2015 Hyundai Sonata Turbo Review: More Style, Comfort & Car

2015 Hyundai Sonata Turbo Review: More Style, Comfort & Car

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Hyundai Sonata is all new and ready to take on the best selling cars sold in America like the Honda accord and Toyota Camry. Is the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata…



MrKeyboardCommando says:

Praise the Lord, my girlfriend’s back !!!!!! Emme, I love the new
hairstyle. Have you lost weight, you’re looking even more fabulouserer the
usual ???? SWALK

Yippie says:

What an ugly, cheap, cheesy, generic looking car. Burnt orange just makes
it worse. 

headcas620 says:

TFL Colorado: Take note of the editing and video work. Make your videos
flow like this one.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

It’s a nice looking car that’ll easily hold a family plus their weekend
shopping. Its suspension will soak up urban potholes and it’ll do 70mph on
the open road. That’s 99% of drivers and 99% of driving satisfied. So why
weren’t any US cars mentioned when Emme was discussing alternative cars

Jesus Christ says:

It reminds me of the new Legacy, particularly the front. But maybe that’s
just me.
It does look nice though, a huge improvement over the old one.

JLP Design says:

These mofos at tfl love to trash on hyundai’s and kia’s. Racists pricks.

TopGear-Love.GT7 says:

Fuckin “korian kimuchi car”

igotwhips says:

I’d take a V6 Accord over any turbo 4 competitor. There are less problems
and maintenance issues in the long run. And the power delivery is

The Fast Lane Car says:
adyyy22 says:

I am just glad that Hyundai in Walking Dead is gone. POS!

Railrunner23 says:

Is it just me or does this car look like a Subaru Legacy?

loveyouforever91 says:

It has lost power??? Hyundai always exaggerate their cars’ horsepower and
fuel efficiency. They just have the looks and features, but they don’t last
long and age well over time

Fake appellation says:

0:05 0:12 1:07 3:28 3:33 4:43 5:24 6:42 If you know what I mean… 

Pathfinder Ash says:

I call this Hyundai Shitata

Jonathan Bates says:

This review was not fair…..I’ve driven this car and its fast and handles
the road very well……I live in Montgomery Alabama and it drives just
fine and it has a lot more features that what she showed…….this review

SergFromRus says:

but this is volvo s60

Shut Up says:

Why don’t you all ever post the songs you use in the description? Sometimes
they’re really good and get stuck in my head but since you all cut it every
10 seconds to let the host talk Shazam is hard to use :/

dave dunn says:

5:30 whats the point of the trunk popping but not opening all the way lol 

Jacques Pretorius says:

Think its a bias review. everything I read about car says its so much
improved. better throttle response better steering better suspension. why
would she not buy it? what’s wrong with this woman

Ivan Vojt says:

Even the non-turbo isn’t hitting it’s EPA fuel numbers. The dash is better
quality but it’s a boring horizontal design. Was the 2011 wandering
steering ever fixed? The steering feel is only marginally improved.

The exterior reminds me of Dad’s Buick.

It’s the 2015 Buick Sonata!

icecreamania says:

What’s the point of automatic trunk if it doesn’t open up all the way? Are
you supposed to lift it up with your foot while your hands are full while
balancing on one leg? WTH are they thinking?

ViewerVerdict says:

it has been a while indeed! where have u been ? i don”t really feel like
writing a comment, i’m kind of disappointed the price , it’s overpriced, in
the end of the day it’s just a hyundai ? i like hyundai products but the
price always ruin my project of buying a hayondai lol

HDaviator says:

Looks like a Subaru Legacy…

INUMIMI28 says:

Hyundai should start making designs that represent their own background.
Something that show to the world what Korean art and beauty is.

Rafael Caminero says:

Is this car the twin of the Subaru legacy?

ahmed mido says:

6:41 you acted like a seal there, WTF O_O !!!

RugerReaper says:

As soon as she said it was down in power, there is no more I need to hear.

Garrick Ivey says:

2015 Hyundai Sonata Turbo Review: More Style, Com…:

n777ua says:

Emmy are those Christian Louboutins? You look sophisticated and elegant, I
love it! Vrrroom 

3+3camper says:

So her focus was on sport. Hyundai’s intention with this model was not
really all out sport. This is a middle ground between sport & family.

BigDirtyBasterd says:

Id like to see a tricked out one like they did for the genesis.

DevPack says:

Nice car, but ill take a Fusion or Accord over it. 

Jack Frost says:

Nope(the car)!!! Nice review u guys

dchawk81 says:

That pig is wearing some nice lipstick!

EKFiPod says:

you people at TFL love slamming shit lol. so painful to hear :(

Chris Juarez says:

So if you happen to work for the mob, you would want a car that no one will
notice and can fit plenty in the trunk, if you catch my drift. 🙂
Emme looking sexier than ever!! Yum! 🙂 <3

JellyJelly says:

every single time hyundai puts out a new car it looks better!

This car is gorgeous!

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