2015 Jeep Renegade vs Nissan Juke vs KIA Soul vs Buick Encore Mashup Review

2015 Jeep Renegade vs Nissan Juke vs KIA Soul vs Buick Encore Mashup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Jeep Renegade is a small and very off-road worthy new Jeep that will compete in the market place against the new 2015 KIA Soul and the 2015 Buick Encore and…



Dirk Diggler says:

Love the Trailhawk in the green. Looks awesome. 

Kristoffer P says:

Is there a modern Buick that is not just a rebadged car from the GM-fleet?

clovis myers says:

4. Nissan Juke – Ugly kill it with fire and lack of build quality.
3. Kia Soul – Classic soul styling, cheap interior, does not compete
with the jeep.
2. Jeep Renegade – looks like a scared baby cockroach, average interior,
good power.
1. Buick Encore – best interior good build quality lacking power.

Evan Hubbard says:

These cars don’t really compete with the Renegade, I think the closest one
here would be the Juke or the Encore. If the Soul is just FWD why does Jeep
have it there? The Encore has a price that I take as unreasonable. Yes, the
Buick is the most luxurious of the four, but its pretty much a Chevy Trax
with much more leather and sound insulation. This makes no sense to me, but
otherwise, I feel that this is one of the best mashups!

macbookpro57 says:

I feel like the only car that really competes with the renegade is the
Subaru xv crosstrek

saddist1Gtown says:

Why are these auto journalists prepared to be so compromised with their
review f anything Buick? The car is a lacklustre Opel/Vauxhall, Mokka,
which is all but a very average offering- puttin a badge that says Buick
would not suddenly make it anything but a GM switcheroo, buy the Mokka and
save a lotta!! 

Chris Hawkins says:

These guys are so anti Nissan it’s not even funny. I own a Nissan Juke
Nismo and I love it. It’s very fast and pretty luxurious, with suede bucket
seats, push to start, intelligent key, navigation, AWD, awesome NISMO a
custom body kit, LED DRLs, Bluetooth, USB, backup camera, and more. I get a
lot of compliments on it. And when people drive my car, they’re amazed by
the awesome performance and unique looks. The Juke is very underrated. 

Michael Lee says:

I think a valid comparison or proper ‘mashup’ would be to wait for the
Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V to come out and then do a comparison between the
CX-3, HR-V, Renegade, and Juke. Soul doesn’t fit in, because it’s a compact
not a subcompact SUV. Buick is I guess a little ‘higher’ brand and Buick
buyers or these listed SUV buyers are not the same.

robert lombardo says:

You really disappointed me, let’s call a spade a spade. All it is a fix it
again tony 500 XL. Last year you tested this box out at mohab and fiat said
this was no off road contender. Just a foul weather go to car for those
that don’t want to drive a larger jeep. Now that would have been fair to
say it a 500. But jeep is good to you guys and you want to keep the love in
the family. The hamster hot rod is no contender for any of the 3. The Buick
was made for blue hair ladies needing to get cat food in the rain. The juke
is a young persons all wheel drive sub to the slops or beach. And the jeep
just a new way to get your pizza thier in the snow.

The Fast Lane Car says:
WesleyEngDOTcom says:

Hey morons, you’re missing the Outlander Sport. It’s the only one remotely
comparable to the Renegade with 8.5″ of ground clearance and Mitsubishi’s

Andrews Lloyd says:

The Kia, Buick and Nissan will likely be reliable while the Renegade will
not most likely. The Soul is a proven platform thats solid and versatile.
The Buick has been on the market globally already as the Opel Mokka and
Chevy Trax from GM Korea. Nissan Juke is sporty and eye catching to most
people. We will see next year reliability ratings for the Jeep. Time will

MrRedskins0021 says:

25,000 for a base? That is toomich for such a little car. I guess I’ll go
with the crosstek instead.

Stuka87 says:

What Subaru would Jeep have brought in? Subaru does not make a compact
cross over, so they have nothing that competes. The XV is their smallest
one kind of similar, its longer, and its shape steals some cargo space.

But even if they did get it there, not sure it would have been better at
all. The XV is horribly underpowered, and its transmission sucks (Even for
a CVT is sucks). But I am sure down the road other reviews will compare

Trades46 says:

The Juke has personalty, but I feel like it is trying too hard. RED
interior panels, really? The use of space is laughably bad; it’s almost
like a reverse-TARDIS in there. The styling exterior wise may interest
some, but not me. On the bright side, that 1.6 DIG Turbo is a gem; there’s
a good reason why Nissan decided to put a similar powerplant when they went
Le Mans racing in that Deltawing car.

The Encore you buy for its luxury amenities and ride. The Sound-deadening
in something this small is a surprise to me when I personally drove this
car. The biggest downside is that 1.4T. It’s not a bad engine per say, but
underpowered vs. competitors. It does get relatively good MPG for an AWD
SUV and has enough ‘go’ for city use but highway floggers & canyon carvers
need to go elsewhere.

