2015 Hyundai Sonata Test Drive Video Review

2015 Hyundai Sonata Test Drive Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/hyundai/sonata/2015/ The Sonata has been completely redesigned for the 2015 model year. This marks the seventh generation and althou…



Mike Halpert says:

I really like how this car looks now. I hated the older one. This one looks
more refined and stronger. Atleast from the front (which looks really
really good instead of just pretty good). Its a great looking car in my
opinion but as far as I can see, practically all the car reviewers don’t
like how it looks in comparison to the older one… Weird

mb013962 says:

Keep in mind, the mpg will be lower on the limited compared to the base
models…extra feature and larger tires = worse fuel economy 

3+3camper says:

You can’t get good mileage in ANY car if you are constantly driving around
in 70 to 80 mph speeds… this was the only weakness with this review…

raghu ch says:

Excellent review!!
The Sonata is really a satisfying car.

William Doubles says:

They should ditch the turbo 4cyl as an option and put in one of their
pretty good V6 engines as an option. Their 3.8 293hp engine in this thing
would make it a fantastic sleeper.

ahmed mido says:

this is so funny, i never liked the styling of the older sonata. and when
they made a facelift, i said finally it looks good now!

Jonathan Altieri says:

It’s a 2.4 L engine and I think it looks much more refined and clean, much
better than the previous. 

tenzin lhagyal says:

Half way through the video..just had to comment my man…good review..u
improvin alot…

TechExplorer says:

No Tech ? one of the 1st car’s to get Apple CarPlay.
with an soon to be released Update.

money says:

I think it looks better than the previous model as I thought that one was
over the top and too feminine. This car in that beautiful orange on the
sport model is the one I would choose.

GGamer720 says:


Mike Halpert says:

And I love how this guy said 70-80 MPH xD they test the cars (especially
with the 6 speeds and based on how they tend to be geared) at 65 MPH.
That’s when you get the best efficiency most of the time. Driving 70-80 MPH
you wont be…

Haikeem Brown says:

You only get 32mpg combined. That’s why. Duhhh. TF

Sangmin Lee says:

It is funny to watch how some reviewers (autobytel, autoguide) rave about
how good new Sonata is while other reviewers (Motortrend, CarandDriver)
rate it as one of the worst cars in the segment.
It seems like that reviewers who evaluate cars based on the real world
performance like new Sonata while reviewers who evaluate cars based on 0-60
time and track performance do not.

gene978 says:

I was excited to see what Hyundai was going to do with the Sonata Styling
and to my surprise I signed know that Hyundai was going to shoot for more
Luxury and main stream styling. I think the cars styling is OK but it could
use some different wheels. 

juschill7 says:

Does this guy wear the same outfit/shoes for every review? 

Rick Rockey says:

You’ll never get max mileage driving at 70-80 mpg!

Yao Xiao says:

couldn’t agree more with the styling. it is going backward.

oldtwins says:

Excellent review by Chris wardlaw, I’ve really grown to love his reviews.
He dispenses with the artsy-fartsy clichés that one or two other reviewers
here do all the time, and instead focuses on what’s important without being
boring or too simplistic. 

Charles Burdick says:

HWY MPG is based on somewhere near 55-60 MPH, no 80 MPH! 

walkthepark says:

you want to know the reason why you’re not getting the mpgs? you’re driving
70-80 on the highway. EPA tests at 60mph. if you know anything about the
cars you’d know wind resistance increases exponentially after 60mph. 

Vy Duong says:

I noticed this reviewer ALWAYS complaint about the low seat position. Most
sedans or sport sedans are not SUV. 

Chris D says:

Chris always provides an honest review. Their best reviewer.

Tomasz Skwarek says:

That turn signal sound would drive me crazy. ..

Majid Alrajhi says:

Best review I’ve seen it for sonata

ssr1680 says:

Its 2.4 liter engine , C’mon man you have to get basics right!

metallicademon says:

I HIGHLY disagree this looks worse. It’s a handsome car. 

zdravkodimitrov says:

The base engine is a 2.4 liter, not a 2.5 liter. Good review otherwise

Umair Osman says:

I hated the old style, love the new looks front to back, much more mature.
autoguide hated the front seat comfort while this critic loves it. Also
most websites have bashed this car saying it no match to fusion or accord
etc …. I am so confused now!!

Skyler91 says:

People, childs included, lived without shaders for decades, I don’t think
they’re so “necessary” in actual cars :p

ReactCosmetics says:

If the seat doesn’t rise high enough, I cross it off my list too. It
narrows down the choices quick. Also car makers are starting to get the
idea about having alot more torque at low rpm. Frankly, I couldn’t care
less about top speed and horsepower, as long as I can pull out of my street
and merge onto the highway with gusto.

ReactCosmetics says:

The new one looks waaaaaay better to me!

stripes12345678910 says:


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