2015 Kia K900 Review – Fast Lane Daily

2015 Kia K900 Review – Fast Lane Daily

The new 2015 Kia K900 is ready to take on the elite and luxurious sedans of the world. Powered by a 5.0 liter V8 making 420-hp, the Kia K900 also offers a range of luxurious technologies and…



darci480 says:

I like the interior more than the exterior, still is a kia after all 

Felix Aitken says:

Is it coming to the uk?

FiredEmpire says:

I don’t know why, but whenever I see the KIA badge it reminds me of some
cheap yogurt brands…not a car brand with a rewarding prestige feel. Maybe
it’s the colour combination, the oval shape and the unrefined font. Anyway
all scream cheapness, which singlehandedly ruins this top-range saloon for
the Korean auto manufacturer. And also you need to remember $65k is already
a huge chunk of money no matter how you call it a bargain. Spend it on a
KIA? Really? Do you really believe $65k for a KIA is a rational and smart
choice? You’d better buy a lower grade (smaller sized) German/Japanese
luxury car with the 65k budget instead. You get the best quality
everything, I mean, from the leather to the steel to the advanced
construction method in these true premium brands, which Kia and Hyundai
clearly aren’t.

sorooshusa says:

I like this car. but $60K is too much. I would probably get a Mercedes for
that money if i had that much to spend on car. 

ReventadorLP1500-2 says:

*The problem with this being a Kia is: if you’re rich enough for an
S-class/7series or equivalent, you’re not really gonna care that you can
buy a Kia for less, because you have the money. When the K900 comes in, is
when you have enough for an E-class/5series or equivalent, and you don’t
care having a Kia instead because you’d rather be in for its value.*

GenkiElite says:

Sorry KIA haters. This car won’t make your micro-penis seem any larger and
that cute 22 year old at the coffee shop won’t look twice with you driving
it but I hear BMW and Mercedes has some good lease offers right now.

Greg25RS says:

Please STOP posting reviews of these peace of shit Kias and Hyundais! 

rbrtchng says:

Grill looks horrible actually..

justin y says:

what is the difference between K900 and hyundai equus?? 

Steven Lee says:


Krishna Chaitanya says:

Wow! Never thought I’d like a KIA. Love you Mercedes, but plz watch out for
these newbies.

H0micidium says:

Great review, Miles! 🙂 

Torrey B says:

Hahaha the, “got that, got it, mhhmm, yup” shit got me..

MotorMike says:

I will never buy a South Korean car. Sorry just have 0 desire for them.

Rick B says:

I literally LOL’D when you said “to how different my dampers are working to
how far my thumb is up my ass” lol Great review man!!!!!

Azzam Diab says:

Do you know what’s the difference between this an a German car ? Quality
bruh it’s quality . I bet this car can’t age more than 10 years unlike any
German car which can age more than I can imagine . 

Nick Johnston says:

Fuel Economy is really bad. I’d rather a diesel euro with triple the fuel

dazz bog says:

Id rather get a corolla 

Benjamin Decker says:

That much money for a KIA……………FU@K NO!!!!

Anthony Bancheri says:

why doesnt’ kia and hyundai just make a luxury brand? They both already
have the genesis, equus, and k900. like they were saying that you got to
wrap your mind around its a Kia. you would not have to if it was its own

Bailey Louque says:

this car is a knock off of the equis

TheBIGJake111 says:

Great review, I really like the reviewer, personally care less for the car,
but the review was fair and all points made were fair, really hope to see
this reviewer more often!

gene978 says:

Hey Miles, First off, I like your style! Second, You are 100% right about
the snobbery from a BADGE. Yes, Those badges have HERITAGE But should we
really be paying 50-100% more for that HERITAGE? Thanks for your great

Jonathan Nuotio says:

+FastLaneDaily Thanks for the excellent review Miles – you really managed
to cover points of interest for people cross shopping with the K900 and
it’s German rivals. Charismatic.

Meezo7 says:

I’m loving this section of FLD. Great review and beard Miles! Keep it up.
Would like to see more of these videos

dcinhere says:

Nothing against KIA or its product, because obviously they have the ability
to meet their competitors in terms of quality, reliability, and now luxury
at a lower price point, but their LOGO is killing them. I think the KIA
just looks cheap to me. I know its a logo but still look at other brands
logo designs, they just seem more polished. 

3dkiller says:

Good car good brand name nothing wrong with it. And the car is so luxery
and looks great ! for that quality and luxery you pay double price with
Mercedes / Bmw.

snivilous says:

Good fun, entertaining, honest review! I liked the thumb up your ass
reference to a million driving modes, that made me laugh 🙂 Keep up the
work Miles and FLD!

funnyvidsdude1 says:

Miles your really a great reviewer interesting and yet able to retain the
necessary information while speaking. Keep up the good work

Cuseball121 says:

Don’t ever try to say that brands don’t matter. When a friend asks you at
a party what you’re driving these days, if you have one of these, you’ll
say a Kia, but then you’ll have to explain that it is a 70 grand Kia. And
even then, they’re judging you for buying a “luxury” car made by such a
shoddy company. However, if you have a Mercedes or BMW, you can say you
drive a Mercedes or BMW without having to explain yourself, because every
one knows they are great cars

Nicolas Bozzo says:

Good car! I think thath it is the same as the hyundai eqqus. I will
probably go for the eqqus

ellomirza says:

They shouldn’t rename it for the English speaking market because of brand
snobs but because KILLED IN ACTION. 

PainEditz says:

Great price for what you get amazing luxury for that price great step kia 

StickyJalapeno says:

holy shit it has a v8

3+3camper says:

He did ok… but “thumb up my ass” was unnecessary.

Francois Berkin Jr. says:

I’d rather spend that money on the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It’s $59.000
dollars and it has a whopping 720 hp…

Devon Lewis says:

God damn that is cheap. I’d buy it if I weren’t 17.

Dmitri Felbinger says:

Another great review Miles! Thanks bud, hope to see more reviews by you as
they are informative yet funny, in perfect FLD style!

TheBuinessZ says:

Still a KIA…..

Manuel Lopez says:

Their logo is just so crappy, like it screams cheap….Kia you need to
change that logo up…brand logos do mean a lot 

Matthew Nix says:

Id take this over the Cts vsport

Homer Simpson says:

I’ll stick with an impala

Jackson Briggs says:

i actually really likethis car. Kia is really stepping up there game with
this car. From kia, you wouldnt expect a verrrry luxurious car, let alone
a 5L V8!. thats insane… especially from a company everybody was waiting
for the day they go out of business. 

Jonathan Altieri says:

Every car company in the world makes both shitty and good cars. Just cause
it has a Kia badge, doesn’t make it shitty. I’ve driven a Hyundai and Kia
and was very impressed with the solid build quality. Much better than my
2010 Ford Fusion, which has squeaks and rattles all over. I do agree, that
it might be better for Hyundai and Kia to make a separate luxury name like
everyone else. The K900 is nice.

DoctorGaga87 says:

Nice review

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