2015 Hyundai Verna Test Drive Review – Autoportal

2015 Hyundai Verna Test Drive Review – Autoportal

http://autoportal.com/newcars/hyundai/verna/ The Hyundai Verna has always been a style icon in this competitive midsize saloon segment and Hyundai has now upped the ante with this update. The…



Aravind Babu says:

On road camera work is pretty shoddy and monotonous, didn’t feel in your
previous videos. 

Prashanth Giridharan says:

Who are the rivals? 

Sam George Bush says:

Guys, which is best Verna or City

Akshay Modi says:

+AutoPortal India bhai pehle thik se script likhna aur padna sikh…

Nagesh Angara says:

you are testing the petrol VTVT engine and talking about the CRDI diesel.
/Facepalm/ who gave you this job?

shiva mehta says:

just looking new from front that chrome grill other than nothing change at
all buddy you should criticize it !!

rajat gupta says:

You said Hyundai is market leader in standard equipment which is completely
misleading statement as far as indian market and safety equipments are
concerned. This is the second time after I20 facelift where hyundai cheated
Indian consumers again. The top model verna diesel AT they priced at 12.5
lacs with just 2 airbags, the outgoing model had 6 airbags.(same strategy
what they followed for elite I20).
This is high time now for indian car manufacturers and these kinda
reviewers(i wud say advertizers) to give more priority to the value of life
for their consumers. Airbags are more imp these days due to use of fibre
for the body shell to extract more mileage out of a litre.
I had a high expectations from this new Verna but looks like 2015 will also
not bring suffivient safety to the car drivers in India. Highly
disappointed with such a cost…..they repeatedly prove that chinese and
korean manufacturers are high on imitation and low on Innovation…sad.

sanjay saini says:

City has edge over any other car in this segment.. whether its maintainance
,mileage,durability,cabin space or anything else..There is no substantial
change had been made in car…Verna is far behind when it comes to mileage
verna just deliver 16-17 kmpl … Though its subjective when it comes to
design of car.. (City reccomended )

RaJ PaTeL says:

nothing new ,,, damn disappntd

Mourya GS says:

Awesome review, thanks

scorpionbeware says:

Still waiting for 1.2 TSI VW Vento review

Bella Edward says:

great review

mithu16 says:

Can some body review the auto gear version of this car???

jack Harper says:

Ashish seems u didn’t like the verna much. It felt as if u were praising it
just out of obligation no hard feelings but it felt so to me.. 

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