2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Review



Motormouth Canada says:

#HydrogenFuelCell test drive of the @HyundaiCanada #Tucson @fuelcellinsider
@fuelcellgirl @poweringnow

BCJDM says:

Elon Musk says that fuel cell is not the future. Quite interesting that you
think it is. 

nickolastiguan says:

as of now, i think Hydrogen Fuel Cell makes more sense (in the future) than
full electric car, mainly because of “drive-fuel up-drive”, rather than
“drive-wait few hours-drive”. of course, it depends on how they are going
to extract the Hydrogen; from what i understand it is quite hard, and they
are currently using regular fuel to do it.

as for full electric cars, the huge batteries inside them are probably not
as green as we think they are – from mining to shipping to refining the raw
materials. then there is question of recycling the batteries; as well as
how the electricity is being produce in your region.

i am, however, fairly certain that none of these “green tech” will come to
Alberta any time soon lol… sadly. 

plm42 says:

I really don’t like the idea of replacing gasoline with hydrogen. Simply
means that we will all still be dependent on some huge company selling us

Plus, hydrogen is nowhere near green.


Stephen Bradley says:

So since #BlackIce is a Big problem in Canada, wouldn’t this increase it?
When the Technology is so advanced like this, I don’t think Canadians will
change to Hydrogen. People have to make the change to Hybrid cars & SUV’s
1st before they can trust it. 

sandor szabados says:

Interesting. Would be interested in the Price of the fuel and/or whether
that would be the Market price(aka, is it subsidized or Cost + Markup for
reasonable profit).

PussMag says:

For a week at $150, I’ll dig it

Lungu Gabriel says:

Nope! This technology is not the future!
I wonder why the compresed air engine is not on the market? 

dave houston says:

Did he say it farted? I think I read you have to do something to release
the water vapor

noobkosh says:

if it’s just like a regular gas car why would anybody buy a hydrogen? Is it
any better or worse?

RealDiecastCars says:

1st comment!

Ivan Vojt says:

The amount of electricity required for the Hydrogen conversion process is

Hydrogen is just another taxable fuel.

Big Oil will gladly sell you Hydrogen.

Don’t drink that water vapor.

US filling costs are said to be in the $50 range. Probably before state &
federal taxes.

Dee Jay says:

Seems odd to have a pipe going all the way to the back when it’s only water
vapor coming out.. Save some weight and just end the pipe under the car

Nathan S says:

Bahahahaha “it farted”

zdravkodimitrov says:

It took until 8:15 to say “fantastic”… I am disappointed ;)

Khu NoPie says:

“fart” – give yourself 5 journalistic style points

dave dunn says:

Im canadian but I wish you would talk about a vehicles weight in pounds. It
just makes more sense. 

Donsburt says:

Its great that the Volkswagen segment is over. That shit was dull

David Pederson says:

amazing vids!!

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