2015 Hyundai Verna :: Review :: ZigWheels

2015 Hyundai Verna :: Review :: ZigWheels

Hyundai has given the Verna its final facelift and tweaked its rear suspension to improve high speed stability. Have the updates worked for the 2015 Hyundai …



Joginder Pal Gulati says:

Better review than before ! Better than autocar ,autoportal and many more 

Arnold Schwarzenigger says:

Warna and Wanto?

Great review, but PLEASE PLEASE, don’t interchange the letters “V” and
“W”.. it is so f’ing annoying. Practice it, you’ll do great.

Farooq Kapadia says:

Nice Review but noting new in this car. 

Anand Mohan says:

the Hyundai Verna has been updated for 2015. Here’s our video review –
#Hyundai #Verna #2015Verna +ZigWheels 

bannajirocks says:

oh, is it a facelift ?

Gaurang Nirgun says:

nice reviw, phew, that was quick and very elaborate. Sir i am confused
between honda city and Verna. Verna looks have bowled me over…what would
you suggest ?

Mrinal Javaji says:

this guy sounds like stewy from family guy

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