2015 Hyundai Sonata Test Drive and Review

2015 Hyundai Sonata Test Drive and Review

Here’s why you need to test drive the all-new Hyundai Sonata – another honest auto review from an average guy say hey to me on twitter http://www.twitter.com…



fernando montano says:

I always wonder what kind of car. The average guy drive!!?? You should
review ur personal car tony. And give us ur personal experience owning ur
car :-)

ericj305 says:

Still too blocky. The car, not Tony…

ThinkOutsideTheCube says:

This really is a great review!

daniel simon says:

Keep up the good work

hpdv74060us says:

i like watching you better but if i am about to spend 30k on a car i will
need more than 5min video to help me make that decision 

Bob Keilitz says:


Scott Campbell says:

video was a little short with ur average guy opinion..

nonetheless, thanks

Skippy K says:

Hey Tony. Looks as if Sonata has grown up! The 2.0-liter turbo produces
245 hp, according to Edmunds. Pretty neat. Would like to see the Sonata
side-by-side with a Fusion, both loaded up with power and tech. I used to
think Hyundai shipped everything over, but according to Wiki, this handsome
Sonata is built in Montgomery, Alabama! (Was that your message, made in
the USA, with the Stars-and-Stripes backdrop, or was that a coincidence?
Thanks for another good one! Keep em’ coming.

Paul Nota says:

Looking good man! But I’ll stick with my ford taurus

Pedro Oliveira says:

Hi, i’m from Brazil and i really like your videos. I’m telling this so that
you know you have fans far away from US haha

Jonathan López says:

Nice video AG

iCogitoErgoSum says:

Hey, average guy! You’re doing a fine job, but half the video time you’re
crying out loud for clicks. I understand a fine suggestion to watch your
videos, but begging for it at every corner, makes you seem desperate and
quite annoying at times. Otherwise, fun/entertaining reviews. Keep it up
and stop pushing us to push play!


finally a sonata that dosent handle like a minivan when it turns =)

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