The Soul arguably has the best ‘use of space’ (second is the Buick) and
once you let loose on the options list, can get desirable features matching
the luxury oriented Encore. Great sightlines and unique exterior (without
being alien *cough*Juke*cough*) are my most favorite features about this
car. However, it is tinny (as is most Hyundai-Kia products costing < $30k) which makes it feel cheaper than it is. Lack of AWD means it is a big turnoff, especially up here in the North where snow tends to get bad. Might be good in the warmer States, but not here. The Jeep is all new, but based on this video it appears to be promising, if somewhat cartoonish based on its appearance. My personal rank (after this review): Encore > Jeep > Juke > Soul

robert lombardo says:

Well maybe to say you tested it might have been wrong. But in mohab when
the new trail Hawks were presented they were showed. And to take the 500 XL
and call it a jeep is poor. Thier going to kill off the name. I worked for
jeep in the late 70 and mother mopar took them over. The only thing that
was not given a 4×4 name was a pacer. Remember 4×4 spirt, 4×4 max. It took
at lease 10 years to recover new management comes in and robes the cookie
cutter. I personally know the 500 is crap ever own one. Every drive one
more than 1000 miles. You can put lip stick on a pig and expect it not to

Walter Black says:

Chrysler (unreliable) + Fiat (unreliable) + made in Italy (unreliable). I
dunno man…

Martin Smith says:

Somebody should mention that year in and year out. Jeeps are the most
unreliable vehicles on the road. Mechanics love them.

WesleyEngDOTcom says:

Hey morons, you’re missing the Outlander Sport

Brendan A. MacWade says:

That exhaust actually sounds good with the Tigershark. No one will confuse
it with a Camaro, but it is not unlike the Fiesta ST. It’s a little angry.
I’m pleasantly surprised. 

Lauryan Flipsen says:

11:33: hey, that’s not the tested Trailhawk!

Edvin Gusinac says:

About to type “Why isn’t there a Crosstrek or Forester in the comparison”
and then you tell us why 🙂 +The Fast Lane Car 

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Yet another superb video, courtesy of Nathan and Andre. Isn’t it just one
hell of a coincidence that the guys produce such sterling work when Roman
is absent ???? Wouldn’t it be a good idea for you young ones to start
checking out retirement homes for the critically incontinent ????

LZSchneider says:

Did Manley roll out of bed five minutes before your interview? He looks
depressed. I hope he’s not depressed. I know that he’s Jeep’s CEO and he’s
loaded but I imagine that CEO’s can still get depressed. Anyway, nice video
Nathan. In the future when buying a small car doesn’t sacrifice having a
place to live, I’d love to have a Renegade in that orange paint with the
borderline tacky white seats and brown dashboard interior. Lovely little
car, it looks to be!

SilentHill401 says:

Another little upcoming crossover coming, the HRV, now not a Honda guy by
any means, but I do like the way the HRV looks, however it too has a pretty
weak engine like the Encore, but itll also compete with these vehicles. 

Henning Pantke says:

Well done to the little Italian. Think it will be much better with the
international award winning 1.4 multijet air engine. Just shows, slap a
Jeep jacket on a Fiat 500x and even Americans will buy it.

Rodrigo Carvalho says:

Which subaru is competing to a non Trailhawk model? And which one is
competing with the Trailhawk? XV Crosstrek i guess? In my opinion, to be
able to go deep off-road, Subaru models like Forester, Outback, Crosstrek,
can’t beat the Renegade, because of the approach angles, departure and

PussMag says:

Interesting, Soul, the Korean, soon to be made here in USA
in the other hand, the so called Buick, the American, made by Daewoo in
South Korea and will never make here in the US

RAJohnson713 says:

Are people actually that stupid to buy a 28k cheap, ugly, slow crossover?
Why would you not buy a used BMW X1 or X3 which is way better than any of

Kent Lorentzon says:

I can’t understand why Jeep prefer to compare the Renegade with those cars!
They are not even playing in the same league! Regarding price and size. Not
in Sweden anyway.
I’m replacing my current KIA Sportage with the Renegade. They are exactly
comparable regarding price, size, fuel consumption, comfort and everything
else I’m looking for in a new car/SUV. Okey, the Renagade is 20 cm (8 inch)
shorter, but it’s more spacious inside. It’s only the trunk that’s
marginally smaller (shorter) than in the Sportage.
When I bought the Sportage I’d compared it with Nissan Qashqai, Mitsubishi
ASX and Hyundai ix35. They are in the same segment and comparable.
We also looked att the Nissan Juke – but as our second “small” car!

CanadaCraig says:

Everytime I see vehicles like this – I can’t help but think myself, “Wow!
Was AMC ever way ahead of it’s time with their Eagle’s.” [You have to
really know cars to know what I’m talking about!]

This Guy says:

Kia Soul obviously doesn’t compete with the Jeep, so why even include it?
Should have included Sportage instead.

Seth Jones says:

Buick Encore? Did I read that right? Buick decided to name their vehicle
after a bad Renault AMC joint venture? Arguably the one that brought AMC
to its knees? 

Michael Read says:

From best to worst
4.buick God damn they are so ugly 

dave dunn says:

Personally I think their are way to many cars on the market and they all

Robert Hicks says:

Wonder how the Renegade feels going down Mt. Zion in Golden.

Randall Collins says:

Definitely waiting to see what the Jeep can do on some of those high
elevation rock trails in Colorado!

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