2015 Kia K900 Test Drive & Luxury Car Video Review

2015 Kia K900 Test Drive & Luxury Car Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/kia/k900/2015/?id=32972 Kia has been building cars for over 20 years now. And during that time the brand has grown their line-up of cars. What started as extremely…



Mark M says:

and $70K’s? F..k KIA and get a nice Lexus instead, that will serve you

mkvl1490 says:

I’ll get the Hyundai Genesis instead

Headley Duncan says:

great review on the #K900 +Kia Motors America but come on man 15mpg nah

Carlos Rengifo says:

Ewwq kia are horrible

Ryukachoo says:

non functional side vents

Talal Aziz says:

Very good price ! , when I compare it with a 550 or s6 or E full loaded the
price will be $120 grand , and some people still saying it’s A Korean !
Look at ford what they doing first, here in Saudi Arabia we say it’s
american made, Japanese is better or Korean specially the durability and
warranty, stay focus people we are in 2014 everything changes, look at the
new mustang looks like a Mazda 6 for example ! 

Rytis36 says:

I think that they should better create sub brand like lexus or infinity.
kia is fine, but it’s not prestigious. what do you drive? big kia. well
that’s nice

Emmett Adams says:

Cool looking car, but a CTS is more of my style..

Greg R says:

could someone take 3mins and teach this guy how to dress? shirt, pant
cuffs, watch. really, only thing worse would be socks-n-sandals. we’re
not expecting GQ, just “have-a-clue”. then again, you DO make the CAR look

Cash Vargas says:

The thing about this car is that, yeah, it looks good in and out, but
that’s only because Kia “borrowed” most of what it is from real luxury
brands. That gear shifter is right out of a BMW, the electric seat
adjusters is pure Mercedes, and the list extends to nearly every other part
of the car. This is why Kia and Hyundai can’t make their own luxury brand:
because no one wants a copy.

Blackciti West says:

This is a beautiful car but it starts a $59,000 and its too expensive. I
don’t see 60k worth of car here. Especially since I read other reviews of
this car and the reviews compare ride and handling of this car to older
Cadillacs. The BMW 550i starts at $64000 and is WAY to expensive. It
handles better, but is too much money. I also don’t see 64k in that BMW
either. I thought this car was Kia’s version of the Hyundai Equus but its
not. The Equus is bigger even if marginal. Also I have seen only 2 Equus
cars on the road and that car starts at 61k now. I believe that car has
been out since 2011.

If I wanted a large sports sedan I would go with the Lexus GS350. It starts
at 47k. Even the BMW 535i starts at 55k. That’s also to expensive for a 6
cylinder. I can get a loaded AWD Lexus GS350 for a little over 61k. Not bad
and the Lex handles better. Infiniti Q70 starts at just under 50k. It’s
about 2 grand more than a base GS350 but I really don’t like the ballooned
styling of the Infiniti Q70 plus this car can get very expensive very
quickly since it has a V6 and V8 option.

Amir Forman Asgharzadeh says:

Korean cars are good, but until they don’t stop copying German and Japanese
style cars for interior and exterior, they will not earn much respect among
luxury car buyers. 

froochie123 says:

As a guy in my mid 30’s I’ve come to the point where I actually like the
idea of owning a car brand on the up and up. If I’m in the market to spend
65k this car would easily be iin the running. And on paper it’s the

DuBstep115 says:

Id like to see that lcd cluster at -30c we all know that lcd displays lag
when not at proper temperature

jeffrey exposito says:

Nice car no doubt but for 70k+?. Doesn’t make sense to pay that for a Kia.
Makes more sense to buy a decked out BMW 5 series or Mercedes E class for
60k and they hold more of their value where the depreciation on the KIA
must be pretty high.

Superion Solace says:

If Hyundai/Kia was smart, it would create a luxury brand just as Honda,
Toyota, and Nissan did with Acura, Lexus, and Infiniti, respectively. No
way they will sell a lot of these, as the majority of luxury car buyers are
status-conscious and would not spend $65K on a car from a company that they
also know makes the Soul or Forte.

Moby Dick says:

$65K for a Kia? No way.

Khalifa Alzaabi says:

Remove the badges ?
what u kidding me r u nutts lol come on u know am ganna put it like this ok
when they ganna stop copying!

THEEEN am ganna stick a BIGGER BADGE OF KIA or Hyundai lol what a cheap car

flip92 says:

South Korea is improving auto building faster than any other nation. Loving
this but the moonroof!

pedrof830 says:

Sorry. but I’d rather buy a used Acura, Lexus or Infinity over this.

Elisi Camost says:

Today, 75% of the gadgets that come standard on a luxury sedan can be added
as options in cheap compact sedans…

Nowadays, the line between fully-loaded midsize sedan and luxury sedan is
very slim. I’m not talking about AMG and super-duper turbo stuff.

Back in the days when cars had 1% electronics in them, it made sense to
have a luxury brand that loads their cars with GPS and VSC. Nowadays, what
is the point of Hyundai or Kia creating a separate luxury brand?

Think about Honda Civics VS Acura CSX, what is the difference? There is a
difference but it is verry small. It might have helped selling millions of
cars in the 90’s and 2000’s but is it still the case in 2014?

jhon mark says:

2015 Kia K900 Test Drive & Luxury Car

Ultimatemxcn says:

Only issue i see with this car is those atrocious wheels

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel says:

The front really does remind me of the BMW 5-Series GT.

chris chiang says:

It directly competes with the Hyundai equus

slabsides1 says:

I Wouldn’t be the first on the block to buy one. I’d let someone else lease
it for 2 or 3 years first, then I’ll buy it certified pre-owned for

RetroGamerVX says:

Wow, I mean, wow, that’s a nice car, I’d take it over an Audi, just because
it looks like somebody has thought about the design and put some passion
into it. Over a present generation 3 class, yes, because I don’t like the
design, over a 5 series, hmm, not so sure, maybe on pricepoint yes. Oh,
and I generally prefer mercs to bmws, but yes, I’d buy this over most :o)

David Vanderwaal says:

Kia haters step aside lol. This Kia should do quite well, I mean they do
have an Audi designer as their president I doubt if he’s going to design a
car that is going to fail. 

Alex says:

The grille is an eye sore. Sad, coz it could’ve been a pretty good looking
car if they did a better job on the grill.

Y10Q says:

Damn, how much Lexus these days? 80k or something?

clobbyhops says:

what KIA needs to do, is the same thing Toyota did, create a luxury
division like their Lexus line. Then the prestige will grow, this car is a
winner for KIA lux fans.

Devin Mitchell says:

For those who say Hyundai and Kia are stupid or just made a mistake of not
making a desperate luxury brand need to look at brands like Ford or
Chevrolet to name a few. They sell some cars where the trim level will go
into luxury price. A example is the Ford F-Series with its platinum and
Limited trim levels qualify the F-Series as a luxury car. The F-150
Platinum is sold as the Lincoln Mark-LT in Mexico and is doing well.
Chevrolet, which is known for making budget minded cars need to remember
that the corvette is a luxury car and branded as a Chevrolet, as well as
with the High Country trim level for the Chevrolet Silverado. Companies
like those didn’t have to create sperate brands for vehicles like those and
sales are going great.

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