and
the Kia has been the most satisfying and trouble free car of all of them. 

Peichen01 says:

The fun thing is the interior & exterior are designed by American and it is
better than the all black interior on American luxury sedans.

Ivan Giraldo says:

facts about kia has lexus LS rear, has mercedes E class interior, has Bmw
shift knob, has a similarity to Audi front end. WTF and I work for kia. I’m
so embarrassed.. SMH. 4 cars in one. not kool..

D13H4RD2L1V3 . says:

Although I like the K900, it’s still a KIA at the end of the day.

Yes, it’s a good car, but what would you rather turn up in? A Kia K900, or
a Mercedes-Benz S550?

I wouldn’t be surprised if people went for the K900, but I would prefer the
S550 simply because KIA still has an image problem. I think a luxury
division would work. Infiniti worked for Nissan, Lexus worked tremendously
well for Toyota and Acura did well for Honda.

I would still get a K900 if I had the money, though. Looks like tremendous
value for money, though I’ll give it some time for it to mature because,
like I said, KIA still has an image problem. Maybe this might turn that

Swantomdisire says:

Hey Kyle, great review. Do you think Kia is a good choice for the luxury
car market?

Big Al's House says:

Kyle you do the best reviews hands down. 

Bentley Mulsanne says:

I would take this over ANY Lexus, Acura, or Infiniti. This car is not
boring like the others. 

MrPrankUser says:

v8 is too much… a v6 is enough…

NikoBell12 says:

Why can’t people let go of the past. It isn’t 2004 anymore, it’s 2014. Kia
is no longer a crap company.

lidsman2221 says:

I have you thought about buying one a K900? I know from what you said you
really liked this car a lot. Thanks for the video! 

TerraHawkX5 says:

I don’t know what happened at KIA but ever since last year, their line up
has just blown me away. Never considered owning a KIA before and now I wish
I had the Soul or Forte.

Peichen01 says:

Go buy the V6 Genesis. This is too much car for the Kia brand.

Boštjan Peserl says:

Bad copy ot the BMW 7-Series. Overall not a bad car, but for that kind of
money I`ll rather buy Bmw 7, Audi A8 or the best Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Ặli Ťalib Ǿchar says:

2015 Kia K900 V8 (VIP Package) Start Up, Test Dri…:

subaruwrxfan says:

Great video Kyle! Those gauges are so cool and you did a great job giving
your driving impressions in addition to your usually good walkthrough of
the features. You’re really lucky to be getting press cars, hopefully the
awesome job you did on this one will encourage Kia and other companies to
give you more press cars in the future!

Alejandro Guidotti says:

Kia needs to relocate his front cam ASAP. It will certainly give the car a
look more rude.

James Varela says:

Cost same as Infiniti , Lexus, Cadillac, Lincoln and countless other fine
cars. I do not see incentive to buy

Geovanni Delgado says:

Whats up kyle. Quick question.. how do you memorize so much info about the
car in such little time? And btw your the best car reviewer out there!

Elliot Dash says:

If Kia sold these for 10k less than they do now they would not be able to
keep them in stock.

TheJeffNasty says:

VIP and Kia in the same sentence? No thanks.

joe girgis says:

You might have the most annoying voice I’ve heard in my life

AdamAus85 says:

Hmmm, K900. Sounds like a cell phone.

Alejandro Guidotti says:

Its front camera looks like a $5 webcam attached.

The Equalizer says:

Kia has come correct in every aspect of this Luxury flagship car. I love
the white leather option in a luxury car ! I would love to see a rack and
pinion steering option on this car ! I personally don’t like the drive by
wire option only….. 

Shakeem Kash says:

Kia really step their game up a lot, with this K900

Sheaffer Sentinel says:

is that kind of ignitinon ceremony necessary?? it’s piece of junk like
chinese bentley

Max Charpentier says:

I’m impressed with Kia..they put a lot of effort in this car.

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